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Drinking Protein & Losing weight?

Is it good to drink a protein shake (muscle milk) while trying to lose weight?

I have a container or the powdered protein shake mix. I heard it is only useful if you're looking to build muscle mass, but will it help as a 'meal replacement' for losing weight?

protein shakes are for building muscle, not losing fat

they are not meant as meal replacements, they dont have the nutrients.

if ur not lifting weights dont bother with them, especially muscle milk. Muscle Milk is essentially a weight gainer.  (+ info)

kashi golean or special k lowcarb lifestyle high protein? losing weight.?

Kashi GoLean:

Special K Low Carb Lifestyle High Protein

which one is better for losing weight?

they are bolth good, but i personally like kashi  (+ info)

thinking I am needing more protein...losing too much weight?

I was once a size 32 waist for men...now I am a 29....but I also haven't bee working out but normally I should be a 32 if I am not working and eating a balanced diet...lately I have cut back on my work-out routine and my protein intake....I usually eat about 2000 calories a day......I am about five feet four inches tall and weight around 150 when I was a size 32 waist.....I use to eat two servings of chicken breast a day...now I eat one serving of chicken and replaced the first serving of chicken with eggs, milk and cheese (about 24 grams of protein which is about the same as the chicken portion).......I also eat a lot of wheat, oats, etc. that supply me with other amounts of protein, including veggies....I am thinking about adding a two ounce serving of chicken to my diet....is this too much protein? will this give me my weight back? technically a two-ounce serving isn't really a serving of meat, just half of it or 10-12 grams of protein......right now I am not working out....I am somewhat concerned that I have lost so much weight....I am thinking the eggs and dairy products are like "diet food" for my body
30 percent of my daily calorie intake comes from good fats....I am baffled that I have lost so much weight....has to be the egg/dairy diet

  (+ info)

Will a whey protein shake that sits in the fridge lose its effectiveness over time?

I'd like to make a whey protein shake "batch" where I make a gallon's worth and put it in the fridge to use for several days. Will the protein lose its effectiveness if I do this?

Also, any suggestions for what ingredients I could use that would not go bad over several days would be helpful. For example, I suspect a banana would not be a good choice, but honey, peanut butter, and skim milk would make for good ingredients that won't spoil?

I hate people like that who answer questions with a yup just looking for points shes a douche...anyway. Alot of whey protiens need to be consumed within about a halfhour of making it. SO over several day it will start to get very very foamy and disolve try making one protien shake and put it in your fridge for about 2 hours and then go take a look at it and tell me if youd drink it haha. so no its prolly not a good idea...what you could do is buy already made shakes like muscle milk in bulk but there pretty expensive.  (+ info)

How much protein does 100 g boiled soya chunks have does it contain L - arginine in it ?

Is protein lost after boiling if so how much is retained in 100g after boiling.CAN THEY BE CONSUMED DIRECTLY AFTER BOILING N DRAINING.

Nutrition Facts - Soya Chunks
Serving Size: 100g
Protein 54.2g 108%



Found this info for you:

"arginine is an amino acid, which is necessary for the body's production of nitric oxide that keeps the lining of the arteries healthy and elastic allowing proper blood flow to the heart"

"The protein or any other nutrient in granules and chunks is not lost on washing them or by throwing away the water in which they are soaked"


Nutrela - High Protein Soy chunks
Nutrional Information
Approximate composition per 100g
Energy value 336 k cal
Protein 54.2 g
Fat 0.4 g
Carbohydrate 28.9 g
Calcium 533 mg
Iron 21.2 mg

Soya specifications
Technical Data (Nutrient Composition) for Nutrela

a) Essential Aminoacids Present:
Lysine, Methionine, Cystine, Threonine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine,
Tryptophane, Histidine, Valine.
b) Vitamin Present:
Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Hydrochloride, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid.
c) Mineral Content:
Calcium Content 0.20%
Iron 0.008%
Magnesium 0.27%
Phosphorus 0.58%
Potassium 2.80%
Sodium 0.02%
(Vitamin and Mineral contents comply with Indian and International Standards)

d) Product Composition:
Protein (on dry basis) 53 55%
Fat 0.8%
Moisture 8%
Crude Fibre 15%
Carbohydrates 33.5%
Ash 6%
Calories (g/100g) 290

http://sikhinspiredfitness.forums-free.com/nutrela-high-protein-soy-chunks-minichunks-granules-t368.html  (+ info)

are whey protein pancakes any good for a low carb diet ?

I have a recipe for pancakes made out of whey protein powder, but I've heard that whey protein loses its muscle building properties when heated.

so, are these protein pancakes really good for low-carb/high-protein diet ?

Yummy protein cakes!!! They have a wide variety of options: blueberries, bananas and walnuts, apple and Cinnamon, Chocolate chip. Try using organic pancake mix (costco) add your required protein amount and mix away>> Good luck!!  (+ info)

does whey protein lose its power if i take it out of its container and ist is not properly sealed?

As long as it doesn't get infested you should be ok for a while, but like all food... it will go bad eventually. Maybe put it in a zip lock bag instead.  (+ info)

Drinking protein shake?

I bought a weight gainer to gain muscle mass.
Just wondering,if i make the protein shake and bring it with me to the gym,is it still good to drink?
I heard the protein loses the ability to give you required protein or something.

Also is it best to work on the same body part llike chest day 1 arms day 2 repeatedly with protein?

Yes it should be good still, it takes a few hours for protein to get broken down by water. What i do is mix it at the gym in the water fountain.

Its best not to work like that no. Better to do upper body one day lower the next, or push one day pull the other day.

Yes alwasy take your weight gainer after your workouts  (+ info)


Yes, you do need help. Ask your Master.  (+ info)

Do raw egg really help build muscle?

Is it the entire egg? Or just the egg white?

Why does it have to be raw? Are the proteins lost when you cook it?

Please only answer if you know what you're talking about.

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