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Premenstrual syndrome, depression?

I'm having a very difficult time in my life right now. And for the last 3 months, I start to cry, feel VERY depressed 3 days before my period and through my period.

I was just wondering, if there is anything to make me feel normal? Maybe a tea or vitamins or anything else?

I'm not pro medication at all... when I can get far of them I do so...

But depend of your symptoms.... If they are really strong, You will maybe have to talk to you OB/GYN to ask if there's any medication you can take. Of course, I'm talking about anti-depression.

That doesn't mean that you are crazy ! Just that you hormones work weird in that period of your cycle. Sometime, this medication can help.

If your symptoms are mild. Just take care more of yourself In those period of time. Take a good warm bath, go WALK.. Walking is so good for a swing mood. ! and best.. BREATH and you know that it will go away in few days.

Good luck... ;) and, take care of yourself  (+ info)

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Cramps?

Last month before i started my period i started to have really bad cramps. i usually have cramps anyway but these were the worst i've had and they lasted almost a whole week before i started.

is this normal and will it happen again this month?

Everyone is different, and every period is different. My cramps are usually consistently bad and every once in a while I get a easy week. You might be opposite- every once in a while you might get a bad week.

If it continues and is unbearable see your gynecologist. When I got put on birth control to help with my ovarian cysts, it really helped with my cramps also! Maybe it would help you too : ) Plus it made my period a little bit lighter too!

For now- Advil, chocolate, a heating pad/hot water bottle/ hot rice pillow/etc, and a good movie to make you cry : )  (+ info)

have you ever got PMS(premenstrual syndrome)?

do you know how can it be treated? when you are angry for a week or more before the period starts!!!!!!!!!!!

  (+ info)

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) or Flu?

I started feeling sick, as in sore throat, stuffy nose, and watery eyes. But before I got a stuffy nose and watery eyes, My period came.

Could this be PMS? or a flu?

Actually, it is a little of both, your immune system lowers before your period.  (+ info)

Premenstrual Syndrome/Tension?

Hi Girls,

My period isn't due for another 7 days but I'm having severe PMT/PMS and also I've got cramping in my ovaries. Do you think I'll get my period sooner because of these symptoms?

Hi hun. Yes, unfortunately this is case of PMT. This is the bodies natural reaction to menstruation. Especially when girls are young, it can take many years for the symptoms to settle down, all the pain/cramps and mood swings eventually settle after around 7 years, but this doesnt apply to everyone. Try asking your mum what she was like with her periods when she was your age? You often find that mothers and daughters can be the same in that way, when the mother was a young woman. Any other symptoms that you experience though, which you feel arent related to your periods, make sure to have a chat with your doctor. Take care, anything else feel free to email me x  (+ info)

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) problems?

i'm 13 years old and haven't had my pms in about 2 months. i've had it like 3 or 4 times, but last time i had it, it was barely anything and after like 3 days it was over. what do u think about this? I'm not pregnant, i'm a virgin, so i'm not sure why this is. is it very uncommon or unusual?

uh yeah sweetie not having pms doesn't mean your pregnant or anything. really its nothing to worry about. pms is just hormones that come right before your cycle. if you don't have to deal with it you should be very happy. lucky you. most girls get no pms symptoms and some get crazy ones. my boyfriend told me one of his exes tried to kill him with her car while she was pmsing.  (+ info)

Premenstrual Syndrome Help?

My sister has PMS. but her symptoms are worse than a normal woman with PMS. This are her symptoms:

- Throwing up
- She feels weak
- Her Cramps are horrible!!!
- Whenever she sweats, she turns cold
- Fainting
- She goes to do #2 a lot and release gases.
- Hedaches before her period comes
- Pimples apear before her period
- Blood is not liquid and gets clogged.

I'm not sure about blood clogged - that should be checked but for everything else, i think it's dysmennorrhea not PMS, I had that sooo many times. What I do is that I take pain relievers or tylenol about 3 days before you're due. Stay away from acidic food and always drink water.  (+ info)

i've heard that another term for premenstrual syndrome is mad cow disease. any thoughts on this?

You must've heard that from a deluded male....

hope that made YOU laugh because it sure doesn't to any of the females you might be hoping to impress.....  (+ info)

Severe Premenstrual syndrome/tension- HELP!!?

Its coming up for that time again and i am DREADING it!! I came off the pill 14 months ago to hopefully have a baby at some point but noticed almost straight away the mood swings, anger, tearfulness, poor memory and concentration and also kind of delusional... Its getting worse every month and my husband and i had a chat about it- he says it's so bad that he genuinely has wanted to book into a hotel for a week to get away from me. I'm really horrible and sometimes i can't even remember it, it's horrible, like i am posessed or something! I also have vivid scary dreams and am aggressive in bed (not like that!)- if he snores or touches me in bed i get really angry and have even thought about hurting him. It's really awful.
Can't really see what the doctor will do but i am going to mention it to my gynae when i go in april.
Does anyone have any cures that have really worked for them? Need something, anything to help me get through the next week because i feel like crying just thinking about it.

Aww you poor thing (and your man!)...

Well, if you're thinking about having children, I guess you don't want contraception, so here is what I recommend:

* Reflexology the week before period
* Lavender oil - rub on pressure points, temples, wrists, neck, pelvis
* Oil of evening primrose in bath. Also lavender.
* Homeopathy
* Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Go to a herbal shop and tell the doctor your symptoms.
* Accupuncture
* Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Since you came off the pill over a year ago and if you don't have a clear plan of when you want to conceive, would it be worth going back on the combined pill? Yasmin is good for PMS.

**** EDIT ****

Just came across this page which give a variety of perspectives, plus a real pms website that can give more expert advice!!

http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2006/jul/30/healthandwellbeing  (+ info)

Please help, premenstrual syndrome woes?

I suffer from moderate to bad PMS problems.
I'm 20 years old and here are my symptoms.
*Breasts: For five to six days before I start menstruating my breasts become hard as rock (no exaggeration) and hurt. To top it off around the last two days of PMS my nipples seem to fill up with liquid and stick out. Basically, my boobs become like two tumorous masses that I fantasize about cutting off for about a quarter of the month.
*Face: I get severe and relentless acne during PMS time. The rest of the month my face spends clearing up only for it to break out again around that time of the month. I'd love to travel. Unfortunately, my once a month, week of puss and mountain cyst face keeps me away from adventure- or anything that might keep me away from privacy, warm running water and mirror.
*Emotion: For about three days I am insane, angry and believe I am too ugly for words.
*Balance, perception: For two days I become very dizzy and have difficulty concentrating. The room actually spins a bit. My balance is impaired throughout PMS and I, a normally graceful woman, look and feel a like clumsy circus bear.
*When my period finally comes around these things clear up immediately and are traded in for excruciating “cramps”. These are fine as long as I have a supply of pain killers. I only mention to menstrual cramps in case they are somehow related to the PMS which causes the real problems in my life.
Isn't this wonderful? I've been suffering from it for almost 10 years now.
Is this a nutritional problem, allergy, hormonal imbalance, incurable? What do you think?
Please try help if you can. Much appreciated and thanks for reading.

Calcium and Vitamin D seems to be the one thing that has the most research behind it in terms of reducing PMS.

Here is just one study I found on Google Scholar
http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/ftd/eem/2008/00000003/00000005/art00012  (+ info)

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