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How common is it for people to have an overbite/underbite?

I am curious as to how many people some would think have this trait? I have prognathism which is a slight underbite and it has never really been noticable. I was always curious to see others with the condition and out of my life I don't think I have ran into more than a handful of people with it. In my younger years I did notice others with overbites that seemed to go away with age.

Both underbites (class III jaw relation) and overbites (class II jaw relation) are present in people to different degrees.
Overbites are more common, and many children have an overbite look to their profile or side view that improves as they get older and the lower jaw grows.
These tendencies are hereditary, so usually the father or the mother has a similar bite.
Hope this helps
Carlos Boudet, DDS
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what is facial prognathism?

muzzle like face  (+ info)

Im16 yrs old,i have mandibular prognathism, id like to know the price for surgery and at what age i can takeit

A friend of mine in high shool had something similar but he was older - about 23-25 when he had surgery. You may have to wait a few years until you have stopped growing to have that surgery or it may be correctible while you are still growing. My advice is to call around to orthodontists about treatment - he/she could refer you to a maxilofacial surgeon. Good Luck!  (+ info)

Is it safe to do oral surgery in Tijuana, Mexico?

I have a prognathism problem and my dentist told me i need to have an orthognathic surgery. It cost about $25,000 here in CA, while in Mexico it only cost about $5,000. I can't afford it here. Is it ok to get it done in Tijuana? Is it safe? Do you guys know any good oral & maxillofacial surgeon in Tijuana?

Yes, as long as the office is clean, and nice, I don't see why not.
But if you can, get a recommendation.

Just to let you know, there are universities in Mexico, so people such as dentists have diplomas. I suggest you people get your facts right before you judge.  (+ info)

What kind of dental pathology is this?

My upper dental arch overlaps the lower one by about 3 mm in the front and my chin is about an inch or 2.5 cm away from my neck. Do I suffer from a dental pathology? If so is it prognathism?

If I'm getting the dimensions right, it sounds like retrognathia or possibly micrognathia. (lower jaw is excessively "deficient" in its formation). Prognathic is the classic bulldog look. Sometimes you can have a surgical intervention in either case.
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is teeth important for a flight attendant?

I would like to become a flight stewardess but my teeth is my biggest concern. I have false maxillary prognathism. Will it affect me of becoming a flight attendent.

It shouldn't as long as your speech is clear enough for the passengers to understand. If your case is severe there is always dental surgery that can help.  (+ info)

Where can i get free or low cost Orthognathic surgery?

I have a prognathism problem. I would like to get it fixed but it'll cost me $25,000 here in CA. I don't think there's any dental insurance that will cover it. Where should I go?? Help!!!

Hello, your options are very limited. My best suggestion is that you contact the "Out Patient Clinic" of the nearest Dental College...While the Clinic may not itself provide the surgical procedure you need as a regular service, it's possible that the dental professor that teaches Oral/Facial reconstruction procedures might want to use you as a teaching tool and do your surgery while allowing dental college students to watch the procedure and observe your recovery over the following weeks. It's certainly worth checking in to. You may find yourself the recipient of free dental services.  (+ info)

Should I have a jaw operation or not?

I have mandibular prognathism (though my dentist has never specific ly said this to me) and my top set of teeth is pretty mucked up ie with some gaps and some slighlty out of position teeth. Now I am almost certain that I am going to get a brace to correct the top set of teeth however without a proper bite im not sure if they will stay that fixed. I am 18 so i have stopped growing now and i have the option of jaw surgery to cut a bit of the jaw out of the back of my mouth to give myself a better bite (and also hopefull to look better), however its quite major. I also think I have a mild case of Temporomandibular joint disorder as i get clicking when opening and moving my mouth about though it doesnt hurt. If I chose to have the operation then the braces would be free. There are apparantly some risks to having the surgery such as nerve damage and I am currently unsure what to do. What do people think i should do... anyone else been in this situation? what did you do and was it worth it?

i would go for it. i'm going through something similar, which i need jaw surgery to move my lower jaw forward. They are going to hold it together with plates. It sounds strange but i think you'd be happy with the results. I have a year of braces to go before i can get it done but i def. want it done. Just make sure u get a surgeon who has done surgery like this before. You should be fine. Good Luck.  (+ info)

what kind of doctor does surgery to correct mandibular problems?

like mandibular prognathism

a Maxillofacial Surgeon  (+ info)

answer this please for 10 points?

my chin is pointintg to the right and it's noticeable, a doctor told me once when i was 15 that my mandible just grew more in the right side and now my face looks all messed up, i don't know what i have but i look like someone with mandibular prognathism with my chin pointing to the right. Please tell me what doctor, the surgical procedure and about how much do these operations cost, i swear i'll give 10 points to the best answer

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