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will i fully recover from a post dural puncture headache?

I had an epidural for my back five weeks ago the dr's let me go the same day after i complained of a severe headache. 24 hours later i was back in a and e where i was diagnosed with post dural puncture headache (same as a lumber puncture) i was in agony it was like the worst hangover i've ever had times by 1000! i'm over the worst of it now but still feel alot of pressure in my head and pain behind my eyes when i look up or move my eyes. I recently went back to A and E, my eyes are fine but the Dr says i might never fully recover and always feel this pain and pressure!!

Yes you should, but very rarely can cause a prolonged headache.  (+ info)

How do iI get rid of this post lumbar puncture headache?

I had the lumbar puncture three days ago And it seems like it just won't heal up.

Sorry, your headaches are a direct result of that epidural you had. Call the doc's nurse & ask for help, but you may be having headaches awhile.

If your trouble is back-pain, find a doc who does Prolotherapy & get better. See: http://www.totlhealth.com/painrelief.html  (+ info)

My daughter had a lumbar puncture 3 days ago and still has an awful headache and feels sick?

She does not appear to have any leakage from the puncture and our GP told her just to lie flat, but we cant help worrying.

She needs to keep drinking water as she's having to remake the fluid they've taken out. My sister was awful a few days after hers but the pain was eased a lot by drinking plenty.  (+ info)

How long does a lumbar Puncture Headache last?

I got an LP performed on Sunday and I have been having severe LP headaches. How long after the LP does these last. Also What works best to relieve this horrid pain? Thanks

Hi Jenny Jam,

Headaches are common after LPs. When a small amount of CSF (Cerebro Spinal Fluid ) there may not be any headache. When larger amounts are drawn headaches are common. These headaches generally last for a few hours. They disappear when the CSF pressure returns to its original level.

I looked after one patient whose headache lasted one full day. Sometimes the cause of the headache is the underlying pathology.  (+ info)

How do you cure a severe post concussion headache?

my boyfriend his 4th major concussion playing football last week. He was told he can't play anymore and he has been resting, has not gone to school and has been taking ibuprofen but still gets excruciating headaches constantly. We need some creative but effective solutions if anyone can help.

try the following:

Headache cures and massage

There are also four other headache cures available that do not involve using medications and these include eyes area massage, eyes to nose massage, neck massage and scalp massage. each of these four methods of headache cure are natural and once they have been tried, the person should take deep breaths, lift their shoulders towards the ears for five to ten seconds to ease the pain and then drop them back to the normal position.
Cure / get rid of headache without pills

* Tip your head slowly to the sides and stretch out the muscles of the neck.
* To massage the aching spots works temporarily if you also at the same time try to figure out where you got to relax in order to get rid of the pain more permanently.
* Exercise. The human body needs physical work. Nothing is better against physical tension than running uphill a ski-slope for instance. Painful in the beginning but a pleasure after a while when you realize that you can make it - and to be able to run up a ski-slope is self-esteem and prestige everywhere.
* Drink enough water - but not too much. Headache is also often a result of dehydration, but also the opposite, that some nowadays drink too much water and thus dilute the nutrient fluids in the body causing abstinence of sorts.

Home remedies to cure headache

acupressure: reduce headache pain by squeezing the web of skin between the thumb and pointer finger as hard as you can; or use both thumbs and apply pressure under the bony ridges at the back of the head

meditate: imagine the pain flowing out of your head; you may combine this with the deep breathing exercise

Use an ointment with heat(for example Ben-Gay or Icy Hot) and rub it on your forehead or base of your neck, wherever it hurts. It will burn slightly and give a warm feeling to your head

Listen to relaxing music while you lie down

Although not medically proven, you can try the following:

B6 or B complex vitamins can prevent headaches or lessen their severity

Two tablespoons brewer's yeast can cure headaches

1200 milligrams of lecithin capsules daily can prevent migraines(cleck with physician before using)

Peppermint Tea can calm you and ease the pain  (+ info)

How can you relieve a post surgical headache and fever at home?

If you are young and If your liver is intact , you can take Acetaminophen ( Tylenol). If you kidneys and stomach are intact , you can take Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) every 4 -6 hrs . You can also take both of above in between , do not exceed 4 doses of each medication. If you do not know if you are able to take these or not-you can call the doc who did surgery and they will let you know.  (+ info)

How hard does one have to hit their head, to cause a post-traumatic headache?

just wondering, how severe?

  (+ info)

i had a lumbar puncture 3 days ago have had a severe headache since and am very light headed can anyone help?

First of all did you see you GP?
If you did and they say it is all normal than it is just the muscle damage (whichh can be f****g pain fulll )
So you need to make sure your calfs and thighs are nicely stretched and flexible to allow proper functioning of the back.
After that you can apply very gentle stretch to the sides and back of the neck.
Proper posture is also the way to go.
It may seem miles away but all this afects the neck and is a main reason for headache and migranes

p.s. make sure if possible to scan the spine for possible deep damage  (+ info)

what is this headache at the back of my head? had a lumbar puncture on thursday.?

i have had this headache since about 2am sunday morning when i got up to feed my baby. it is at the back just behind my left ear and only really hurts if i move suddenly or if i turn my head to the left. yesterday i was also feeling very nauseous but did not actually vomit. last thurday i had a lumbar puncture (well attemted anyway - after 3 attempts i told them i couldnt take anymore as they couldnt get any fluid out) i know lumbar punctures can cause headaches and nausea but am unsure whether it would have been instant or if because i did not have any fluid removed it would not be that. it is like a build up of pressure as i move my head more to the left. i do not get headaches often but when i do they usually go with sleep and this hasnt. i was having the lumbar puncture as a ct scan is only 95% accurate in finding brain bleeds but the doctors were confident that i had recovered from my symptoms quickly enough to rule that out anyway. any ideas anyone? thanks.
i havent drank alcahol in about a year so it cant be that. the reason i went to hospital in the first place was because of a pain at the back of my head but it was nothing like this - it came on suddenly and it felt like my head was going to explode and i couldnt stop vomiting.
i gave birth to my daughter 10 days ago and it was not a very straightforward labour and i havent really been sleeping and am supposed to be resting but am probably overdoing it if that could be connected.
oh and one more thing sometimes it shifts to the left side of my forehead.

contact the hospital not us. it could mean a leakage of spinal fluid.  (+ info)

Lumbar puncture headache?

I had a lumbar puncture on Wednesday night....its now Sunday and I still have the most intenese, incapacitating headache of my life! Is this normal???

I was told to expect a headache but this is something else! Its almost negligable when I lay flat but as soon as I get up...its like my head is in a vice!

I called NHS direct and they said to take codeine and if I 'm still in a bad was tomorrow, go to a&e.

When will it go? Soon I hope!

The main complication after a lumbar puncture is that a new headache can occur (called a "post-LP headache" or a "spinal headache") in about 30-50% of people who have the test. This headache is treated by rest, drinking an extra 1-2 litres of fluid per day and using painkillers such as paracetamol. A post-LP headache can take several days (even weeks in some cases) to resolve - persistent headache should be discussed with your doctor.  (+ info)

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