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How to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy?

Someone close to me recently had an ectopic pregnancy and, as a result, lost her right fallopian tube. What are her options if she wants to become pregnant in the near future? She is confident that she can just stick with in vitro fertilization; however, I read that in virto has only a 30% success factor. Any advice??

If she only lost one tube she can still get pregnant on her own. It's random which side her egg comes from each month. I lost one tube and still got pregnant after 4 months of trying.... and normally there is only a 25% chance each month anyway. Tell her don't lose hope! You can still do it on your own most likely.  (+ info)

What are the signs of an ectopic pregnancy?

I have an IUD in and lately I have been having spotting in between my periods and for the past couple days I have been having a sharp stabbing pain on my left lower abdomen that comes and goes. Does this sound like an ectopic pregnancy or am I over reacting?
I didnt have it put in recently. I had it put in over a year and a half ago.

Though you would not think so with you having the IUD But It could be possible,especially regarding the pain in your lower left abdomen..this could be an ectopic pregnancy in your left fallopian tube.
Sometimes,depending on how far the pregnancy is developed,the actual embryo can come away with a bleed naturally and this is far more common occurrence than we think.
Sometimes however they can require surgical removal,often in emergency,as if left an ectopic pregnancy can have quite serious consequences.

Mother nature plays many tricks on us and the trouble is that many symptoms associated with pregnancies ectopic or otherwise,can also be easily compaired to the symptoms of your periods so can easily be confusing..So while I wouldn't worry too much,see if these pains pass over the next few days but if they worsen at all then seek medical help as soon you can.

Hope you feel better real soon,Good Luck! xxx  (+ info)

When you have shoulder pain during an ectopic pregnancy does it come and go?

I have a lot of pregnancy symptoms but negative tests. I have shoulder pain that is once and a while but when I get it, it can be pretty severe. It's between my neck and my arm socket.

For those that say it is not a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy to have shoulder pain, you are wrong it is. I just wanted to say that because I see people post that all the time.

I'm not sure, but if you are late, having symptoms and negative tests, I would go to the ER and tell them your suspicions. I thought I was having an ectopic but it turned out the baby was where it needed to be. They will do an ultrasound and everything to be sure!  (+ info)

What are the chances of me having a normal pregnancy only 3 weeks after an ectopic?

I had an ectopic pregnancy that was treated 3 weeks ago. I am now surprisingly pregnant again. I know that after an ectopic your risk of having another one increases. I also know that we should have waited 3-6 months to TTC again. So far I have had two HCG level test that are rising normally but am still very early in this pregnancy (HCG = 70). What are the chances that this will be a healthy pregnancy or another ectopic?

How do you know you are pregnant again?????

I highly doubt you are this quickly -its virtually impossible. If you took a HPT then it would obviously still be positive as yout HCG levels are still high.

You need to listen to the doctors and wait the 3- 6 months for everything to heal and problems to resolve themselves.  (+ info)

What is the standard recovery time after surgery for an ectopic pregnancy?

I just found out yesterday that I have an ectopic pregnancy. I need to schedule surgery and make plans for my family and work. How long will it take for me to recover?

This depends which one your doctor has recommended for you as there are two types :-
Laparoscopy which is known as keyhole surgery or day surgery and the patient can go home the same day but you need to rest for at least 3-7 days at home.
Laparotomy or open surgery is considered a major operation as a full incision is done and the hospital stay is about 3-4 days. Recovery would take about 10-14 days.
Again, this will depend on the individual's health condition.

Get well soon^^  (+ info)

How often does an ectopic pregnancy occur?

And what are the symptoms and/or what problems could occur durig the ectopic pregnancy?

I heard that ectopic pregnancies are not too common. The only symptom that I know of during this kind of pregnancy is bleeding. Other then your regular period I mean. And you could also have a internal bleeding which could cause serious problems.  (+ info)

Anyone has ectopic that start with a mild pain at the side of lower abdomen as early as 5 weeks pregnancy?

When does the unbearable pain of ectopic set in?? Does ectopic always start with mild pain then gets bad as the pregnancy progress?

I believe that in any pregnancy there will be mild pains everywhere in your lower abdomen. I know at 4, 5, & 6 weeks my pains were almost unbearable. I am now 14 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby. Don't worry yourself about an ectopic pregnancy until you go to the doctor and have an ultrasound. They are very uncommon.  (+ info)

How long does a woman bleed after having an ectopic pregnancy and/or a miscarriage?

I had severe pelvic pain and bleeding. I went to the ER and they gave me pain meds, did ultasound and sent me home. I did have a positive pregnancy test. 4weeks later I went back to the ER with the same pain and I still have not stopped bleeding since. I had surgery for ectopic pregnancy but I'm still bleeding. How long will this continue?

Everyone is different the same as everyone's periods are different lengths and heaviness. You can have bleeding in some cases after miscarriage or birth for up to 6 weeks. If you are concerned go back to talk to your doctor and ask questions. Your body normally adjusts at a pace healthy for your body. But if there is a reason for continued bleeding which can happen to some people its best to get checked before any problem becomes to serious.  (+ info)

What are the chances of Ectopic Pregnancy after taking Morning After Pill?

Hello guys! I've had unprotected sex yesterday while ovulating. I believe that I've conceived even though I've taken the morning after pill right away. My concern now is having Ectopic Pregnancy.
Please can someone help me on this. What are my chances? What can I do to prevent this from happening? Thank you!!!!

Im going through the same thing. The condom broke the day before i ovulated took plan b. and now im 5 weeks pregnant. My doctor said that it can't do anything to the baby once implantation has taken place. I was worried if my pregnancy was ectopic but they saw a sac in my uterus so the baby is fine!! My best advice to you is to wait until your period is late and then make an appointment right away.  (+ info)

Why did i have an ectopic pregnancy i am only 24 years old? How did my fallopian tube get so disfigured?

i have heard that ectopic pregnancies are more common 30-40 years of age. yet I am only 24 and already have a 3 year old boy. i was told that my fallopian tube was very disfigured and could have caused the ectopic pregnancy.

It doesn't matter how old you are. You can get an ectopic pregnancy at any age. I know of 3, all under the age of 30 who have had one. There are a few reasons for disfigurement that I know of, although I'm no doctor. The main one is diet. If you are overweight or eat a lot of saturated fats, these can cause disfigurements. The best thing to do is consult your doctor, he will be better informed considering your own personal history.  (+ info)

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