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Does anyone know anything about postpartum thyroiditis?

My dr says my thyroid is overactive, possibly from having a baby 8 months ago, does anyone have any similar esperiences with this. I'm also TTC baby no.3 but I read thyroid problems can make you infertile. Any personal accounts and advice would be very valuble. thanks

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid, like you) 3 mths postpartum and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) by 5 mths postpartum. You should really consult with your doctor before ttc #3. From everything I've read you should have your overactive thyroid condition under control before you try to conceive for two reasons. First the condition, when uncontrolled during pregnancy, may result in higher incidences of:

Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage)
Preterm labor
Low birth-weight babies
Complications of pregnancy, including pre-eclampsia (a condition associated with hypertension, low blood platelet count, protein in the urine and mental changes) and heart failure.

Second, the treatment for hyperthyroidism can not be administered to pregnant mothers.

You should also note that overactive thyroid brought on by pregnancy will 75% of the time correct itself after a year or so, so you may want to wait and see if it goes away first. There are good articles about this at these wedsite:


http://www.thyroid.ca/Articles/EngE11A.html  (+ info)

Anyone have postpartum thyroiditis?

I have a doctors appointment scheduled, but i can't get in for two weeks. I was checking my symptoms in some books and online and it sound possible that i have thyroiditis. please let me know if you have any advice or comments. thanks

my symptoms are:
very dry mouth
very dry skin
mild depression
weight gain- i got below my prepregnancy weight in three months, now i am back up 15 pounds!
i am 7 months postpartum

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postpartum thyroiditis anyone??

My daughter is 11 months old and I am having a lot of symptoms that are similar to thyroid disease. I am waiting for my lab results which are due next week. I just read about postpartum thyroiditis and learned that it usually corrects itself after a year plus.... Has anyone had this and can you describe your situation, treatment and outcome?
Thank you in advance!!
Oh yeah, I'm 41 years old...

I have not had this but I read about it, did you see the treatment that is suggested on several sites?


I hope it helps.  (+ info)

does postpartum thyroiditis occur after each pregnancy?

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Question about postpartum thyroiditis ?

does obgyn's do blood testing to check your hormone level and thyroids? Where u ever diagnosed with this problem? what were your symptoms.

Mine did the testing and monitored if for six months afterward. I had thyroid issues but not this particular one - look here for some good basic info:

http://www.thyroid.org/patients/brochures/Thyroiditis.pdf  (+ info)

Could I be pregnant without a positive urine test and suffering from postpartum thyroiditis?

I have a 12 month old daughter and have breastfed solely for the first six months, but I am starting to wean completely. I am still suffering from postpartum thyroiditis which I am currently taking synthroid for. My thyroid levels are closer to normal than before. I had a VERY light period 5 weeks ago which was my first since birth. I have been walking a mile every other day for the past year but I still can't lose any weight, I even gained especially around my middle. My back is achy, I can't sleep at night, but I am tired during the day, irritable, nauseous at night (but this could be because this is when I take my Pristiq and vitamins), fatigued,and I just kind of feel pregnant. But, I have taken 3 pregnancy tests all negative. Could I still be pregnant even though I haven't had a positive test? Also, could I even be more than 5 weeks pregnant since my period was so light? Thanks in advance I'm so confused!

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Has anyone ever had Postpartum Thyroiditis.....?

I am in the middle of seeing a doctor now, but am going to make an appt. with an Endocrinologist tomorrow. I am just trying to figure out what's wrong with me!

It started out just tingling in my feet upon getting out of bed in the morning (this was 5 months ago) and over the months, especially the last month or two, it's gotten progressively worse and now it's off and on all day in my hands and feet.

I had a full Thyroid Panel done and everything was normal except my Free T4. The normal range is 6-9.6 and mine was .16! I am really freaking out about this =*(.....

I won't be surprised if I don't get any answers, as I know this isn't very common! But thanks to anyone who does answer!
I have a few of those symptoms as well, and I read that about BF'ing too- I also lost my milk supply, no matter WHAT I did (pumping, oatmeal, herbs, you name it)..I think this could be a secondary culprit to that problem along with my previous breast surgery (on one side to remove a cyst)...ugh..I hope I figure this out soon...thanks to everyone!

IF you answer, did you have any of the tingling symptoms???
AWW Thanks Mama Mia!!! =)

You mean it has a name?! I have a follow-up after some tests coming up soon. No I don't have tingling. I have fatigue, rapid heartbeat, some dizziness, can't lose the rest of the baby weight, I feel hot all the time, I have a jittery feeling in my upper body and if I let my teeth get too close they chatter, I lost my milk supply after about a month (I guess that came first), headaches, I'm constantly thirsty, and nausea (no vomiting) to the point that I don't want to eat sometimes. I'm glad to know this could actually be something and not all in my head!  (+ info)

How long until Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is gone if taking meds properly?

I know that it's never really GONE, but how long until the person is back to normal.

****ALSO does Hashimoto's Thyroiditis cause a person to be hard to handle and become a completely different person?

I had the tumor remove thirty years ago, and no I didn't change at all, I don't even take syntheroid now, but losing weight is a problem.
Generally you perk up more when you get your thyroid or thyroid substitute working again.
So you might be more active or cheerful. But not manic or crazy or a completely different person.  (+ info)

What Did They Do For Your Thyroiditis if you had it?

I have thyroiditis, it is not comfortable, and my swelling seems to get more infront of my neck. I am worried about my heart, it is in good shape, but can this thyroid mess with my heart at all? Should I be worried about my heart or anything? I'm tired of the swelling but can live with it, if it is not upsetting my heart any.

You treat the cause, if possible. With the most common thyroiditis, (Hashimoto's thyroiditis) you can't treat the cause though, so you treat the symptom (the hypothyroidism) with synthetic replacement thyroid hormones.  (+ info)

For postpartum weight loss at home, which piece of equipment would you suggest purhcasing?

I'm due the beginning of July and I'm planning ahead for postpartum weightloss.
Due to being a single-parent-to-be I won't be able to go to the gym so I've decided to invest in some exercise equipment for when the time comes to lose weight, without having to leave my home and the baby.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what will be most effective?

Things like that, anything.

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!

Out of those three, the elliptical in my opinion is most effective. But for my postpardum weight loss, I just did Tae Bo DVDs and lots of walking. The tae bo I did after the baby went to bed and walking I did with the baby. I lost 65lbs in 10 months if that helps!  (+ info)

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