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I can feel a headache coming on. And whenever I get headaches, it turns into a migraine. Quick, what can I do to get rid of it? Preferably no medicines because I don't have any right now. And also, I've heard that dehydration causes headaches. How long the relief occurs??????????

Yes, dehydration can trigger a migraine. Drink a couple of glasses of water and in the future make sure you drink enough water, prevention is much better than a cure. Besides, the water won't cure a migraine once it begins but it will allow it to get better at it's own pace. Take whatever you have, Tylenol, Motrin, . Excedrine is my favorite. Get an ice pack or cold cloth for your head and lay down in a dark, quiet room and try to sleep. Take a bucket just in case you need it.  (+ info)


lately i've been getting headaches constantly and my vision has been kinda bad, like i see white spots. and when i try to see more clearly, the headache gets worse. anyone know what's wrong?

Brain tumor.  (+ info)

What should I take for a headache when on Oxycodone?

I'm on Oxycodone for my post-op pain relief and I had a bad headache, what can I take that won't have a bad reaction with the Oxycodone?

I would recommend something mild and over the counter such as Tylenol. You are already on a strong pain killer so you don't need too much more. If you are worried about drug interaction you can call any pharmacy and ask them .  (+ info)

which liquid is good for post lp headache?

Anything with caffeine in it is good. The more, the better. That's what my neurologist told me.  (+ info)

Bleeding/headache post orgasm 3 weeks after childbirth??

I had my baby 3 weeks ago and my husband and I have messed around 4 different times (no actual intercourse or anything going 'in' ) but after I orgasm I get a splitting headache and then start bleeding really bad. Other than after orgasm I don't bleed at all anymore and havn't for over a week and a half. Has this happened to anyone else?

  (+ info)

Post-Lumbar-puncture "recovery" suggestions?

I had the puncture/spinal tap today and am wondering, how long should it take to go back to normal. I've experienced no leaking, I don't think, and no pain really.. Maybe some soreness.

I've read about a lot of bad experiences with these things. What should I do to make sure all goes well, without needing a blood patch? Also, how long should it last if all goes well. I was told to rest for a couple days.. I hope that's all, because I have work with heavy lifting then.

You didnt say why you had a lumbar puncture. Usually you are advised to rest for at least 24 hours with the first 4 hours lying in bed to equalize the pressure after taking out the spinal fluid and prevent headaches.
After 24 hours, listen to your body, but don t lift weights yet. Spinal punctures are done to determine the causes of some central nervous system diseases. Secure first the result and get a clearance before your contemplated weight lifting jobs.  (+ info)

i have a sore throat on my right side and sore neck and headache?

I can talk just fine no problem but when I swallow anything it hurts. My upper neck is also really sore with a slight headache on the same side.
I went to the clinic and the lady said it was either pollen or post nasal drip, plus I had a slight fever, 99.6. And the sore throat has been going on for about 3 or 4 days now. I'm 18 if that makes any difference. Thanks

im actaully going through the samt thing right now and i also have a runny nose and my fever is at 101

please if you find out please let me now.

i too am 18  (+ info)

How long does it take for puncture wounds to heal?

I have this puncture wound on my finger and I am wondering how long it takes for it to heal.
It turned into a blood blister but that shortly went away. Now it's just a small wound that hurts like crazy when I put pressure on it.

I dont know how long it'll take exactly, but puncture wounds usually take longer becuse they should heal from the inside out, but having a blood blister sounds odd for a puncture wound  (+ info)

What do monoclonal bands in a lumbar puncture mean?

I had a lumbar puncture done and the results had 18 IgG monoclonal bands in CSF not visible in serum, 2+ oligoclonal bands in immunoglobin not present in serum and incraesed IgG in CSF. Does any one know what monoclonal bands are and what this all means? I have a neuro appt Friday, but have these results that I am curious about now. Thanks!

I hate to tell you but oligoclonal bands are a sign of MS. If it is MS, don't panic, there are drugs today that can halt the progression of the disease.

Good luck.  (+ info)

How much force is needed to puncture the skin?

How much force does it take in order to puncture the skin, preferably when you stab someone?

I suppose it depends on how sharp the instrument is.
Hope you don't plan on trying it?  (+ info)

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