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Does Neosporin work on Pseudomonas skin infections?

I have an active skin infection which stained my underwear with blue pus; several Internet searches led me to believe that this may be caused by Pseudomonas aureoginosa, a blue-pus-producing bacteria. The doctor who saw me prescribed a mupirocin-related antibiotic to which (as I found out online) Pseudomonas is resistant. I have used Neosporin, so far with some success. Has anyone some knowledge about this?

drug of choice for pseudomonas aureoginosa is piperacillin with gentamycin or tobramycin.
mupirocin is used to treat gram positive organisms like staph. pseudomonas aureoginosa
is a gram negative rod. neosporin contains 3 antibiotics. one is effective against pseudomonas
but an injection or oral medication would be more effective than topical.  (+ info)

WIth people with atopic dermatitis, can you get antibiotic related diarrhea if prescribed an antibiotic?

I'm curious, can people with atopic dermatiis and are prescribed antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections on skin, get antibiotic related diarrhea??

If so, is it common?

  (+ info)

Are sinus infections ever associated with cracking joints?

I'm young. I know I have a chronic sinus infection, but now also all of joints are constantly cracking--like my sternum, hands and feet, hips, and jaw. Is it possible that these two things are related?

"Sinusitis is an condition consisting of infection or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, which may or may not be as a result of infection, from bacterial, fungal, viral, allergic or autoimmune issues. Newer classifications of sinusitis refer to it as rhinosinusitis, taking into account the thought that inflammation of the sinuses cannot occur without some inflammation of the nose as well (rhinitis). It is highly contagious.

Sinusitis may be passed from person to person by direct contact with an infected surface. Or it may be transmitted through the air. There is no cure.

For more info:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinus_infection  (+ info)

Can Zonegran cause Vaginal Bacterial Infections?

Taking for Epilepsy but keep getting Bacterial Infections that won't clear up. Are they related in ne way?

This is what I found on the web. I hope this helps you.. It doesn't say anything about Vaginal Bacteria.. Are you sexually active?

Use of ZONEGRAN was frequently associated with central nervous system-related adverse events. The most significant of these can be classified into three general categories: 1) psychiatric symptoms, including depression and psychosis, 2) PSYCHOMOTOR SLOWING, DIFFICULTY WITH CONCENTRATION, AND SPEECH OR LANGUAGE PROBLEMS, IN PARTICULAR, WORD-FINDING DIFFICULTIES, and 3) somnolence or fatigue.
please Email me if you have questions! [email protected]

I wanted to add something. i just read about a case where a young woman kept getting rashes, which turned into Vaginal Bacteria infects as a effect of this medication. Her dortor said it was an allergic reaction. she lived with it for over a year! It may be a good ideal to contact your dr!  (+ info)

Looking for a good dermatologist in Bangalore around Indranagar for general skin troubles/infections?

Not related to cosmetology. I have tried Manipal but it have been disappointing. Please help Thanks

ask for prof. jayakar thomas in the main hospitals of your city. he often comes to bangalore.  (+ info)

Boated Belly and belly blub related to yeast infections?

I was reading a magazine article about yeast (albacans was also a word used) and it talked about yeast being the cause of bloated belly. I am a 5 foot 9 and 130 pounds but my belly is larger than it should be and I believe it could be due to yeast. GNC had a supplement that would take care of it but I cannot seem to find it and asking the staff is like, well, similair to talking to my dog!!

it could be related to your diet. Cut out processed foods, fizzy sodas and sugars. You will see it go down. To jumpstart-the product they have at GNC is called colon-cleanse. It's a 3 week product that everyone recommends.  (+ info)

Yeast Infections and the college lifestyle?

I have never had a yeast infection before, but since I have come to college I have had two in the past three months. I hate them and they are extremely uncomfortable, what could be possible causes of this occurrence related to my college life? I am sexually active, I live in a co-ed dorm building and in a room with two other girls. I also have to use communal showers, toilets, etc. I shower everyday and I think I'm a generally clean person.

getting a yeast infection doesn't necessarily mean you are dirty! yeast is a natural bacteria in your body and only becomes "infection" when there is rapid growth...yeast loves a warm, moist environment that is why it is most common in women in the vaginal/anal area...

in any event, yeast infection can be caused by more than one thing - are you wearing your pants really tight? try wearing cotton underware with loose fitting pants (to let the area breathe). stress can also trigger a yeast infection as can an allergic reaction to nonoxynol-9 (most common in condoms), it can also be passed between partners who are unaware that they have it (remember it's naturally occuring in the body)

try some vagistat or cortisone and if the itching doesn't go away then get yourself the over-the-counter treatment - best to get the 7 day treatment because if you don't kill the yeast growth you can have a recurrent infection  (+ info)

I keep getting sick with various different types of infections. Could they be related?

Starting November '07 - I had strep throat for the first time - treated with antibiotics.

In January '08 - I had what felt like a sinus infection - never saw doctor

In March '08 I had Trichomoniasis- My partner and I were treated with antibiotics

In May '08 I had what felt like a horrible sinus infection - Never went to doctor

At the end of May '08 I had a Urinary Tract infection - treated with over the counter medicine

In June '08 I had my first yeast infection - Doctor had me take over the counter monistat.

September '08 - I had another yeast infection - treated with monistat again

In October '08 I found out I was deficient in B12, but since have been taking it and many of the symptoms that led to this diagnosis have disappeared. I assumed that was the cause of getting sick so frequently.

In late October I had the worst head cold ever and it could have been a sinus infection. I never saw the doctor.

In November I was diagnosed with another Strep B vaginal infection. It was treated with antibiotics again.

In early December I had a very strange thing happen and a lot of my lymphnodes swelled up horribly. I felt healthy except it was very painful and the doctor gave me some antibiotics. About 4 days into the antibiotics my throat got horribly sore and I felt like I had strep throat again. This lasted about 4 days and then the sore throat went away but I had a lot of chest and nasal congestion. I don't think it was an infection because the mucous drained but it was always clear. My lymphnodes remained swollen during all of this, but slowly went back to normal. The antibiotics seemed to have no effect on this and this whole episode lasted about 3 weeks.

Now I sit here very uncomfortable after taking a at home urinary tract infection test that came up incredibly positive.

So, I will call my doctor and get some more antibiotics. I just don't think it is good to take this many antibiotics. Is there something else that could be leading to all these illnesses. Can they be related? I realized that my gynecologist who treated the vaginal infections has no idea that I keep getting sinus infections, colds, etc. Then I realized my general practitioner has no idea about all the bacteria, UTI, yeast infections. I never really considered they could be related some how, so never thought to bring it up. I have had blood tests and the only abnormal thing was my B12 levels. I had horrible b12 deficiency symptoms which is what let to that diagnosis and I notice that even though they have pretty much disappeared, I feel them when I am sick. My joints start cracking, my arms start hurting, My legs cramp and my toes tingle. I can't concentrate and feel cloudy. I get better for a week and feel normal again, then some other illness comes along and I feel the symptoms again.

If the B12 deficiency was killing my immune system and leading to all these infections, than why hasn't my immune system gotten stronger by taking b12?

You should probably see an allergist/immunologist. My sister was really anemic and her immune system was shot and they gave her all these boosters. Crandleberry is a herbal liquid supplement that is proven very affective in strengthening immune system naturally. A mixture of two pieces of ground garlic, 2 tablespoons of honey, and shot of lemon juice is a good remedy and natural (less potent antibiotic).  (+ info)

Are gum infections and periodontal disease related to other health problems in the body?

One time I was listening to a radio show on how to increase how long you live. One tip they had was to floss on a regular basis. They said that when people get infections often throughout their body, the gums are the first to go. I thought to myself, "Correlation doesn't prove causation. Was it the gums that caused infections throughout the body? Or was it these people had an underlying infection already there that first showed up in the gums? Or is it that people with weaker immune systems who are going to get infections else where anyway, often also get gum diseases?" Then later on, or recently, I completed an online health questionnaire and it asked me how often I floss my teeth. I said once every few months and the results of the test basically said, "Naughty naughty! There may be some evidence that periodontal disease is related to health problems that arise in other parts of the body."
So I was wondering if periodontal disease is really related to other health problems? And if so, is there any evidence that it’s the gum/periodontal disease that is actually causing the health problems elsewhere? I brush my teeth using an electric toothbrush that both rotates and pulsates ($60 toothbrush) regularly, but don’t don't floss so often since I have a bridge and it takes a long time.

Our teeth are designed to last for a lifetime however there is an increase in number of people that wears dentures and those are usually the elderly. Tooth cavities and gum disease or periodontal disease are painful conditions that may lead to more serious and difficult dental health problem.

Anything that happens with your dental health there is an effect in your overall body health. If you have a gum problem or unhealthy mouth it overloads your health and your resistance to illness is decreases.

According to research there are several health problems associated with periodontal disease such as pancreatic cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart attack.

Studies proved that gum disease or periodontal disease is associated with pancreatic cancer. As one of the leading cause of death in United States. Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer that affects our pancreas and it is responsible for producing the digestive juices that break down our food and to prioduce hormones that control our blood sugar level,like insulin and glucagon.
There are also several health problems such as heart disease and stroke that studies proven to be associated with poor oral hygiene. According to research that men with gum diseases were more likely to develop pancreatic cancer and one possible reason for the association is that people with periodontal disease has increased levels of carcinogens and bacteria in their mouth that contribute in promoting cancer cells.
Preventing the growth of bacteria in the mouth is one way of preventing the development of other health problems. Extra care of oral health is beneficial. brush and floss regularly to prevent bacteria build up. regular visit to your dentist for professional cleaning and also to prevent certain oral health issues to occur.
to know more about periodontal disease and its implications and how to counter it visit http://www.oramd.ca  (+ info)

What are some ways of preventing infections in wrestling?

I am a 15 year old freshman girl and i am going to join my high school's coed wrestling team next year. I know that if you wrestle you can get certain infections.

1.) I want to know what are some of the different infections.

2.) Also I want to know how I can prevent myself from getting these infections.

3.) Why do wrestlers get these infections?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

good luck, wrestling is a tough sport.

1. The most common form of infection is ring worm. Then there are rare cases of herpes and impetigo. Those last two are rare. After 10 years of wrestling I knew maybe 6 total people to get either of those.
2. The best way of preventing those kinds if infections is to shower 2-3 times a day. I would shower in the morning, right after practice, and at night. ALSO check to make sure your wrestling coach is mopping the mats EVERY DAY before practice (or getting one of the wrestlers to do it). You will see more cases of these infections on unclean mats.
3. Wrestlers get these infections bc of the main reason above... not washing the mats and not washing their bodies. Basically a mat room can reach temperatures over 100 degrees, there is a lot of sweat, people are sweating on each other, and sometimes you get those certain people that dont shower too often so they can infect others.
-Again I wouldnt worry about it. Ringworm goes away after a couple weeks of putting tinactin or lotrimin on it and it doesnt itch or anything. Just keep your body clean and make sure you are showering w anti-bacterial soap.

Good Luck  (+ info)

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