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Can you have appendicitis if you dont have nausea and vomiting?

My right lower abdomen hurts when I urinate and walk but I am not sick to my stomach and I am not vomiting. Is it appendicitis or maybe is it menstral cramps? I am due in a week or so. The pain never moved it has been in the one spot the whole time.

it could be. i had the same thing and all the doctors thought that i had appendicitis but it turned out that i have a disease called colitis. i was doubeled over in pain and had to hold my side when i walked. but usually it starts near your belly button. get it looked at!  (+ info)

Does appendicitis always cause nausea and vomiting?

I had a sudden onset of lower left side abdominal pain 3 days ago, the pain is now around and right below my bellybutton area, It worsens when I walk, move or cough. Other than the pain I feel fine no nausa or vomiting or do not have a fever. Lying down eases the pain, the type of pain is really hard to describe and do feel a little bloated but not all the much Has anyone had similar symptons. Thanks for your responses.

it might be appendicistis or gas pain. but the appendix is on the right side. so it might be referred pain. please go to the dr.  (+ info)

I have had diarrhoea, for two days no nausea or vomiting should I see a doctor?

I had loose stools on Sunday, Diorreah on Monday and today. No vomiting and no nausia should I see a doctor or will it go away?

My crystal ball is a bit cloudy at the moment. However if you are normally well and have no other symptoms the normal home remedy of clear fluids, no solids and no milk for 24 hours would seem the best option. Assuming you have a simple diarrhoeal illness or mild food poisoning, this would be all the doctor will advise in a healthy adult. Avoid anti-diarrhoeal drugs as there is evidence they actually prolong the illness!

If your problem persists or you develop any more disturbing symptoms seek medical advice, although this might be dealt with via a phone call to NHS direct initially. The average person in UK has a mild diarrhoeal illness every 9 months!  (+ info)

Is vomiting and nausea very common during labor?

Could you try to give a statistic? I'd like to know if it's likely I'll be vomiting during, before or after labor. My mom didn't have any morning sickness and did not vomit during labor. I never get period cramps but have experienced it once or twice.

I'm not pregnant.

I had nausea and vomiting during labor, just a little bit. The nurses kept telling me that was a good sign because I was "transitioning". I don't know any statistics sorry, but I have heard it's common and I used to watch a lot of birthing shows and they always showed a good number of women getting sick. Hopefully you will take after your mom during labor then and won't have to deal with it.  (+ info)

Can peppermint cure nausea and vomiting?

I use peppermint all the time for nausea (caused by gasand nasal drainage), but what if you have a stomach virus? It relaxes stomach muscles and regulates the digestive system but can it help if you have a virus?

I know that it helps a lot in curbing pregnancy nausea, at least it did for me. I am not sure about just being sick or anyting though.  (+ info)

Is it normal to have JUST nausea (no vomiting) as a symptom of morning sickness?

I am in my 6th week of pregnancy and have strong food aversions and horrible nausea pretty much all day long (this started about a week ago). I feel like vomiting, but so far, have not actually had to. I almost feel like forcing myself to purge because it seems like it might alleviate some of the gross, acidic stomach discomfort I have all day long. Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms? I am grateful I'm not vomiting all day or I wouldn't be able to work, but it seems like either way i am miserable!

That's completely normal. I had morning nausea rather than sickness for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. I only actually threw up twice.

The nausea was terrible though, I know what you're going through. I was the same with certain foods, and especially smells - I couldn't go to the supermarket without retching at some smell or other!

Don't worry, it's perfectly healthy and it will pass. I suggest you don't purge yourself though, as forcibly making yourself sick wouldn't do you or baby any good, and the acidic discomfort would be worse if anything!

Good luck and congrats! :-)

*Mum to Alex, 5, and Encarni, birth imminent!*  (+ info)

Does astigmatism cause nausea and vomiting?

I have eye strain once in a while, then headaches. I was told that I might have astigmatism. I believe so too. However, oftentimes I get headaches followed by nausea and vomitting. Just don't know nausea and vomiting is a symptom too. Does anyone have nausea and vomit as a result of astigmatism?

Any major disturbance of the eye such as an astigmatism, a retinal occlusion, or an ocular migraine can definitely cause nausea under strain or during motion -- but vomiting seems a bit extreme for an astigmatism.

Even if it is linked to your astigmatism, it's definitely something of which you should apprise your doctor, because it might suggest stronger or more urgent correction (at a minimum).

Short version: frequent or regular vomiting should *always* be reported to a medical professional.  (+ info)

Please help: Dizziness, Nausea, Vomiting, what are these symptoms of?

My mother occasionally has a day or two of intense dizziness, vomiting, and nausea, so much so that she is bedridden and cannot even get up to go to the bathroom across the hall without vomiting several times from standing up. She is not pregnant (shes almost 60 and post meno). She said this has happened a few times in the past year, and that lately it has been more often and severe. Could this be some sort of inner ear problem? Is there anything she can do to lessen the symptoms? Thanks for the advice.
I should add that she does yoga daily, eats VERY healthy, and has a low-stress lifestyle.
First of all, I am in college about 6 states away so I cant take her to the doctor, Secondly, she has a doctor's appointment, which my Father will be taking her to, but that isnt for a few days, and I posted on here to get an earlier idea of what the problem could be... and Third of all, theres no reason to be rude, Mrs. "wHaT?".

Sounds like Vertigo. My ex-husband used to get it. I do not remember what caused it but they gave him medication and it worked. Take her to the doc.  (+ info)

Is nausea and vomiting normal in the last trimester?

I am 34 weeks and I have been having the WORST nausea and this morning I vomited upon waking up. I have heard that this can be linked to different illnesses, including listeria.

You should always check with your doctor, but as far as I know your symptoms sound very normal. Every woman (and every pregnancy) is different and morning sickness is quite common, at any time of pregnancy. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but check with your o.b. just in case.

I had no morning sickness with my daughter until the very beginning and the very end of the pregnacy, myself. Then, it only lasted a few weeks and was not indicative of any complications or problems.  (+ info)

Is it normal to get the nausea/vomiting symptom back after it goes away during pregnancy?

I am 16 weeks pregnant and haven't really "felt" pregnant. My first daughter I puked for the first 4 months straight then nothing the rest of the pregnancy. I felt a little nauseas and vomited just a handful of times during this pregnancy but it subsided about 2 months ago. Since yesterday I have been feeling extremely nauseas again and am on the verge of puking. Is it normal to come back like that?

hey I'm 15 weeks 6 days and i throw up this morning i think my morning sickness has come back, i only had it for a week when i was 8 weeks pregnant and felt find up on till today, my midwife says it's normal for sickness to come and go  (+ info)

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