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When do pregnancy symptoms start acting up?

When do pregnancy symptoms start acting up. Is it different for everyone? I just want to know. Do women usually get their pregnancy symptoms the first few days?

most women will start experiencing pregnancy symptoms as early as 4 weeks, but alot of women dont experience them until about 6-8 weeks, but yes, everyone is different.  (+ info)

How accurate is a pregnancy blood test 7 to 8 days after conception?

My friend had a blood pregnancy test done 7 to 8 days after possible conception and the result came back negative. She is still having pregnancy symptoms. She asked the lady who gave her the results and the lady said that the test should not be done until atleast 10 days after conception to be most accurate. How accurate is a pregnancy blood test 7 to 8 days after conception? Thanks in advance!

I was told that a blood test can be done 9 days after conception and a urine test not until after the first missed period. I would definetly do a retest.  (+ info)

How soon during pregnancy do you start getting yeast infections?

How soon during pregnancy do you start getting yeast infections?
It been 12 days since i had intercourse so its not quite time to test yet but Im scared that i got pregnant. I have no signs but just a feeling. Is there any sign i can look for to detect pregnancy this early. I know a yeast infection is no sign but its just weird that I have one.

I have never had a yeast infection with either of my pregnancies. I don't think the two have anything to do with each other.  (+ info)

How safe is bleeding in pregnancy when theres a heart beat and cervix is closed?

I'm 9 wks preagnant and have had about 4 episodes of vaginal bleeding only lasting 1 dy.I've heard that after seeing a heart beat and cervix closed possibilities of misscarrying are lower how true is this.What could be causing the bleeding or how common is this problem.I'm on vaginal suppositories and they say this should help strenghten pregnancy is there any else I can do I'm also on bed rest per Dr's orders.But I'm also scared eventhough I never have cramping or pain but at times I also pass alot of blood clots what could be the chances of this pregnancy of comming to full term.Please help me with some support at least.I've heard of women bleeding through there whole pregnancy and gooshing out blood I don't bleed that bad not to where I have to change my pad it's only when I urinate that alot of blood and clots come done at times.Help tx.

These are all great questions for your doctor. Call him or her during their office hours and discuss these questions. Be open and honest about your fears. I'm sure they will do the same.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of a tubal pregnancy?

A friend of mine has not had her period for over three months. She tests every two weeks and the pregnancy results always come back negative. However, she is concerned that she might have a tubal pregnancy, which-from what I hear-are not shown on a pregnancy test-false readings. She hasn't any signs or anything. However, she does not have insurance and does not want to go to the doctor or hospital unless if she has too-if she has a tubal pregnancy she knows this must be taken care of immediately since this is life-threatening. I neek to know the signs so she and I can be aware of them. Is there a gradual showing of symptoms or do they come at once? Also, how long after conception do these symptoms appear?

With a tubal, there would be intense pain, and by 3 months she would have had symptoms because the size of the baby at this point would have ruptured her fallopian tube. So I seriously doubt it is a tubal pregnancy.

Also, you are incorrect that an ectopic pregnancy doesn't show up on a pregnancy test. It does. The embryo is developing and therefore the pregnancy hormone HCG will be present.

I do not think your friend is pregnant. But if she hasn't had a period in three months when she has otherwise been regular, she needs to go to the doctor, insurance or no. She could have an STD or other illness that has affected her cycles.  (+ info)

How long into pregnancy will a home test show a positive answer?

I haven't had a period for almost two months now. So last week i took two pregnancy tests. One came up negative, but the other one showed a positive result, but was invalid because the line in the second window (that shows up to show that the test worked) never showed up. There is a good possibility im pregnant, but I'm not sure and honestly don't want to believe I am. How long should it take for a home pregnancy test to say positive?

  (+ info)

Can signs of pregnancy start to occur within less than a week after intercourse?

Help! A friend of mine was recently involved in sexual activity and is worried she may be pregnant. No more than a day or two after this sexual activity took place she started having splitting headaches, vomiting and experiencing nausea, she noted that these are some traits often accompanied by pregnancy. I have read that signs of pregnancy such as these should not start to occur until at least a week or two after the intercourse, but this information still does not cease the worrying. Is this at all possible? Could she be pregnant? Please help!

No, you can't tell you are pregnant immediately. She needs to take a home pregnancy test the day her next period is due.  (+ info)

What are signs of pregnancy before you even miss your period?

I've had very sore nipples, am achy at times in my low abdomen and the other day had a large amt of white and brownish tinged sticky discharge.I took pregnancy tests which were negative 3 times.
I'm sure everyone asks this but could they have been false negatives,do these seem like symptoms of pregnancy?Could the discharge have been implantation bleeding?
Thank you so much!

I've never heard of implantation bleeding but I can tell you as far as pregnancy you do have sore nipples and whitish discharge. My sister took three tests that all came out negative and she was actually pregnant had to get a blood test to confirm it so it is possible that you are pregnant. I would wait till you miss your period for sure and retest then if you still have all the symptoms and no period its probably a good thing to make a doctors appt.Hope this helped and good luck!  (+ info)

Has anyone aborted a pregnancy with the presence of an ovarian cyst? What are potential dangers?

My daughter has just been diagnosed with a complex cyst and she's, unfortunately, pregnant. Because of the impact that having a child with the wrong partner will have on her future, I hope her decision will be to abort the pregnancy. I'm seeking advice from anyone who might have had a similar situation (out of marriage) and aborted the pregnancy. Are there any serious risks to her wellbeing with this complex cyst being part of the equation?

"There are no boundaries."
- Kris Allen, American Idol 2009  (+ info)

How far into your pregnancy can you still get a negative test?

I have been testing for a few weeks now, because I have been having pregnancy symptoms the past while. I have had all negative results. I will be going to the doctor only at the beginning of next week. How far into your pregnancy is it possible to still get a negative result?

Well I guess it depends. Some people can get a positive result sooner then others. I first tested the day before my missed period and it came out negative and I had had it done at a hospital so it was a blood and urine test. I didn't get a positive result until I was already 7 weeks along.  (+ info)

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