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Has anyone experienced or know someone who's experienced an ectopic pregnancy? If so, how did your symptoms start, what were they, how long was it before you did anything about them, were they chronic or did they come and go????

The most common symptoms and signs of ectopic pregnancy include:
Sharp pain in the abdomen or pelvis
Signs of early pregnancy
Vaginal bleeding
Tender abdomen
Diziness or fainting and generally not feeling well
here are some sites for ectopic pregnancy i hope they help. good luck.  (+ info)

Ectopic Pregnancy: How did you conceive for your next pregnancies? Did you use any help from Clomid?

My partner had an Ectopic pregnancy almost 4 months ago. We are using frozen donor sperm and IUI. We need to fly interstate to conceive until the Vic law reform comes into effect. She just flew up only to find it is her ovary with no tube ovulating. We are considering Clomid but concerned about the long term effects. Any stories to share even just post ectopic success stories are great!

Since the fallopian tube connects the ovary to the uterus, for that month there may be no chance of the sperm fertilizing the egg, which I guess you guys already thought. I had a sister who had been taking clomid after unsuccessful attempts to conceive for several years. What clomid does is, increase the release of eggs that have a chance of getting fertilized, which in some cases lead to multiple pregnancies. Unfortunately this medication did not work out for her. After a year or so, her and her husband moved from Utah to Virginia. Within a couple of months she got pregnant, but with an ectopic pregnancy. The f. tube was not damaged. Soon afterwards she got pregnant again and gave birth to a beautiful baby. Nine months later they had another child. I guess the change in location, and decreased stress may have increased her fertility chances. There are also other methods that you can try and talk to your physician about such as the use of boxers instead of briefs, time of month to try to get pregnant, and positioning. I hope this helps  (+ info)

How long after ectopic pregnancy can you take a pregnancy test?

I had an ectopic pregnancy in October, I was given three doses of methotrexate to bring my hCG levels down, the last one in November. I had some irregular bleeding from November to the end of December and then it stopped. I have not had any bleeding since. In the middle of January my hCG levels were down to 20 from 28000. I just took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. What are the chances of it being a false positive?

20 is the bare minimum for most over-the-counter (urine) pregnancy tests, so if you are still at that level, it is picking up hCg from your ectopic. Some of the new ones that say you can test six days early may be picking up even lower levels than that.
Your Dr should keep testing you until your hCg is 5 or less, as that is the "goal" - what they consider negative for your last pregnancy. How long that takes depends on you and your body, and what method was used to end the pregnancy. Using Methotrexate takes longer to get to 0 than surgery. Plus, your starting #s of 28000 are fairly high, so I am not surprised that you are in the fourth month after the shot and still not quite at 0. Should be very soon, though.
If you think there is any chance that you are pregnant, tell your Dr asap, so they can see if your hCg is going up and give you an ultrasound when appropriate.
Good luck.  (+ info)

After a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy who had a successful pregnancy?

I just took an ept it came back positive!!!!!! I am excited yet nervous all of my pregnancies have been unsuccessful one in a miscarriage the other ectopic (tubal pregnancy). So i am scared to death who has had the same problems with a successful pregnancy?
Thank you ladies!!!! You all have been very helpful and supportive. I really appreciate the love and kind generous words.

congratulations. i am also pregnant (5 weeks) after a miscarriage and an ectopic. I am terrified, like you. The only comfort I can offer is that because the two previous pregnancies ended in different ways that there is not a single serious problem like blocked tubes for example. If you look here: http://www.ectopic.org.uk/ you will find many stories of successful pregnancies after ectopic and miscarriage. Wishing you the best of luck and I hope and pray that these will be healthy, successful pregnancies for both of us.  (+ info)

How long after an ectopic pregnancy is treated with methotrexate can you start trying to concieve again?

My last pregnancy was an ectopic and it was treated with methotrexate by one injection and was told not to try to concieve till after 6 monthes. But have heard others trying right away, like within a month. We are anxious to try again but, scared that if we start trying again of running the risk of another loss, or even birth defects. Any advice?

The doctor tells you to wait 6mths for a reason...
I had an ectopic pregnancy last week and was too injected with the Methotrexate...My doctor told me to wait 6mths!

Goodluck and sorry to hear of your loss!
Take Care
Cassie xxx  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy?

I had an IUD put in a little more than a month ago, and I have been bleeding since. Last week, I started getting these really bad migraines, and fevers. The fevers went away, but the headaches are still bad, but manageable. But, starting this morning, I started having this really bad pelvic pain. Also, alot of gas. Does any of this sound possible for an ectopic pregnancy? If not, what's it sound like?

an ectopic pregnancy syptoms are usually heavy bleeding,and severe pain in your lower stomach,usually one side!
the heavy bleeding can also be because of the iud tho,as this is very common!
i suggest going to see your doctor.if your not in any hurry to see a doctor atleast take a pregnancy test,my friend has just fell pregnant on the iud,and has had to have it removed,and because thev removed it,for the first few weeks there is a higher possibility of miscarriage!!!!!
i really suggest you go and see a doctor!xxxx  (+ info)

How is it possible in ectopic pregnancy for sperm to contact an egg that doesn't enter the uterine tube?

How is it possible in ectopic pregnancy (on abdominal wall) for sperm to contact an egg which does not enter the uterine tube?

Either the sperm goes out the ends of the tube into the abdominal cavity OR the sperm fertilize the egg in the normal place within the tube and then the fertilized embryo gets expelled back out the tube. This is why we are careful not to do HSGs (tubal dye tests) during days after a woman has already ovulated.  (+ info)

What is the differences between ectopic pregnancy and blighted ovum?

I was diagnosed of having blighted ovum,because of empty gestational sac. And im starting to bleed now.I want to know if its safe to just wait my miscarriage done naturally without the help of surgery. And what is differences between ectopic pregnancy and blighted ovum?

Ectopic pregnancy is where the egg implants outside the uterus, generally in the fallopian tubes. The pregnancy usually isn't viable and if it is both mother and baby are at risk of not making it through the pregnancy.

A blighted ovum the egg attaches to the wall but the baby doesn't form. Cells develop to form the pregnancy but not the baby herself. A high level of chromosomal abnormalities generally cause the woman to miscarry naturally.  (+ info)

Can a pregnancy test read an ectopic pregnancy?

Since hCG is produced due to a fertilized egg which is implanted in the uterus, is there any hCG produced in the case of an ectopic pregnancy? If so is it readable on a pregnancy test? Or if the fertilized egg does not produce the larger amounts of hCG that an implanted egg in the uterus would, is a physical check-up the only means of determining an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is exactly the same as a normal pregnancy - just in the wrong place. So, yes a pregnancy test will read positive if you have an ectopic pregnancy.  (+ info)

What are the chances of an ectopic pregnancy?

I'm 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and I've been having bad pains on my right side. I'm completely healthy, I dont smoke, I've never had an STD and I'm not old. What are my chances that it might be an ectopic pregnancy? I dont have my first appointment till next week. Has anyone in my position (being healthy) ever had an ectopic pregnancy? And at what week does the Fallopian tube usually burst? I'm just really worried.

i had an eptopic back in May, i had three healthy pregnancy before i had the eptopic. your health is not always the reason why people end up with an eptopic. Its very rare but it does happen. i would call the doctor and let them know about your pain or go to the ER and tell them your in pain and fear its an eptopic. I was 8wks when they found out it was an eptopic and my tube was just about to burst then. Good Luck  (+ info)

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