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How long after the hpv shot can symptoms of Bell Palsy occure.?

My daughter is a month away from takeing her third shot for hpv. She within the last two days has developed Bell Palsy, almost over night. It seems.

I don't know what HPV is but there is a condition that can (rarely) be caused by the chickenpox virus that mimics Bell's Palsy.  (+ info)

Is there a foundation to help my sister who has Cerebral Palsy?

My sister who is 40 years old and has had Cerebral Palsy since birth, this is a women who can make you smile and has a great sense of humor but has gotten to a point in her life where she does need help to even move now. She doesn't have much money and is on Social Security is there a foundation to help her to be able to get help of any kind?


would you vote for a contest with my grandson who has cerebral palsy?

My grandson has Cerebral Palsy and I put him into a contest with my daughter.She has him in so much she is non-stop busy with him.She's is in school too.They all need a break.I didn't put in that he's having surgery on both feet next month.I know other people have it bad too.

  (+ info)

Can Bells Palsy be caused from an absessed tooth?

I was told today that I have Bells Palsy.. Over the last two weeks I had an absessed tooth that was very painful, it stopped hurting. Than four days ago my tongue went numb on the right side, than my right side of my mouth, than my right eye and nostril.. I am wondering if it is from my tooth? The tooth is on the right side!

If you had an abscessed tooth and did not get treatment for the infection then you might have inflamation in the nerve now that is causing the Palsy. You should see your dentist and your Dr. again so that infection can be treated befor it goes into the jaw bone. If you thought the abscess was painful ....  (+ info)

Does anyone know if cerebral palsy and epilepsy can be related?

I have cerebral palsy and epilepsy, both of which have caused various other problems; like sciatica, arthritis, asthma, anxiety, hypersensitivity, occasional aphasia, sensory integration disorder, ADD, and dyscalculia. I have noticed that many adults with cerebral palsy whom I have talked to have epilepsy or some sort of seizure disorder, as well as one or more of the additional disorders mentioned. Are these two main disorders intertwined? Can anyone relate?

Cerebral palsy is the result of some sort of insult to the central nervous system in utero, during birth, or during early infancy.

Epilepsy is not much different. It occurs because the brain is miswired so that the electrical signals can start jumping out of control. The miswiring can occur because of a developmental mistake, or it can occur while recovering from an injury to the brain (a stroke, for example).

We may not be able to see anything different on imaging (CT or MRI), but we know that ultimately both are the result of a physical abnormality in how the neurons are wired together in the brain.  (+ info)

Can someone help me on my Cerebral Palsy paper?

So I have this Genetics paper due tomorrow on Cerebral Palsy. I have most of it done. I just need a closing paragraph. It has been very difficult finding information because technically CP may or may not be genetic.

Could someone give me ideas or an outline of what I could write?

check out this site! www.webmd.com Hope it helps  (+ info)

Where is the best place to live in Florida for someone who has cerebral palsy?

I'm 22 years old and I have cerebral palsy and I won't to move from Tennessee to Florida.But I was told that the only way that I could live out on my own was that of I would have to live in a assisted living program I was wondering.What are the best places in Florida for people like me to live?Thank you for your help.

my favorite place in florida would be on the gulf coast side across from miami, its usually warm there year round,,find a small town in that area with assisted living and go for it,  (+ info)

Is it advisable for a man with OCD to marry a woman with Cerebral Palsy?

Is it advisable for a man with OCD to marry a woman with Cerebral Palsy (mild, affecting leg alone) considering the health of the offspring they would produce?

there is no reason at all why they can't get married. as for any children born, cerebral palsy is normally caused by problems giving birth like lack of oxygen to the baby. and OCD stems from anxiety, so none of these are hereditary and as long as they are happy go ahead.  (+ info)

What are some of the things to expect when going out with someone with cerebral palsy?

Someone suffering from cerebral palsy (partial brain damage)does not scare me but the challengings that comes along. How to cope and how to deal with them in a relaltionship. Eg. clumsiness, learning difficulties and all the other general shortcomings.

Any information will help. Thanks a lot

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My cousin has cerebral palsy and wants to know if he is able to have kids or not?

He's got a mild case of it and has had many surgeries. Can he have kids or does cerebral palsy make him unable to?

People with many disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy can have children.  (+ info)

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