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What is the likelihood of acquiring Bell's Palsy?

So today, I visited my grandfather, and when I came home I found out he had Bell's Palsy and also learned that it is transmitted by a virus. What are the chances that I acquired it within my two hour stay?
I am 17 by the way.

They believe that Bells Palsy could be caused by the cold or flu virus. It developes as a secondary condition so there is no way that you can catch Bells Palsy from your grandfather. However you might could catch the cold or flu if that is how it started with your grandfather.

There are other factors that may cause Bells Palsy such as diabetes and even things like lyme disease. Pregnant women are in a high risk group to acquire this as well. There is even some belief now that a type of herpes virus can cause Bells Palsy.

Ive written a few articles on Bells Palsy. Why dont you check them over. Dont worry ... no chances of you catching it. :-)




Hope your grandfather is back to normal soon.

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Anyone ever been an aide to someone with cerebral palsy?

I will be a morning/get ready person for someone with cerebral palsy this upcoming fall. I'm a bit nervous, because it's the first job I've had that's so one on one and I don't have any experience with people with CP. I've read up on it, but I'm not sure what to expect.

I know CP comes with varying degrees of challenges, but I'd like to be prepared so that I'm not caught off guard and everything goes smoothly.

Does anyone havae words of advice or can share their experiences?

What is particularly challenging and how do you handle it?

I've never been an aide to someone with cerebral palsy but I have spent time with one. This was when I was in 8th grade. The kid was the same age as me but his speech was slurred and hard to understand. He asked me once how old i was and I had to ask him to repeat it several times.
From my perspective, the kid's development was somewhere in the pre-school area. He asked me a lot of questions that pre-schoolers ask.
Also this kid was quite gullible making him the center of a lot of teasing.  (+ info)

Can someone with Cerebral Palsy produce children?

My boyfriend has cerebral palsy and we both want children when we get married. I tried looking this up online but it didn't tell me anything. And I was wondering if a person with CP can ever have children?

yes, my mother had CP and there were no complications, ive always understood that CP is not passed on to children as well. Good Luck!  (+ info)

would hyperbaric treatment help a forty seven year old man who was born with cerebral palsy?

My good friend has Cerebral Palsy and it causes him to have very poor balance as well as a speech impediment. I have just recently heard of hyperbaric treatment and I wonder if it is too late for him or could he regain balance and better speech control. Anybody with experience in this?

I had HT after a double transplant, because I developed an infection that would not heal, a common occurrance after immunosuppression begins. It required a doctor's order, basically saying that HT was the only thing that would save my ankle. It is incredibly healing, but mine lasted 60 days and some treatments take longer. The chamber was warm and stuffy, a little claustrophobia-inducing, but I was able to watch TV, which helped alot. More and more hospitals and centers have HT, but some people have to travel a distance to obtain treatment. My personal opinion is that if a doctor recommends it, it is worth the time and commitment. I also think he is one very lucky guy to have such a caring friend! Good for you!!  (+ info)

Is it possible to get Bells Palsy if you don't have a viral infection?

I was recenlty diagnosed with Bells Palsy, but I don't have a viral infection or herpes. But it says most of the causes of it are herpes, or a cousin of it like the chicken pox virus. Is this possible if I don't have herpes to get this? Thanks for letting me know.

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Getting pregnant by someone with several palsy could cause your child to have several palsy?

i like a guy alot who have a minor case of several palsy. he tends to shake alot when doing things with his hands and stuff...so later on, if we decide to have kids, will they most likely come out with several palsy also? what's the chances?

Cerebral (not several) palsy is NOT genetic. It is the result of brain damage. So the chances of having a child with cerebral palsy are the same whether a parent has it or not. My cousin has it and his was caused by lack of oxygen during birth. No one else in our family, including his brother and sister, has cerebral palsy.  (+ info)

Can anybody please tell me about best treatment for Erb's palsy?

My 8 years old son is suffering from Erb's palsy in left arm. Extension movements in elbow and shoulder are very poor. So can anybody tell me best treatment for nerve injury.

I am a doctor..

The treatment of Erb's paly can be divided into 2 categories..
Non surgical and Surgical...

Nonsurgical Treatment

Because a baby cannot move the affected arm alone, it is important that parents take an active part in keeping the joints limber and the functioning muscles fit. Daily physical therapy and range of motion exercises, done as often as possible during the day, begin when the baby is about three weeks old. The exercises will maintain the range of motion in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. This will prevent the joint from becoming permanently stiff, a condition called a joint contracture.

Surgical Treatment

If there is no change over the first three to six months, the doctor may discuss exploratory surgery on the nerves to improve the potential outcome (prognosis). Nerve surgery will not restore normal function, and is usually not helpful for older infants. Because nerves recover very slowly, it may take several months, or even years, for nerves repaired at the neck to reach the muscles of the lower arm and hand.

Many children with brachial plexus injuries will continue to have some weakness in the shoulder, arm, or hand. There may be surgical procedures that can be performed at a later date that might improve function.

The doctor will discuss the various treatment options and make a specific recommendation based on each child's individual situation. Do not hesitate to ask questions. There is much that parents can do to help ensure a good return of function.

Children are very adaptable. Parents should be supportive and encouraging, focusing on what the child can do. This will help a child develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and compensate for any limitations in function.

Feel free to write to me for more information..  (+ info)

What does it mean to have Cerebral Palsy?

How does having Cerebral Palsy make people different that other people?

What does it mean to have it?

It doesn't, really. We're like everyone else.

I have it.

Well, I guess it depends on how severely someone gets it. My case is fairly mild, and it only affects my walking. I have an awkward gait, and my muscles tighten up. It also depends on the type someone has. There are several different types someone can have. I have Spastic Diplegia (no, that doesn't mean I'm a "spazz". lol), meaning I have tight muscles, and my CP mostly only affects my legs. 70 or 80 percent of people with CP have this type.

CP is basically a brain injury to the cerebellum part of the brain. It can occur due to brain bleeds, lack of oxygen, etc., and usually occurs at or before birth, though sometimes you can get it due to brain injury later on in life. I am a triplet, born 3 months early, so that might have played a part in why I got it, but no one really knows for sure.

With more severe cases of CP, one can have trouble eating, talking, swallowing, etc.,etc.

Currently, there is no cure for CP, but I go to physical therapy to help loosen up my muscles and improve my walking. Also, I find that determination and hard work, above all, helps the most. My parents were told that I'd be in a wheelchair for my entire life, but I've been walking since the age of 2 1/2. :-)

I don't think Cerebral Palsy makes me very different from other people. It gives me more of a challenge than most, but I'm always up for a good challenge, and I can do everything that anyone else my age can do, I just have to try a little harder to accomplish it.

Again, though, I'm lucky to only have it mildly. People with severe cerebral palsy often never walk, never talk, etc., so that could affect their life a lot.

If you know someone with Cerebral Palsy, try to treat them like everyone else. I hate being excluded or asked, "Why do you walk 'weird'?" I enjoy a great life even with my CP. I have plenty of friends, I get all A's in school, and most of the time, I just forget about my condition and enjoy being a kid. :-)

I hope I answered all your questions!

Here's a link if you want more in-depth info about CP.
http://www.cerebralpalsysource.com/  (+ info)

Can i have babies even though i have cerebral palsy?

I'm a guy with cerebral palsy and i would like to have babies one day,is that possible?

It should not affect your ability to have children :)  (+ info)

Is it possible for wisdom teeth to cause Bells Palsy?

I had a 5 day headache, then hypertension, then bells palsy. Now my face hurts on the affected side. Is this a normal chain of events? Oh and yes I do still have the headache.
I have been to ER and Nurologists. Had a CT scan but no MRI yet.

It's possible - especially if they're impacted/infected. Get to a dentist.  (+ info)

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