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Can vitamin and protein deficiency be the cause of my depression?

Or is it the symptoms of the deficiency that is causing it? I have been feeling extremely tired, having trouble staying focused and just not thinking clearly, in addition to nightmares, crying, etc... I had some lab work done and I have several deficiencies to deal with B-12, D, iron, protein. Not sure if I should just try to deal with these and the rest will fall into place or if I should try treating depression at the same time.
I did see a doctor or I wouldn't have had the labs drawn and know what the problem is. But I don't think doctors are complete gods and think that sometimes they over treat people. I was kinda looking for a been there done that this is what worked for me advice.
Thanks to the rest of you who actually read my question. I just don't want to be over treating and get started on a medication that I will become dependant on if I don't need to. I am not taking any other medications at this time that could be causing the problems. I know what is the cause of my deficiencies I just thought that it was under control but apparently I am going to have to supplement my diet even more to compensate.

not getting adequate protein is a big problem; you need protein to make serotonin (i call it the 'happy hormone'). you would be surprised how much better feel when you are properly nourished. just treating the deficiencies will make you feel better but it may take a while. if you are severely depressed where it is interfering with your job and home life or if you are suicidal at all' treat the depression by all means! when your nutritional problems are under control, you can wean off the anti-depressants.

hope this helps!  (+ info)

How many people have you met with an actual protein deficiency?

I've met none. So weird that this protein deficiency thing is such a problem (according to people who have never researched veganism) yet I haven't met a single vegan with a protein deficiency. Maybe I'm just meeting the lucky ones. ;)

It is extremely easy to get adequate protein on a vegan diet and very rare for protein deficiencies to occur in places where people have access to a variety of plant foods. Protein deficiencies occur primarily in places where people don't have much access to food and they don't eat much variety (for example, they only eat rice).  (+ info)

Is it possible to get ascites from protein deficiency alone?

I'm familiar with ascites because I knew someone who had it. I've read that it can occur in people with protein deficiencies, in varying levels of severity in appearance. Is it possible for someone to develop ascites from a severe protein deficiency?

I realize this doesn't directly answer your question but may provide some insight. Ascites is commonly seen in chronic alcoholism.  (+ info)

What is a protein Z deficiency? What are the treatments? Can it cause a stroke in utero?

What are the risks for a pregnant woman who has a Protein Z deficiency?
Is there anything that can be done to reduce these risks?
Can a change in diet or nutrition help?
Can it cause a stroke in utero?

Please post references and qualifications when answering this question.

There is a protein C or S deficiency, both can cause blood clots. I have a clotting disease and my mother has a different one. I am close on line fiends with several people who are clotters. Here is a useful page, but as I do not know which it is, you will be on your own for further information.
I know people who have more than one clotting disorder. If there has not been a clotting event, then daily baby asprin is usually given. Often after a clot, Life long anti-coagulation treatment is needed. I am on Cumadin for life.
Best wishes  (+ info)

What the symptoms of Protein deficiency through different stages?

I mean mild protein deficiency?

Thank you.

In babies protein deficiency produces kwasharkor syndrome where they swell up and don't grow much. Older children simply don't grow much and adults don't heal well when they get injured.  (+ info)

Should a person with protein C deficiency take Plan B emergency contraception?

I know those with protein C deficiency aren't supposed to take oral contraceptives (birth control) because of the risk of clots. But what about plan B?

You could have the same issue. Plan B is one time, and should be used sparingly due to other complications, but that also means that you wouldn't be using it over a length of time like with the birth control pill. For things like this, you should always consult your doctor, or at least let them know what you are planning. That means if you find you need to take Plan B, inform your doctor. That way if complications do develop, they have a record they can look at, rather than trying to figure it out without a proper pharmeceutical history.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of protein deficiency?

Please give the details of Protein deficiency.........i would be very thankfull to you

same symptoms exhibited by vegetarians.  (+ info)

If I become a vegetarian, would I suffer from protein-deficiency?

I am planning to be a vegetarian but the only obstacle here is protein. I know beans and soy can provide you with proteins but is it sufficient?

MYTH: "Humans were designed to eat meat."

FACT: Although humans are capable of digesting meat, human anatomy clearly favors a diet of plant foods. Our digestive systems are similar to those of the other plant-eaters and totally unlike those of carnivores. The argument that humans are carnivores because we possess "canine" teeth ignores the fact that other plant-eaters have "canine" teeth, and that ONLY plant-eaters have molar teeth. Finally, if humans were designed to eat meat, we wouldn't suffer from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis from doing so. [more on this topic]
MYTH: "Vegetarians get little protein."

FACT: Plant foods offer abundant protein. Vegetables are around 23% protein on average, beans 28%, grains 13%, and even fruit has 5.5%. For comparison, human breast milk is only 5% (designed for the time in our lives when our protein needs are as high as they'll ever be). The US Recommended Daily Allowance is 8%, and the World Health Organization recommends 4.5%. [more on this topic, inc. chart]
MYTH: "Beans are a good source of protein."

FACT: There is no such thing as a special "source of protein" because all foods -- even plants -- have plentiful protein. You might as well say "Food is a good source of protein". In any event, beans (28%) don't average much more protein per calorie than common vegetables (23%). [more on this topic, inc. chart]
MYTH: "Meat protein is better than plant protein. You have to combine plant foods to make the protein just as good."

FACT: This myth was popularized in the 1971 book Diet for a Small Planet and has no basis in fact. The author of the book admitted nearly twenty years ago that she made a mistake (in the 1982 edition of the same book). [more on this topic]  (+ info)

What parts of the body are most affected by protein deficiency?

I think that question is quite self-explanatory; what parts of the body are most affected by a lack of protein?

The brain and muscles.  (+ info)

What are some emergency contraception options for people with protein C deficiency?

Is the morning after pill safe for protein C deficient people? If not, what is?

I'm not sure. However, if it's hormone interaction you're worried about, then you may be interested in having a copper IUD inserted. For up to 5 days after an unprotected incident, having one put in place will act as emergency contraception and has a success rate of (I believe) 99.9%. As a bonus, it will continue to function as birth control for up to 12 years after insertion (some people say 10, but it has been proven effective for 12), and can be removed at any time.  (+ info)

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