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Prolonged bleeding in pregnancy?

please dont even bother reading or writing if you have no expierence.thanks

i started spotting when i was 5 weeks 2 days, i am now 10 weeks 2 days, i haven't went more than a day without spotting (wiping and red blood on toilted paper) went to er, couldnt find a reason for it, saw baby and it looked ok, followed up with adr visit, again cervix closed, couldnt find a reason. had a ultrasound done at 7 weeks,b/c i bled some clots 3 days prior, and there was the baby and its heart just beating away, still bleeding for 3 weeks, went back to doctor twice since then, and yesterday i had a full out check, pap, cervix check ect... which caused slight cramping, and still spotting, red tissue like clots, went back to dr and had everything done again, and i even heard the babbys strong heartbeat through my stomach (dopplar) i am really getting fed up with this, my insurance covers this hosptial dr's and they are all private and most wont take caresource, i called another hosptial who does but being a new patient their waiting list can take up to 2 months, im just about to give up on this whole pregancy, so bad i even thought of having an abortion to end all this crap. i just can't keep bleeding and thinking i miscarried and then seeing/hearing my baby, its my first and i just can't take this, does anyone have any kind of expierence similiar to this? just light bleeding for weeks upon weeks?
thats what dr guesses mine is- a ruptured vessell on my cervix, i haven't had sex in over a month, and ive been out of work so all i do is lay around. if i clean/grocery shop it bleeds worse, so i haven't done anything

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Pregnancy with PCOS after prolonged period...?

I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and I had not had my period since April of this year...I started it at the end of Oct. and it did not go away until about 3 days ago...so it lasted 3-4 weeks...I am wondering what are the odds of a regular ovulation time...(approx. 2 weeks after period stopped) Has anyone with PCOS gotten pregnant soon after a period like this...I am on no treatment for PCOS or fertility because the doctor that diagnosed me only gave me the option of birth control or Clomid...neither of which I felt comfortable taking (working on seeing another doctor to talk about Metformin or some other line of treatment), but I digress...so my question is have you gotten pregnant after having a long period with PCOS....TY in advance
I have opted not to take Clomid or Birth Control for many reasons....first off you might say religious reasons, also I don't necessarily trust the overall safety of these drugs particularly birth control, also a while back before I knew I had PCOS and before I had done some soul searching about the matter I took birth control and had terrible reactions to it...I gained 10 lbs in a month, terrible mood swings, fatigue, and so on...so I am not comfortable now with either of the two options provided by the doctor I had previously seen.

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Is this medication safe in pregnancy?

I m going through first trimester of my pregnancy. I have got anal fissures due to prolonged constipation. I've been prescribed the 'Nitrogesic ointment', decolic pills for muscle relaxation and Macrogol powder (containing polethylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and potassium chloride). Can anybody tell me whether this medicine safe in pregnancy or not?

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Can a yeast infection be harmful to the baby during early pregnancy?

I'd like to try some home remedies, but I don't know if prolonging taking Monistat will harm the baby. I'm about five weeks pregnant.

I had a yeast infection at about 15 weeks, and the doctor told me that they are pretty normal and not to worry. Many pregnant women get them if they had taken some type of antibiotic, but even if you didnt, i wouldnt worry too much. She prescribed me this one time pill, took it, and me and the baby are still hanging in there.  (+ info)


Does anyone have any thoughts regarding my question. I was curious because i'm on bedrest and i use my laptop in bed. I have it resting on my stomach for prolonged amounts of time and i just noticed that my stomach was very hot- i wonder what can happen to my baby

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Is natural childbirth so painful as they say? How long does it last in a first pregnancy and how can you?

relieve the pain naturally? Did you get an epidural- if so, what was the experience?? Did it prolong labour??
What did you prefer?

Thanks for any comment! Much appreciated!

I didn't get the epidural. They started me on a pitocin drip at 7:30 am and my baby was born a little after 1:30 pm. (first baby) The only pain from the contractions was in the front below my belly button. They became very painful that I asked for the Demerol, even though I was only planning to use the gas. I got the Demerol around 11:15 am, I think....and it did NOT take away the pain. It only made me very sleepy. I wish I didn't get it because I was very sleepy up until it wore off which was right before they told me to start pushing the baby out. Even the gas didn't help the pain...it only helped me to breathe through the contractions. The pain I felt when the baby came out was NOTHING compared to the contractions. Also, by the time you're pushing the baby out, you know when the pain will end, so it's much easier to withstand. If I knew the baby would be out soon, then I wouldn't have even asked for the Demerol, but the midwife was like...maybe she'll have the baby by 6 or 7 pm tonight!!! Hearing that did not help me at all....and you get so tired of the contractions coming every couple minutes that you really want a break and to just go to sleep in your own bed.
I didn't get an episiotomy, and I didn't tear either. If you can, don't get the episiotomy because if you're lucky enough to not tear then you'll heal super quickly.

To relieve the pain naturally...the best thing you can do is to breathe and try to concentrate on something else, which is really hard to do when you're in labor. Also, if you have back labor, then I'm sure getting a back rub or using a heating pad would help a lot.

Everyone says that pitocin makes the contractions so much stronger and painful, so if you can, try to avoid being induced and let the baby come naturally. Try natural induction, like sex and walk as much as you can.

The midwives were encouraging me to get the epidural saying that I should get it so I can enjoy the birth without pain. Don't listen to them if you don't want the epidural. It's very tempting at the time, but I think you would regret getting it if you don't really want it beforehand. Yes, childbirth is painful, but once it's over, you quickly forget how bad it was and you will feel that it was all worth it once you bond with your baby. I had my baby less than 2 months ago, and I already want another baby (but I am hoping to wait for a year or so just because I think it's unfair to my daughter if I get pregnant again right now, and because I want to do Hajj next year).

May Allah bless you with an easy delivery and a healthy baby.
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When i can retest for Pregnancy?

Today is 39th day. I did for pregnancy test on 33rd day but it was negative. Iam bit afraid, please let me know when i can retest. This is the first time it had prolonged so longer. Normal cycle is 28 days.

you can test anytime after your missed period.  (+ info)

Blood clots during pregnancy?

I know that a risk factor for having a deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism (blood clot) during pregnancy is prolonged inactivity due to plane or car ride. My question is, I have taken a few long plane and car rides during my pregnancy. Weeks have passed since them, do they still remain a factor or would any damage have been corrected by now? How long would a blood clot stay if I got one?

I have had a blood clot during pregnancy. Mine was caused my clotting disorder. And from my experience you would have had signs of a clot or a PE by now. So I am sure you are fine. Clots stay in the body for weeks or even months, but you would have had some signal of a trouble by now (swelling, discoloration, pain generally in the limbs- excessive shortness of breath etc)

That being said. I hope you don't sit for more than 3 hours in a plane or a car again, especially pregnant. Because clots can and do happen.  (+ info)

Working as a cleaner during pregnancy?

I'm six weeks pregnant and work as a cleaner. I have looked and everything I have read says it's ok to do household cleaning during pregnancy, but nothing about prolonged exposure. I only work 2 days a week, 5 hours a day which isn't that long. But does anyone know the real risks involved. Should i quit my job, I really need it and finding another job when I'll only be able to work 6-7 months is impossible.

Are you talking about House Cleaning ? If yes, then you will be fine, do not ever...........let yourself be in an area with poor ventalation, wether you are pregnant or not, but general household cleaners should pose no threat on the basis you use them, as far as the physical part of it, your body can do pretty much what you did before you got pregnant, I know of women who swam, bowled, and jogged for nine months and had easier labor, because they were in good shape. So i think you will be fine, check with ask a nurse, or even your local pharmacy until you get to your regular Doctor...........I clean houses too, and have for the last 18 years, my children were around the cleaners all the time, and its just made them be better at cleaning than most...........but it didn't hurt them.....again check with someone with medical knowledge to be sure, and also be prepared for many many opinions about pregnancy, and child birth from every direction, but follow the advice of your doctor, and don't try to please everyone...........Good luck and congratulations.........Love Becky d.  (+ info)

It is true that prolonged sexual abstinence is not healthy for the prostate?

Nocturnal emissions, prostatitis, prostate adenoma and prostate cancer - can be caused by (totally) prolonged sexual abstinence? Totally means no sex, no masturbation, total sexual inactivity. And please tell me where I can fin articles related to this subject. Thank You.

I have read articles that it helps a man's prostate if he masterbates to orgasm at least 3 times per week after age 50.  (+ info)

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