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inhumane treatment towards poultry animals can lead to food-borne diseases in manufactured meat?

I like meat but what can I do to help fight against abuse of poultry animals in factories?
I'm not a vegan, vegetarian, nor extreme animal activist.
I eat meat, and I want to continue eating it. But how can I help prevent poultry abuse at slaughtering plants, prior to being slaughtered?
Effects of discomfort in birds and feeding them antibiotics prior to slaughtering can lead to food-borne diseases and salmonella which affect consumers directly.
any suggestions? 10 pts

I'm sorry, but there really is no alternative (slim to none) to the cruel practices of this industry. There are places that claim to be "humane" but they are only labeling themselves as such on the basis of meeting the minimum requirements and through loopholes; in other words, they are lying.
The health hazards associated with a diet based on meat and dairy are really quite shocking; you'd think more people would be aware of this.

The companies that claim their meat/dairy to be "free-range" or "organic" should not always be trusted; the majority of the time, they are labeling their products falsely. Because of increasing demand for organic/free-range meats, many factory farms are taking advantage of loopholes so that they can label their meat/dairy that way, so that more consumers buy it.

I don't mean to shove my morals down your throat, but the best way you can help prevent the abuse and decrease your risk of being exposed to food-borne diseases is to give up the meat. edit* (or raise your own animals for meat..but I personally would not be able to slaughter such sweet beings)

I hope I helped, please check out the links for more detailed information about the health hazards, and there is a link about organic/free range farming and how factories falsely label themselves as such.  (+ info)

What diseases can poultry transmit to humans?

Bird flu, it is on it's way going West to East. Sick 6 wks, very bad.  (+ info)

Why does poultry carry more diseases then beef or pork???

Mammals have a more complex autoimmune system to combat pathogens than birds do. Also the way certain animals are farmed. There may be hundreds of steers, but a chicken farm could have hundreds of thousands, each an independent pathogen production unit.  (+ info)

If you eat raw human flesh, can you contract diseases like when you eat raw poultry/beef/pork (eg. salmonella)

I'm just asking, I have no intentions of eating a human.

Why asking way to a place you don't intend to visit?!
Seriously, it will be less risky as the eating habits of human are more hygienic than animals. So animals' flesh may be containing more parasites etc.  (+ info)

Is there an association between the consumption of animal products and diseases and cancer?

In other words, can animal products like red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, or milk cause (or negatively effect the risk thereof) heart disease, stroke, cancers or osteoporosis, or even obesity?

Does anyone know where I can find some good information on this subject?

Know more about Cancer !

--------------------  (+ info)

Black tongue in poultry what is your opinion?

Poultry these days seem to suffer more disease's than thought and some not cured like other disease's .What your opinion on poultry disease's and black tongue that affects poultry.

This can be associated with a vitamin deficiency rather than an infectious disease. Perhaps Niacin is missing in their diet.  (+ info)

What is the smallest poultry you can still stuff--cornish game hen?

My family will celebrate the holidays on Dec. 31st but I want to make myself some stuffed poultry for my Christmas dinner alone on the 25th. I enjoy stuffing after it's cooked in poultry.

Quail is even smaller than cornish hen. It would be easier to do the cornish hens though, they hold more stuffing and have more meat on their bones. I like to put 4 on a platter (serves 8) and surround them with leaf lettuce and green grapes plus some mandarin orange sections. Very pretty.  (+ info)

Why millions of poultry birds culled during the epidemic of Bird flu?

It is necessary to destoy the virus as it is communicable to man.Is there other way, instead of culling poultry.

how does one know which particular bird is infected among the huge nos of birds kept at a partcular poultry farm...also if smthg is not done immediately the virus can spread to humans preety fast...vacinations which are available im sure wud cost more both in terms of money n time..so culling is the only easy n fast way of containing the virus..  (+ info)

How do I make poultry seasoning from scratch?

Poultry seasoning is not available in my area. I'd like to make it from scratch

Poultry Seasoning Recipe #61893
Homemade poultry seasoning
4 tablespoons salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon ground sage
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon cayenne
1 bay leaf
1 dash nutmeg

5 minutes 5 mins prep

1. You can put sage, thyme and bay leaf in a coffee grinder and make into powder.
2. Mix with other ingredients.
3. Store in a jar, and use as needed.  (+ info)

Is there any tests I can do for the poultry eggs before using them to cook?

Someone said, the vaccines/injections given to poultry chicks (which are about to lay eggs) will directly passes into the amatured eggs inside the bird's stomach. If consuming such poultry eggs, after a long years those vaccines/injected madicines shows negative results on us. Is this really correct? And also I want to know if there are any tests for findng best eggs before making them to cook. Also what is the best process of cooking (boiled, raw, fried dough etc.) eggs?

Buy Free Range Organic Eggs
http://www.showcook.com/eggs.htm  (+ info)

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