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How hard does one have to hit their head, to cause a post-traumatic headache?

just wondering, how severe?

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post traumatic headache and alcohol?

Three weeks ago I got a concussion and was recently diagnosed with a post traumatic headache. How long should I wait before drinking/smoking again? Till the pain stops? (It is slowly decreasing) Or am I pretty much fine already?
I do not have post traumatic stress disorder, I have post traumatic headache from a fall. Read please.

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How long do post-traumatic hydroceles last after an inguinal hernia repair operation?

I had left inguinal hernia repair surgery 7 days ago. It caused a post-traumatic hydrocele on my left testicle (I know not very common, but it does exist.) and it is still there. How long on average will this last? I am seeing my doctor soon.

I found this article that may help.
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How does post traumatic stress disorder effect war veterans?

i have to write a paper on post traumatic stress disorder, and how it impacts iraq and vietnam veterans. so i really nee some help looking for articles, and some ideas,okay so please help me out guys

well first off, everyone can get post traumatic stress from anything, its all mental, and i have it to be honest. Its not something you can control and its not something that is left unnoticed. You often catch yourself going through random flashbacks of a stressful situation. like I've noticed that when Im playing a video game, doesnt matter which game, but i was playing it and all of a sudden i was thinking about the stressful time that caused the post traumatic stress. and its like you re-live it temporarily, but some time had gone by because i had died on my game and my little sister had come in and asked me what i was doing. it causes bad dreams and makes you want to not sleep. depending on how bad it is. it just overall isnt something that is tolerable for very long  (+ info)

What's the difference between bipolar and post traumatic stress disorder?

If you read my questions I post, you can tell that it's post traumatic stress disorder. Don't tell me you diagosis, but what the difference is, please.
I go through mad abuse.

Bipolar disorder is a bio-chemically caused mental disorder that often results in episodes of mania and dpression in varied degrees of length and intensity...altho it hasn't been proven it tends to run in families therefore there may be a genetic connection...

Post-traumatic stress disorder is the result of an event or situation that the sufferer has experienced, lived thru...etc.
It is not genetic in nature....it is in response to an emotionally traumatic experience.....

racing thoughts.....insomnia....reduced inhibitions....rapid speech...thoughts that everthing is interconnected such as seeing obscure 'patterns' when patterns to things and situations are not there...promiscuity.....outrageous spending sprees.....these are some of the symptoms of mania....it can progress into halucinations and paranoia if not treated......  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

What are the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and how do they differ from the symptoms of just stress?

What can be done to help someone heal over PTSD?

Some basic symptoms: effort to avoid thoughts or feelings associated with trauma.
efforts to avoid activities arouse recollection of trauma
inability to recall an important aspect of event
markedly diminished interest in significant activities
feelings of detachment from others
restricted range of affects
increased startle reflex
increased dreams of like events
intense psychological distress at exposure to events that symbolize or resemble an aspect of event.

There are several good sites to look up Mental health issues. One being NAMI.org and then looking up diagnosis. Or Mental Health America.net
And as far as counseling you need to look for someone with experience with PTSD. and yes many people live good productive lives. Feel Free to email me if you'd like to chat. God Bless Reggie  (+ info)

How do I know if I have post traumatic stress disorder?

I've researched my "ailments" and think I have self diagnosed my self with post traumatic stress disorder, how would I know for sure?

If there been any trauma in your life that brothers you all the time  (+ info)

What kind of behavior to expect from Single Mother Suffering from Post traumatic stress syndrome/depression?

I am curious about the effects post traumatic stress syndrome and depression would have on raising kids/regular life/etc.? I know people like this and want to understand it better -- like how PTSS and depression would make everyday life harder? What are your stories/experiences?

I have post tramatic stress disorder and depression with a now two year old, shortly after I had her it got a bit worse they increased my edication for a while and got back to my normal dosages, as long as one take s care of ones self you are helathy for everyone  (+ info)

What advice would you give to someone living with post traumatic stress?

My mother went through a lot of stressful and traumatic incidents in her life. She seemed ok, but now I suspect she is exhibiting post traumatic stress. (I'm living in another country, but will return next year, when my term of service is up.) I'm here on holiday, to be with her. I noticed that her nerves seem to be constantly on edge, vulnerable, forgetful, agitated. She told me she knows she has post traumatic stress, but she refuses to go on medication, and doesn't trust counsellors.
So what can I do to make my mother more calm and relaxed given this situation?


She would benefit immensely from professional help to deal with PTSD. I have it and did not realise it at first. Now I am receiving counselling and I honestly don't think I could cope without it. It is helping me to deal with my emotions day to day and talk about what happened which is very hard and painful.

You can also gain from talking to people who deal in trauma and they will help you to understand what to do and how to cope.  (+ info)

What are some vietnam movies/other works that show post traumatic stress disorder in soldiers?

I need some work/ art to compare with actual accounts of post traumatic stress disorder. Does anyone have any good movies/ or other works that I can use.

Thank you.

Rambo - First Blood. It is an older movie, but it shows first hand what that stress can do to you and what happens when it overwhelms you.  (+ info)

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