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Can someome help me understand an abornomal pap smear with precancerous cells CIN grade 3?

Someone I know got the abnormal papsmear test with precancerous cells and a CIN grade 3. I understand that grade 3 is considered severe but can someone explain exactly what is going on? Is that considered cancer or likely to be cancer? They are going in for a Leep procedure and a biopsy today - what exactly does the Leep do? Thanks.

It is not likely to be cancer. There are 250,000 to 1 million women with some form of CIN every year, but only 15,000 with cervical cancer. LEEP will remove the abnormal areas.  (+ info)

What is the Earliest level of Precancerous cells?

There are three levels classified under precancerous. I can't remember what the earliest level is. I know it starts with an A, but I can't remember what it is.
It's said to be the best stage to catch the precancer at.

atypical  (+ info)

what does a precancerous cell look like on the face?

I have a spot on my cheek that looks like a pimple but hasn't gone away. I know my Mom had something similar that ended up being a precancerous cell.

you cannot see a single cell without a microscope, and your mom having a sore that doesn't go away is a far cry from you having a persistant pimple. Her skin is considerably older than yours.
Stop obsessing, and just keep the pimple clean, it will drain and heal.  (+ info)

what should i expect when i go for my LEEP procedure to remove precancerous cells?

i was recently scheduled for a LEEP procedure at my gyno's office to remove 3 lesions on my cervix that contain precancerous cells. they sort of explained it, but i was just wondering what people who have had it done say about the experience.

I have never personally had one, but I assist with the procedure almost everyday, so let me give you a run down.

First, they will insert a speculum just like for any exam, although this one is attached to a tube. Don't let that bother you, that is there just to suck away any fumes. They will also attach a grounding pad to your thigh. Next, the doctor will numb your cervix with an injection of lidocaine. The quick needle stick should be the only pain through out the entire procedure.

After you are numb, the doctor will use an Iodine solution called Lugol's Solution, to highlight the abnormal areas. Next, she will use a loop shaped electrode to shave away the abnormal areas. After he is sure that she has removed all of the abnormal areas, she will use a ball shaped electrode to cauterize any bleeding, and may also use Monsel's Solution, which is a paste that also stops bleeding.

After that, you're done. This whole procedure only takes like 10 minutes. Hopefully, this helped you to know what to expect, and didn't scare you at all.  (+ info)

What does it mean if you had precancerous cells?

Like a spot that was precancerous. And what if you had it removed and now there are spots that look the exact same. Could precancerous cells return?
^^ I didn't know what section to put it under=P

Yes, they can return and still not be cancerous. I would go back to the doctor and have it checked again. I wouldn't worry too much, but you better have it checked out.  (+ info)

Is it bad to wait 2 months before getting a leep if I have high grade precancerous cells?

I just had a colposcopy and 2 biopsys done in my cervix a few weeks ago. One biopsy came back as high grade precancerous cells. They said a leep procedure would be the next thing and scheduled me not untill Oct 16th. Is this too much time? Will or can the cells turn into full blown cancer with in the two month time frame?

No matter which one you have, two months shouldn't make that much of a difference. Which do you have CIN I, CIN II, or CIN III? If it is at the third stage that means there are no cells left in that critical first layer to invade. The only thing left is to go into that second layer and then it becomes cancer. If it is in that stage it is best to not put it off. Get it done as soon as possible.
With CIN I, you could stay that way for YEARS and never have to have it dealt with, with CIN II it becomes more of a concern because more than half of the cells in the first layer are pre-cancerous. But still, it is not the imperative that CIN III is. They treat this aggressively as they do cancer because of the danger of it becoming so.
After your Leep and two clear smears get the Gardasil vaccine. This is a preventative vaccine that is supposed to prevent cervical cancers that are related to the HPV virus.  (+ info)

Should I have colon surgery for precancerous lesions?

I have precancerous lesions-Even tho I do not have cancer the doctor indicates I should have surgery. What do you think or indicate information I could find that would help me make a decision. Thanks.

I wonder what kind of surgery you are talking about, if you are talking about actually being opened up. Most of the time, people who have Polyps, which are usually benign but some can develop into cancer, can have them removed by during a colonoscopy. A small instrument that has a little loop on it goes around the lesion and takes it out.It is called a Polypectomy. It only takes a little while, and while you are sedated you are not under anesthesia for the most part. A colonoscopy involves no cutting. A narrow tube is inserted into the rectum and goes in and takes pictures. If they see something like a polyp they can remove it then. They also biopsy not only lesions but selected areas of the colon to make sure there is no malignancy and to detect other conditions, such as Colitis or Crohns Disease, which are treatable with medications and diet. If there is something suspicious, then they might decide not to do anything with the growth except to biopsy it. After the biopsy comes back, the Doctor would call in the appropriate specialist, such as a Surgeon to remove the growth or see if there is need for Chemotherapy or something. But most growths in the intestines are Benign and they are VERY common. I do not know if some larger non-malignant growths may need to be removed surgically, but in my experience, not usually.

But yes, have it removed. While the chances are slim, it could develop into cancer at some point. And having anything growing in there that should not be could affect your system.  (+ info)

What are some conditions that could lead a person to not being able to wear contacts?

What are some conditions that could lead a person to not being able to wear contacts? (Yes, eye conditions obviously.) Needed for research for a story; any reason will really do, as long as this condition still allows the person in question to wear glasses.


Giant Papilary Conjunctivitis.
Corneal neo-vasclurazation.  (+ info)

What conditions canbe diagnosed from an internal eye exam?

When an eye doctor examines the eyes of a patient and sees irregularities, what illnesses/ conditions can they predict the patient will have or develop?

Detached retina
abnormal blood vessels  (+ info)

What conditions cause inflamed liver and high blood pressure in a 22 year old man?

My friend is 22 years old, and hasn't suffered any serious health problems before now. Recently he has been suffering with headaches, dizziness, abdominal pains and tiredness. The doctors say he has an inflamed liver, and very high blood pressure, but have said nothing further. They are running more tests. What conditions can cause these symptoms? Especially in a young man with no previous problems.

Taking too many painkillers is what got me. I don't drink and I had the same problem at 25 years old. I also had a dying gallbladder that was infecting my liver, so I got it from both sides. Is your friend overweight? That can cause a toxin buildup and is commonly called "fatty liver disease". On a kinda plus side, the liver has the ability to recover at an insane rate. That's why you can live for so long with liver problems. Your friend may have a miserable existence for a while, but he will likely live through it ok. Im going on two years now, and its still bothersome for me, but I'm alive and my quality of life is good.  (+ info)

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