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Does anyone get regular tooth infections but are not related to bone loss?

I keep getting infections & keep getting my teeth extracted, mainly because the root canals, crowns etc are unsucessful, but this doesnt mean i have things like peridontital desease do i?

Periodontal disease is caused from bacteria. This results from inadequate care of the gums. Having teeth extracted is a result (usually) of infection of the tooth itself. This infection can be within the tooth (pulp) or at the root of the tooth under the gumline.

Have you had a regular dental exam with a complete set of x-rays lately? That is the only way to know for sure. If you're seeing your dentist on an emergency (or only when you are in dire pain) basis only, then chances are your gums might need a healthy cleaning.

Don't give up hope...go see your dentist. It's never too late to try to improve your hygiene.  (+ info)

Can dry lips and eye infections be related?

I have recently been suffering from horrible dry lips so bad I have looked like I am drinking fruit punch. In the past four weeks I have had three eye infections. I haven't spoke to a doctor yet, but I am wondering if they could be some how related. I have never had dry skin and do live in an area that has very cold dry winters. I have also never had a problem with eye infections....

Does anyone have any thoughts

yes go to the doctor  (+ info)

how common is chemotherapy related infections on cancer patients?

how some people who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment and get infections becuase of white blood cells droping. how easy is to pick up an infection what is the common way that people get infection like neutropenic sepsis?

I am also in the leukemia boat as the child of the first poster. Leukemia patients are neutropenic for far longer than most other patients, and therefore naturally get more infections.

However, while neutropenic, it is incredably easy to get an infection. You have to be very very strict with your hygiene. Constant hand washing, dailly baths and bed linen changes, do not reuse towels or clothing without washing, do not share towels or clothes, make sure the house is clean and someone else needs to be doing that cleaning. Pets need to be clean, and you shouldnt clean up after the pets. And then of course the neutropenic diet - no fresh/raw fruits or veggies, all meats must be cooked to temp, no fresh anything from the garden, no honey and definatly not the comb, and all dairy needs to be pasturized. You should not be around anyone else who is sick. If your care giver is sick, then you need to call your doc and get admitted (if you need a care giver, and most patients that sick do). You should not be around anyone who has had a live vaccine within two weeks (typically babies) and being around children other than your own is debatable, sometimes being around your own is debatable as most bacteria and viral infections are passed around through the kids at school/day care. Most patients are also instructed to wear gloves and a face mask while outside of the isolation area - either out of your room at the hosp, or out of your house at home.

I have had several infections while neutropenic, but again, leukemia patients are neutropenic more often and a lot longer.

I did go into septic shock with one infection. I had bad diareah, and had rubbed a raw spot on the anal opening. In my sleep, some of the diareah seaped out (I know its gross, but most things with cancer are gross). The raw spot by that point was an open wound. I woke in the middle of the night with a 102 fever, was in the hospital 45 mins later, and was on life support in the ICU an hour after that.

I made it through, but it was touch and go for a while.

The most common way people get infections while neutropenic is not washing hands enough, violating that neutropenic diet, and being around someone else who is sick, and not calling at the first signs of infection like a fever. It is extremly important to check your temp frequently, even if you feel fine. The rule of thumb is that if your temp is 100.5 or above, you need to call the doc.  (+ info)

are Leukocytes in urine only related to urinary infections?

i dont have any. just wondering. the wiki site says that dead white cells come out in your urine, but other people say that its only the dead white cells from urinary tract infections or yeast infections etc. and that you have to get a blood test for other infections.

1)kidney infection

Normal range is probably less than 10/ul. If it goes over this value, there may be infection.  (+ info)

Why do many people take antibiotics for illnesses that aren't related to bacterial infections?

Dr. K that's not culture. It's called stupidity.

I wish I knew the answer to this one because we are creating a host of resistant bacteria from ordering antibiotics where there is no bacterial infection, such as when people demane antibiotics for a cold. Only those who are in danger of developing a secondary bacterial illness from a cold, should be on antibiotics - such as an asthmatic prone to bronchitis or pneumonia. Physicians truly need to stop ordering antibiotics so freely and patients need to learn the disaster they are creating by asking for them. Great question! Wish there were a great answer.  (+ info)

Are urinary tract infections and premature ejaculation related?

This morning my girlfriend went to the doctors and they confirmed she had a bladder infection... and as we have both been peeing way to often lately i assume i have it as well... but recently i've only been able to last about 5 minutes in bed... down from my usual 20 - 30 minutes! are these related in any way?

abseloutly no!

but, i have some tips for Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies.
1. Mix in half a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of 7 ounce water
2. Drink more water than usually
3. Try to drink Blueberry and Cranberry Juice
4. Controlling diet
5. Wear the cotton underwear,

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good luck! :)  (+ info)

How is hypoglycemia related to gastrointestinal infections?

  (+ info)

are yeast infections related to periods?

this is the 2nd time withing 3 months that my girl has had a yeast infection within in one week of coming on her period. are yeast infections and periods related in any sort of way?
oops, spell check within***

sometimes they can be - but not necessarily.

Yeast infections are caused by a higher than normal yeast level in that area. It tends to grow there because it's dark, warm, and moist. The balance of yeast and bacteria and all the stuff that is normally present can be upset by any change in the vaginal area.

Sometimes the hormone changes caused by PMS can upset the balance. Also, sometimes women will douche during their period, and some theorize that douching washes away the good bacteria that is there to fight the yeast.

Too much friction with not enough lubricant can cause it too... so maybe if her hormones are causing her to be dry, that could also be an indirect relation.

Good luck.  (+ info)

Is Hpv warts and yeast infections related?

I was just wondering if you have hpv warts, can that also trigger a yeast infection and Bacterial Infection too, becuase it may cause a change in you vagina PH?

just wondering if anyone had this problem ??

  (+ info)

Identify and describe three of the more common opportunistic infections related to acquired immunodeficiency?


1.Thrush is an oral yeast infection.
2.Karposi's Sarcoma is a cancer most commonly found in middle aged Mediterranean men. It consists of skin eruptions & sores.
3.Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) caused by the jiroveci fungus. It is among the most serious of the opportunistic diseases. Most peoples' immune systems protect them from getting PCP.  (+ info)

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