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Is SAW PALMETTO effective for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (bph) or enlarged prostate?

I have this illness and is planning to take saw palmetto but I'm not sure if it is effective.

There is quite a lot of data in respected literature regarding the efficacy of Saw Palmetto Berry (Serenoa repens) in the treatment of BPH. I would recommend you take a jaunt on pubmed and see for yourself.

The key influence of Serenoa is the inhibition of an enzyme that converts regular testosterone into an extremely powerful form that generally is not supposed to last very long in your system. This powerful form of testosterone is responsible for enlarging the prostate and probably has a hand in prostate cancer. It also is the culprit in a lot of male pattern hair loss. Why is that strong hormone sticking around longer than it should? We think it's because of the Western diet -high in red meat and junk. Our livers are responsible for neutralizing that strong hormone and when they are taxed with all the junk and extra hormones of our modern diets they cant keep up. In Western cultures -esp US, we expect about 50% of men over the age of 40 to have this condition.

When you do the research you'll see the tremendous science -but, you will also notice recent snipey reports trying to debunk it. This is from the pharmaceutical industry which is trying to push flowmax, proscar, cadura, avodart, etc......
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Is there a difference between an ordinary orgasm and an orgasm by prostatic massage?

i tried doing both at the same time.. it's a whole lot better doing the simple one alone.  (+ info)

what is the prognosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia?

for how long would the person live after the surgical procedure and is there a chance for the disease to reoccur again? pls help me..

The prostate does increase in size as a man gets older. Sorgery is unlikely to affect the length of his life.
The benefits of surgery are long lasting, but because only part of the prostate is removed, some men may eventually need another operation.
Surgery usually offers relief from BPH for at least 15 years. Surgery for BPH leaves behind a good part of the gland, so it is still possible for prostate problems, including BPH, to develop again. However, only 10 percent of the men who have surgery for BPH eventually need a second operation for enlargement. Usually these men had the first surgery at an early age.  (+ info)

What are the harmful effects from small benign neoplasms arising from endocrine organs on the patient?

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What is the impact on ones health due to regular loss of prostatic fluid which keeps oozing with erotic ideas?

There is totally no impact on your body and health at all
Rest assured
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What is the best medicine for Chronic Prostatitis and Prostatic Fluid Secretion all over the time?

Patient: The best medicine is one that works for you. What do you mean by the prostatic fluid secretion all over the time? It is nothing unusual as i have prostate fluid leakage most of the time. Try prostate massage, i find it helpful. I have had chronic trouble since 84. Good Luck steve  (+ info)

term used to describe benign neoplasms made up of neurons and nerve fibers is a?

need some help with my h.w.


In the foot, check out this site...
http://www.footphysicians.com/footankleinfo/mortons-neuroma.htm  (+ info)

When can a tumor be non-cellular or non-neoplastic? And how can some neoplasms be cell free?

So basically, I've got a bio midterm tomorrow, and so in the process of studying, I realized I completely don't get that! Even my bio friends are like, what....? So if ANYONE can help us out here, that would be fantastic! Thanks!

The word tumor is defined (in Answers.com) as "An abnormal growth of tissue resulting from uncontrolled, progressive multiplication of cells and serving no physiological function; a neoplasm." So your teacher is playing with semantics here.

The only way a "mass" could be non-cellular would be if it were cystic - - a contained area of fluid. We see this with some ovarian tumors which may be benign or malignant. The benign ones are ovarian serous cystadenomas or mucinous cystadenomas which can be quite large tumor masses. These do contain cells however in the membranous sacs surrounding the fluid
http://www.mypacs.net/cases/MUCINOUS-CYSTADENOMA-OVARY-857115.html  (+ info)

Males suffering from prostatic disease often have symptoms associated w/ the urinary system.?

Why would this be happening?

Basic anatomy. The ureter passes through the prostate. If the gland is swollen, there's a stricture around the ureter.  (+ info)

I am suffering for prostatic cancer for more than 6 years, I have read your website about medicine Colloidal s

how much the amount of this medicine? can I buy this medicine here in Cagayan de oro city? Do I need to consult my doctor regarding this medicine before taking it?

yes talk to your dr before you do that. ask him if its ok to try the stuff you want and that you just want to do all you can to get better.. good luck  (+ info)

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