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Is acne strictly a cosmetic issue or could it lead to infections(non skin related) or other problems?

Yes, it could lead to ingrown hairs, therefore infections, if they were allowed to fester, etc. That and possibly emotional problems depending on the acne and the person.  (+ info)

what are the two most common infections related to sickle cell anemia?

pneumococcus infection and Haemophilus influenzae
osteomyelitis by salmonella is noted much more commonly than in general population but staphylococcus is still more common  (+ info)

Would anyone pls answer these questions? It's related to STDs and other infections,thanks?

I would like to know what types of STDs have a cure and which of them don't.
And also whether yeast infection has a cure or not,thanks in advance

  (+ info)

Having now had over ten years to 'save' the NHS why are people still dying of hospital related infections?

Johnson the Health Secretary now appears to have wakened up to the fact that the chief executive of a hospital trust has a responsibility to ensure that the highest possible standards of cleanliness are maintained in the hospitals that they are in charge of. If he and his predecessors had done the job which they were supposed to do but obviously were so incompetent at this problem would have been as rare as it is in Fench and German hospitals.
Jcontrol obviously didn't read the question otherwise he would have given an answer that indicated he had read it !.

What? You truly expect bureaucrats to do their job? LOL-you just made my day! ;-)=  (+ info)

My famiy and I are always getting sick with uper respitory infections, could this be mold related?

It definitely could... here's my experience. My husband and I lived in an apartment for about 14 months, and after about 6 months or so, mold started showing up everywhere on the walls. We could not keep it away. We would clean and scrub it away, and the next day, it would start to come back again... anyways, my husband, who NEVER gets sick, started to have a stuffy nose and cough up stuff all the time. I also started to have shortness of breath and my throat hurt a lot... this continued for months and months. We never suspected the mold. Anways, fast forward to us moving out of the apartments, and moving to a house. A clean house with no mold. We were amazed! My husband's symtoms cleared up within a week, and I started breathing easier within a few days. We realized it must have been the mold. Later we found out that the complex is being sued by residents for the huge mold problem there...

So yes, it could be related. Good luck!  (+ info)

Is sex related to yeast infections and UTIs?

I started having sex about 4 months ago, and now I have a UTI and a yeast infection... are these related? The nurse at my university seemed unclear and I want to know how to prevent this from happening again? What kind/how much sex can cause these, or can having sex cause UTI and yeast infections at all?
Also, I have the antibiotics, cranberry pills and the monistat... anything else I need?
Also, can my boyfriend get it, or could he have it too?

You should always pee after sex to clean out any bacteria that may have gotten into the urinary tract, also always wash up a bit to minimize yeast infections, etc. You can get yeast infections if your allergic to latex, or the spermicide on the condoms too, sometimes too much sex can cause it also. If thats the case try switching to a non spermicidal condom, or non latex if you can. The only way your boyfriend can catch it is if your having unprotected sex, or he goes down on you while you have the yeast infection, and if left untreated it can cause him a lot of probs. I had this problem, I was illergic to the condoms.. lol. Cleaning up afterwards really helps minimize the chances of it happening again.  (+ info)

Hiv related yeast infections?

Do all hiv related yeast infections occur in just the mouth and genial region?

No. Yeast infections are an opportunistic disease, meaning that they thrive when the immune system is already compromised.

Candida albicans is the general culprit for vaginal and oral (flush) yeast infections. Candida can also spread to the organs, however. In this case, it is called systemic candiasis.  (+ info)

What is the cause of bladder infections in women?

What is the cause of bladder infections in women?
Forgive me for sounding stupid(and maybe being stupid about this) but are frequent bladder infections related to intercourse?

Usually from bacteria going up the urethra, the same can happen in men. It can start as a UTI then develop into a bladder infection if it's not treated. It can be since bacteria is being passed around during se. But bladder infections are not considered to be an std since there are other ways then having sex to get one.  (+ info)

Can not bathing for a long period of time cause prostatitis, epidydimitis, or other infections?

Can the bacteria that cause prostatitis, epidydimitis, or other bladder/urinary tract/tube-related infections be introduced by not bathing enough? Can not cleaning the area down there cause such bacteria to be introduced to the internal stuff through the penis' slit?

yep, not as common in men but definately. lots of bacteria on the outside of our skin that doesn't get access to the inside because our skin is an amazing defense. but not washing can let bacteria get into your bodies easily, even through the smallest cuts.
sex is probably not a good idea either, unless your parter likes urinary tract infections  (+ info)

Fecese related to ear infections?

This may sound weird but for the past 3 years I have had a fetish with putting feces all over my face several times a day. I just cant break the habit and it turns me on a little so I just deal with it. Anyways I think yesturday when I was smearing it on, I got some in my ear and I woke up this morning with an extreme ear ache. Could this be related to the feces in my ear?

I unno but if you want ill poo in your ear............if it turns you on that much!  (+ info)

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