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Has anyone experience prolonged bleeding in early pregnancy?

When did it start? How long were you bleeding for? Was it heavy or light? What was the outcome?


I bled really lightly for 13 days sort of like spotting because i did not even need a pad and had no cramping so I did not worry on the 14th day it was a little heavier enough for a pad but by 9pm it was heavy, heavy and I started cramping bad I miscarried as soon as I made it into the ER triage room!  (+ info)

Raspberry leaf and prolonged pregnancy?

Can taking raspberry leaf during pregnancy make the pregnancy go longer? I'm always 1 1/2 to 2 weeks early and have never used it until now, and here I am 4 days from my due date, stripped my membranes yesterday, dilated to 2 a week and a half ago, and 40% effaced and nothings happening! Is it coincidence or not?

No, actually raspberry leaf tea has been known in some cases to start contractions and start labor.
http://www.babycenter.com/0_herbal-teas-during-pregnancy_3537.bc  (+ info)

what are the causes of a prolonged menstrual period?

why would a woman have her period for 9 days or even more? How many women out there had this as a symptom. its a very light period.

i was ttc, but i am not anymore. i heard from somewhere that a prolonged period is a pregnancy symptom.

Usually longer periods are due to annovulatory cycles.
I had one for 9 weeks once, after not having a period for 8 months. Doctor refused to take a look just did an abdominal u/s and blood tests. Said I wasn't ovulating due to high LH and that if you don't have a period for a long time there is an overload situation on your uterine lining, but since it wasn't exposed to progesterone (the after ovulation hormone) that it shed slowly.  (+ info)

whats a ciritical time for prolonged rupture membraines in pregnancy?

whats the time thats risky to fetus that cause infection from rupture till delivery

There is no set time-- it all depends and I assume you mean by ruptured membranes that her water broke, it all depends on the heart rate of the fetus-- I was induced for 17 hours and did not get a c section until the baby's heart rate started to flatten or get dangerous at that point, they sectioned- she had a cone head because I had pelvic disproportionment. So the only factor that they care about is the BABY'S HEART BEAT- if it is stable- they will let labor progress.  (+ info)

Prolonged latent phase, first pregnancy?

This is my 1st pregnancy. Last Thursday I was 3 1/2 cm dilated and before that I was stuck at 2cm for 2 weeks. The baby dropped and her head is low, the doctor said. I lost mucus plug(or at least started to lose mucus plug) on Thursday of last week after doctor stripped my membranes. I have been having menstrual like cramping and lower back pain but it does not last long. Sometimes I still see some mucus with a tiny streak of brown blood in it, mostly after bowel movement. Just when I think that maybe it is time, it stops. Why is it taking me so long to go into actual labor? I'm overdue and am getting impatient. At my last appointment, my doctor was saying that he thinks that maybe the baby might be big since I've gained so much weight with this pregnancy and was a small girl pre-pregnancy(5'2", 105lbs). Could it be that maybe the baby is big and that's why I'm not going into labor? I've tried spicy food, which only resulted in heartburn and indigestion, walking which only made me feel exhausted. What's going on?

The baby is not ready. Did the doctor say anything about inducing?  (+ info)

Besides pregnancy, what could cause prolonged tenderness and swelling of breasts?

My friend is 27, and has had one child 4 years ago. She is 5'4", 108 lbs, and a 34B. She is single and has not been sexually active for several months. She last had her period 2 weeks ago.

She has complained of tenderness or soreness of both breasts for about 6 weeks. In the last 2 weeks, there is also some swelling. A self exam didn't reveal any lumps. The tenderness is clear through both breasts, and there doesn't appear to be any single spot that is more sensitive than the whole.

So ruling out pregnancy because of the period and lack of sexual activity, what are some possible causes of tenderness and swelling for someone her age and size? Has anyone ever experienced something similar?

Could be a hormonal imbalance, ductal infection, or just a general tenderness, etc. She really needs to see her Gyn or primary care physician for a good diagnosis. One thing is pain is good. When there is pain present, most likely it is not a malignant situation. Good health.  (+ info)

Can prolonged lactation cause fertility problems?

I breastfed my son for 15 months I stopped in 2004. I can still produce milk I had one pregnancy since but it was ectopic. Could the hormones causing me to lactate be what is stopping me from conceiving?

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prolonged pregnancy?

39 weeks pregnant and not even feeling braxton hcks contractions. is that possible and could that be a sign of any complication?

Yup. Perfectly possible.

Sometimes babies are late - 39 weeks is not late though! Prepare yourself for being up to two weeks late and MAKE SURE you can still feel the baby move, even though it's cramped in there.

My guess (not a physician or a nurse) is that you're probably fine and the baby will come when it's ready!

Good luck!  (+ info)

What are the odds that I will be able to go on with my pregnancy?

I'm 18 wks and found out that my cervix is thinning. I realize this is waaay to early for this to be happening. What do you think are the odds the drs will be able to prolong my pregnancy longer?

you should be asking a doctor about this good luck and i wish you the very best  (+ info)

Prolonged bleeding during pregnancy?

please dont even bother reading or writing if you have no expierence.thanks

i started spotting when i was 5 weeks 2 days, i am now 10 weeks 2 days, i haven't went more than a day without spotting (wiping and red blood on toilted paper) went to er, couldnt find a reason for it, saw baby and it looked ok, followed up with adr visit, again cervix closed, couldnt find a reason. had a ultrasound done at 7 weeks,b/c i bled some clots 3 days prior, and there was the baby and its heart just beating away, still bleeding for 3 weeks, went back to doctor twice since then, and yesterday i had a full out check, pap, cervix check ect... which caused slight cramping, and still spotting, red tissue like clots, went back to dr and had everything done again, and i even heard the babbys strong heartbeat through my stomach (dopplar) i am really getting fed up with this, my insurance covers this hosptial dr's and they are all private and most wont take caresource, i called another hosptial who does but being a new patient their waiting list can take up to 2 months, im just about to give up on this whole pregancy, so bad i even thought of having an abortion to end all this crap. i just can't keep bleeding and thinking i miscarried and then seeing/hearing my baby, its my first and i just can't take this, does anyone have any kind of expierence similiar to this? just light bleeding for weeks upon weeks?
thanks, im trying to keep my spirits up, but being 21 and not being able to work or have anormal life is just depressing me day by day, i just pray every day the bleeding stops and i can get back to being a person, i just feel unreal
um i never said i would kill my baby? please read before posting stupid answers on here

thanks everyone else
i said ive thoguht of abortion- i woudlnt actually do it, im just telling you how bad things have got that someone who wants a baby so bad has thought about the worst, wouldnt actually do it

I just did a quick search on this subject and there's tons of info out there, meaning that this isn't a rare problem. One site says, "Twenty to twenty-five percent of women have spotting or bleeding during pregnancy. Half of these women go on to have no other problems due to the bleeding." (http://www.baby-parenting.com/pregnancy/spotting.html)

I don't think you should worry about losing the baby to the point where you kill your baby. Then you'll remember those strong heartbeats for the rest of your life. Believe me, I've both lost a baby and had an abortion, and the first you can accept but the second is just too hard to bear. It gets worse as the years go by and you keep an unconscious tally of how old your child would be.

Keep in mind that pregnancy is an incredibly emotional time, and not exactly a period of your life when you're able to work things out in your head logically. Your hormones are going nuts! So don't let yourself trust your "I can't stand it anymore!" thoughts. Just let the time go by, as it will, and focus on the good things...like that strong heartbeat.

It's ok to talk to your baby even now, and tell your baby how worried you are, but that the doctor said everything's ok. Then sing you and your baby a song. Babies in the womb love the sound of mother's voice, and I think it will help you stay calm too.  (+ info)

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