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is it possible to see an ectopic pregnancy through a catscan?

is it possible to see a ectopic pregnancy through a catscan? a ectopic pregnancy is a tubular pregnancy where the baby grows in the wrong spot in the fallopian tubes. like to hear your answers!

if you think you are pregnant, i know you're not suppose to a xray or anything like that unless other wise stated by a doctor.

they possibly can see a ectopic depending on where the catscan was.(lower ab, pelvis area)

a vaginal ultrasound at around 6wks will tell if their is a tubal pregnancy or not!

good luck honey!. if you suspect being pregnant, please take a test and make an appt with you're doctor!  (+ info)

How does one differentiate between stomach pain from taking Plan B and stomach pain from an ectopic pregnancy?

Stomach pain is a typical side effect of taking Plan B but there is also a small risk for an ectopic pregnancy, which has a symptom of stomach pain. How does one tell the difference? What other symptoms would indicate an ectopic pregnancy rather than just typical side effects of Plan B? Thanks.

Plan B prevents pregnancy just days after the woman has sex. An ectopic pregnancy takes just as long to implant as a normal pregnancy, 7-10 days. An ectopic pregnancy has pain located mostly on one side and may move to the center of the abdomen. It's extremely tender and the woman may have nausea and dizzyness. Hope that helps.  (+ info)

How soon would a trans-vaginal ultrasound show an ectopic pregnancy?

I had an ectopic pregnancy about a year ago, and my husband and I just found out we are pregnant again. I am just wondering how soon it would show up on an ultrasound scan?

Please listen carefully. This is a delicate situation and it's very important you get the RIGHT answer.

It's a catch 22. By the time an ectopic pregnancy can be confirmed by an ultrasound, mama's life is in danger. This is about 7-8 weeks gestation.

The BEST way to rule out an ectopic is to get betas done. Normal pregnancies have doubling betas every 48 hours... consistently. With a tubal pregnancy, betas rise slow....and have an increase, then decrease pattern, or they don't have good doubling time.

At about 5 weeks gestation, a fetal pole and sac may be seen on an u/s. At about 6 weeks, there may be a heartbeat. Most OBGYNs won't do an ultrasound before 8 weeks. Please make sure your OBGYN is aware of your high risk factor and ask to start the ultrasounds early... around 5 weeks.

Good luck.  (+ info)

Do you have the same symptoms for pregnancy with an ectopic pregnancy?

After 2 attempts at IVF, I am now almost 6 weeks prego and my blood levels are all perfect. I have had some minor cramping (feels like menstrual) and a few headaches. I go in for my first preg ultrasound on Friday. However, I am terrified of having an ectopic pregnancy and being heartbroken! Any advice?? Thank you!

Typically your hcg levels are a little low but not always, other symptoms are usually the same except with an ectopic you may have that same cramping but it is focus on one side of your abdomen. Also upper back pain is common with an ectopic. Unless you have a history of ectopics there is really no need to worry. These are very rare and if your levels are high (or right where they are supposed to be) then you are in good shape. Most women who go through a miscarriage or fertility treatments are very concerned about complications simply because of the difficulties they went through to get pregnant. Your feelings are perfectly normal but most likely you will be fine.  (+ info)

How long does an ectopic pregnancy last?

How long does your body carry an ectopic pregnancy before you start to have sharp pains and bleeding? And if your baby doesn't have a heartbeat how long until your body starts to shed/miscarry the baby?
I am not having a miscarriage, i have no pain, no bleeding, no cramping...i am just curious.

I don't know about eptopic pregnancies as I've never had one but my first miscarriage I had to have a D&C because I was 11 weeks and the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. My second miscarriage aborted it's self at 5.5 weeks.

Every time is different.  (+ info)

What can expect after methotrexate shot for ectopic pregnancy?

I am 35 and I just found out that my first pregnancy is ectopic. Low hcg hovering between 160 and 150 over a weeks time. I was administered the shot on Tuesday afternoon, but now it is Friday I am not really noticing too much yet. I have off and on bleeding (a little bit heavier than the spotting I previously had), but I don't really notice too much else. Any insight would ease my mind. Thank you...

You should continue to have your HCG levels checked to make sure they are falling. My understanding is that the bleeding is normal with methotrexate, but heavier bleeding is not a sign that it is (or is not) working.

"What Methotrexate does, is prevent the trophoblast cells from dividing. Trophoblast cells are the invading cells of the pregnancy and those that form the afterbirth or placenta. It is these that rupture the tube, cause the pain and have the potential to cause internal bleeding to the mother. Once these cells no longer divide, the pregnancy is ended and the whole pregnancy sac, including any cells that might have grown into a baby, is usually reabsorbed by the mother. This is normal and happens in many cases of miscarriage. You may feel pain after being given methotrexate but this is due to the pregnancy sac swelling and not due to effects on the baby. The tube, however, may remain blocked by the pregnancy tissue which can take some time to shrink. Occasionally it may not shrink and will leave a blockage in the tube, by way of a small cyst. However, the use of Methotrexate does not reduce the chances of successful future pregnancy, no matter the outcome in the affected tube.

Women sometimes find treatment with Methotrexate quite a long and drawn out process. This can feel frustrating but the outcome is often very successful and worth persevering with the wait involved for the hCG levels to drop, and the repeated blood tests, until that happens.
The response of women to treatment with methotrexate varies greatly. The bleeding is from the lining of the womb and is hormonally controlled. It will probably last a week or two, changing in colour from red to brown and diminishing. As long as it is not too heavy, and is not associated with pain, you should not worry. Some women report bleeding and spotting for up to six weeks."

Please keep in touch with your doctor if you have any concerns. Ectopic pregnancy isn't something you mess around with--it can be life-threatening.  (+ info)

Does anybody know how soon you can start taking folic acid again after an ectopic pregnancy?

I had an ectopic pregnancy over Christmas and had my left tube removed.

you can take it whenever you want, its not a drug, just a nutrient...i would take it asap if your planning on getting pregnant again  (+ info)

How quickly can one identify an ectopic pregnancy?

I believe I have a positive pregnancy test, and I currently have an IUD. I know that in the instances pregnancy occurs with IUD it's most commonly an ectopic one. How will I know if it is? How long before pain or something occurs?

you would have terrible pain in your abdomen or the side of it. I would check with your doctor asap. Goodluck.  (+ info)

How long after implantation could you get he symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy?

I think that I had impantation bleeding on the the 25th...my period isnt due until the 8th October. I have severe left lower abdomen pain now and a pain in my back lower left side. Is it too soon for an ectopic pregnancy?

How severe is severe? Have you had a positive pregnancy test? As you'd only be around 7 days post ovulation I think it is too soon for ectopic symptoms, as the pain is caused by the developing baby becoming too big for the fallopian tube and at not even 4 weeks this would not be a problem yet. However you may have a UTI or a kidney infection, so see the doctor.  (+ info)

How far along were you when you were diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy?

I just found out today that I have an ectopic pregnancy. I am 5 weeks today. How far along were you when you found out, and what type of treatment did you have? Thank you!

I'm sorry to hear that, I answered your other question. Since it was caught so early on, your Dr. more than likely will inject methotrexate, which will dissolve the pregnancy. Having this done will more than likely save the tube that the pregnancy is located in. I am sorry for what you are going through.  (+ info)

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