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What are the symptoms of a tubal pregnancy?

A friend of mine has not had her period for over three months. She tests every two weeks and the pregnancy results always come back negative. However, she is concerned that she might have a tubal pregnancy, which-from what I hear-are not shown on a pregnancy test-false readings. She hasn't any signs or anything. However, she does not have insurance and does not want to go to the doctor or hospital unless if she has too-if she has a tubal pregnancy she knows this must be taken care of immediately since this is life-threatening. I neek to know the signs so she and I can be aware of them. Is there a gradual showing of symptoms or do they come at once? Also, how long after conception do these symptoms appear?

With a tubal, there would be intense pain, and by 3 months she would have had symptoms because the size of the baby at this point would have ruptured her fallopian tube. So I seriously doubt it is a tubal pregnancy.

Also, you are incorrect that an ectopic pregnancy doesn't show up on a pregnancy test. It does. The embryo is developing and therefore the pregnancy hormone HCG will be present.

I do not think your friend is pregnant. But if she hasn't had a period in three months when she has otherwise been regular, she needs to go to the doctor, insurance or no. She could have an STD or other illness that has affected her cycles.  (+ info)

What are the chances of pregnancy after a tubal ligation?

I had a tubal 8 years ago but am a week late. I haven't taken a test yet but am planning to if I don't start by tomorrow. And if I am pregnant, what are the chances of having a normal pregnancy after a tubal?

The chances of pregnancy range from 1-4%, depending on the specific type of procedure done. This chance increases after 5 years. There is also an increased risk of ectopics associated with tubal ligation. You should definitely get a test tomorrow. I had a tubal ligation 18 months ago, and had an early miscarriage last month.  (+ info)

During a tubal pregnancy, how soon do you start bleeding?

I have always heard that you bleed some during the whole tubal pregnancy. Is that correct? Or do you start bleeding when the tube ruptures?

Usually you don't bleed during the whole pregnancy. Some women with ectopics don't bleed at all, but they simply develop pain.

But bleeding can occur. Bleeding can happen at any time, just as in regular pregnancy. (25% of normal pregnancies have spotting or bleeding.)

Frequently the bleeding is due to poor progesterone support. Most tubal pregnancies aren't at great risk for rupture until 6 weeks after your last menstrual period. A ruptured ectopic is a surgical emergency and is the No.1 cause of maternal death in the first trimester.

If this is a concern for you, you should get an ultrasound at 5-6 weeks. At this point, the pregnancy can be seen in the uterus.

Assuming that you were not using fertility medications, if there is a pregnancy in the uterus there is only a 1/30,000 chance of there also being one in the tube.

Good luck.  (+ info)

After a tubal pregnancy surgery, how long will the HCG hormone stay in your body?

How long does it takes for the pregnancy hormone to leave your body? I just had an ectopic tubal pregnancy and had surgery yesterday. If I take a pregnancy test today, will it come back positive or negative?
Gem, obviously you dont know the answer to the question so dont try to answer it.

There will probably be trace amounts of hCG in your blood (and urine) for about 3-5 days, but maybe as long as a week. It takes time for your body to stop producing the hormone and to flush it from your system. So if you took a test today, it may still come back positive.  (+ info)

How long does it take to get pregnant after a tubal Pregnancy?

I had a tubal pregnancy in december and was able to save my tube. My other side however has been removed from a tubal in 1999. I am 31 years old and wonder if it is worth it to keep trying?

Don't try to get pregnant again, you will just keep having miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies. Stay on your birth control and get IVF whenever you are ready. It really sounds like you've been throwing caution to the wind about your reproduction, don't take anymore chances with losing your reproductive organs completely and pay the expense for IVF if you need to be pregnant and have your own baby that bad.  (+ info)

Would a tubal pregnancy show up on a test if that you take at home?

My wife had a tubal pregnancy a few years ago and now she is 7 days late. She does have a IUD in her. The docotor didn't take it out after that happend. We are just a little concern because last time she bled for days before I made her go to the ER. She has no pain at the moment but we are concern. Any help?

Sounds like the doctor should have taken it out if it was a concern. A tubal pregnancy would show up on a test, but if it is in the very early stages it wouldn't show up yet - the test usually tells you that it can only detect pregnancy once its at about 4 -6 weeks or somthing. Double check the test packet, and go to the doctor - pregnancy will show up earlier in a blood test.  (+ info)

What are some ways to tell if you are having a tubal pregnancy?

So I am about 7 and a half weeks pregnant and I have been getting these serious pains in my abdomen that hurt so bad that I will lie there and cry cause it hurts so bad! i was just wondering if there is any way to find out if it is a tubal pregnancy before i have to go to the doctor, or what a tubal pregnancy feels like. i will be going to the doctor but my appointment isn't until the 1st of August. And my husband thinks that maybe we should go to the emergency room, are these pains just normal, i talked to my sister and she said she had pains but never enough to make her cry for hours. Please just give me any information that you might know! Thanks!

Sharp, intense pain on one side, that does not go away.

Your doctor will probably suggest an ultrasound if it doesn't get better soon.

I also had horrible pains that made me cry and double over with my first child, and it was not ectopic, but if the pain fits the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, I would get an u/s ASAP.  (+ info)

How do you know if you are pregnant with a tubal pregnancy?

I had my tubes tied and was told that I could still get pregnant, but that it would be a tubal pregnancy. What I want to know is what the symptoms are? Do you still have a period? Also, do you have to have an abortion with a tubal pregnancy or can the baby grow full term?

Tubal pregnancy symptoms are usually a dull ache that turns into severe pain in one side (or more prominent in one side), lower abdomen, neck, shoulders and in your back, just below your shoulder blade. You don't have a period since the pregnancy hormone hCG is being released into your system, which stops menstruation, however you may have vaginal bleeding. Unfortunately, a tubal pregnancy cannot be brought to term, and it can be fatal to you if you attempt it. The fallopian tube will usually burst on it's own (generally around 8 weeks but it can go longer).

In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, they will surgically remove the fallopian tube and the ovary.  (+ info)

How long would it take until you know your safe from having a tubal pregnancy?

I spotted one time after a slightly strenuous activity and I was concerned. My sister had a tubal and I have been worried about my own pregnancy. If the bleeding only happened once and stopped immediately should I be worried?

If the spotting didn't stop then I would be concerned. I have had an ectopic pregnancy and there is a whole lot of pain associated with it. I actually had a lot of pain 5 or so hours before I started to spot. From what I read 6-8 weeks is about the longest you can go because the baby will get too big to be in the tube and you will feel it. Normally it's closer to 4 or 5 weeks when ectopics are discovered.   (+ info)

Does having a tubal pregnancy lessen your chances of having a normal pregnancy after wards?

I have a friends who had a horrible tubal pregnancy, resulting in having one of her falopian tubes removed.. She finally got pregnant again and now she is sure that the same thing will happen again. I'm just looking to hear other people's stories so I can give her some words of encouragement and lessen her worry.
Having a tubal pregnancy does actually increase your chances of having one again does it?
Having a tubal pregnancy doesN'T actually increase your chances of having one again does it?


It doesn't matter a bit. My cousin's wife had a first pregnancy that was tubal pregnancy which burst the tube, and she nearly bled to death. Pregnancies two, three, and four went fine, and she's now the mother of three healthy kids :-)  (+ info)

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