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I think i have a slight Prognathism, im 17 and would like to know what should i do about this? i can chew normally atm and its not noticble unless i bite down completely. I just worried it might become worse as i get older. So i just wanna know about it and the proce of a surgery if necesary as there is near to none informaion about this elsewere

I would recommend you get a consultation with an orthodontist. Depending on the degree of the prognathism, braces alone may be all you need to correct the problem. If surgery is necessary, however, you will need braces before and after the surgery which is why you need to start by seeing the orthodontist. The orthodontist will be the one to decide if a surgical approach is necessary.

Get an appointment soon!!!  (+ info)

How can you tell if you just have a big chin or Mandibular prognathism?

Whats the difference? How can you tell

Mandibular prognathism is when you close your teeth together nad the lower teeth cover up the upper teeth. A big chin is when you close your teeth the upper cover the lower which normal bite but you can notice that your chin is really foward.  (+ info)

If you have Mandibular prognathism, can you get braces?

Can you get braces before the surgury or do you have to just wait?

You would get braces before surgery to "decompensate", which means to put the teeth in the ideal position so that when the surgery is done, things fit together. Also, this helps correct the tooth positions which compensated for the prognathism.  (+ info)

how long is Mandibular prognathism surgery?

how long is Mandibular prognathism surgery
half an hour, or an hour ect...

It can last up to 2 and a half hour from start till finish.

That is from preoperative preparation till finish.

There ia also about 30 - 45 minutes of recovery period after that before the patient is taken moved to his / her room  (+ info)

How can my prognathism be measured? I've read that?

Blacks have it, much more so than others. I don't think I do, but I'd like to *know*.

You will know if you have it - are your teeth misaligned  (+ info)

Can you get prognathism by wearing braces?

yes if you have an abnormally large mandible or maxilla or abnormally small mandible or maxilla. if you do and the teeth come together to compensate for the discrepancy, then getting braces would straighten the teeth but allow for the discrepancy between the top and bottom jaws to be visable. so yes it could. but if your jaws meet up normally, then this would not be a prob. and if you do have abnormal size jaw ssmall or big, or orthodontist would point that out to you in the initial appointment. they would let you know that you have to go to see an oral surgeon also along with treatment to address furture treatment including going to the hospital for orthognathic surgery or correction of abnormal jaws to fit together properly. and the orthodontist would have everything lined up for the end result not for what is lined up now, but what your occlussion will be post surgery. does that help?  (+ info)

does T4A (trainer for alignment) help in case of prognathism?

because for now i cant afford to have braces so i use T4A for a mean time.

It will help to a certain degree.  (+ info)

my lower jaw protrudes more than my upper.I think it's called prognathism.can i do smtg 2 change it?

My dentist said dat repair would mean breaking a piece of my mandible and rearranging the teeth. It sounds scary. Isn't there any other way?


mandibular prognathism?

i have mandibular prognathism and i would like to know at what age can i get the operation for it ?

I had that surgery when I was 20.....I think they like you to be past puberty.

Does it hurt? Um....yes, but no pain no gain.

It's worth it....boosts your confidence to have a normal jaw.  (+ info)

Mandibular Prognathism and insurance...?

I am nineteen years old, I just got braces put on this past Tuesday.My mom and I are paying out of pocket for my braces, treatment, etc. None of my dentists (including my orthodontic surgeon who extracted my four wisdom teeth) have ever said that I have mandibular Prognathism but I personally believe that I do. My question is: Does anyone know if either United Concordia Federal of United Healthcare Federal cover any type of cost if I wanted to get the surgery to fix my mandibular prognathism?

During your consult, the orthodontist should have outlined the treatment in detail for you. If you have "prognathism," I'm sure he has it covered. That's his SPECIFIC job, to correct your bite relationship including teeth, jaws, TMJ, profile. Feel free to ask him more questions. Sometimes he may not go into details because patients don't understand info over their heads. Most patients just trust he'll do what he professionally needs to do. Ask him specifically about the prognathism that concerns you. Class III malocclusion is when lower jaw juts out beyond the upper teeth, if that is what you have. He will explain your options and his considerations.
Many insurances cover adult orthodontics, as it is not just cosmetic work when trying to protect your TMJ, teeth and bone. For surgical procedures, it can sometimes be covered under your medical insurance instead of dental insurance. Good luck!  (+ info)

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