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How well does methotrexate work for psoriasis?

I was diagnosed with psoriasis about 5 years ago. I have tried every treatment from creams to phototherapy to biologic treatments. I have recently been prescribed Methotrexate and was wondering how well this would work for my psoriasis. With the summer coming up I would like to get back into shorts and tank tops.

I have had psoriasis for 25 years (the past five severe). I also have psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis bad. My rheumotologist prescribed methotrexate in combination with Enbrel. i have been taking it for about two years. It worked such wonders for my arthritis, so well I thought to myself, so this is how easy people with normal backs have it. Before then, I suffered such pain every day. I didn't, however, notice much of change in the psoriasis.

Have you tried tanning beds. You must have. Or at least your doctor must have told you about it. I have had a number of dermatologists since I have been diagnosed and they have all told me the same. The sun (tanning bed) is one of the best treatments for psoriasis (must kill dermatologists to recommend tanning).

By far, my greatest success has been tanning, natural sun or artificial.

If legs are your troubled area, do not be afraid to shave. I was for a long time when my legs first became covered. Finally, I said, the heck with the fear of cutting myself, I was ashamed to be walking around with hairy legs. Shaving also worked wonders and didn't hurt at all. As long as you use a good/more expensive disposable razor.

Keep up with the methotrexate. I have done some research of my own on it and I guess it works for many people, but you should ask your doctor about using Enbrel or Humira in combination with it. If your doctor prescribes Enbrel or Humira too, ask for the autoinjectors -- it is quick and painless.  (+ info)

What is the name of the prescription drug for psoriasis?

I saw it in a commercial recently, and I want to look it up because I'm doing a report on psoriasis.

Could it be Raptiva? It's an injection you give yourself once a week, I believe.  (+ info)

What sort of concealer or foundation should someone with psoriasis use?

I have had psoriasis for a few years now. I get it on my face which is hard to disguise. I just need something to take the redness down and not dry my skin out. I feel very self concious about it, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

bare minerals. it really does cover up the redness  (+ info)

For those who have Psoriasis! What ways have you found to help reduce the condition?

I have recently been diagnosed with Psoriasis and found it spreading at an alarming rate. I am moisturising, putting the cream the doctor gave and yet it spreads.
I am finding all of this really hard to understand so wondered if you could help.
Thank you for all your answers.

Use a Chicken Noodle moisturizer.  (+ info)

Psoriasis Is Avoidable How would you get the truth out?

The causative factors of psoriasis is known, irrefutable facts how psoriasis is formed, the why. How would you get the truth out to public and stop the myth that psoriasis can't be avoided ?
The web site is already there

Wow I would like to know where the proof of that is as I have a very dear friend who has suffered from psoriasis for years. Please give me a link so I can pass it on.
It seems that there are more medical conditions that are curable and controllable which the general public are not aware of. Just think how many people would be out of jobs if they be known. The drug companies for one would lose their huge profits. They are notorious for spreading propaganda about alternate cures.
If facts be known, the additives in our food are a major cause of skin conditions that are preventable.  (+ info)

How long will it take for my mild Psoriasis to heal if I apply vitamin e?

I have about 10 Psoriasis blotches on my legs and I've been following a certain diet, and trying to improve my lifestyle so that I could heal my Psoriasis and prevent it from emerging again.

Vitamin E will not heal your psoriasis. Pure Vitamin E oil is pretty greasy and doesn't really absorb very well. Try Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Moisturizer; it's available from drugstore.com -- and possibly from your local drugstore or pharmacy, as well. It will help to heal your psoriasis much more effectively. If you have plaque psoriasis, you might want to be seen by a dermatologist for stronger treatments. Good luck!

On Drugstore.com: Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Moisturizer
http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=53371&catid=44613  (+ info)

How to deal with severe psoriasis on the scalp?

My daughter has sever psoriasis only on her scalp. We have tried every over the counter shampoo we can buy. We have also tried a cornmeal and vinegar scrub. Any help?

Couple of things to try, I use Betnovate lotion rubbed into my scalp before I go to bed, keeps it quite under control. The best thing I found when I was younger was baby oil, sounds weird I know but rubbing baby oil into my scalp before I went to bed did work wonders, obviously you'll need to wash hair thoroughly in the morning(maybe even twice). I would also recommend a shampoo called Alphosyl(think you can still buy it in boots), other shampoos to try include T Gel and Johnsons No More Tears(yellow bottle). One of these should help(I have learnt from experience!)  (+ info)

Can Aids be transferred by shedding skin from psoriasis?

I wanted to be sure on whether psoriasis is a possible way of spreading aids. I know aids is spread through blood or open cuts and unprotected sex (among other things). I was wondering if someone has psoriasis if those shed cells could transfer or spread the disease? Thanks for your help.

HIV not AIDS (AIDS is a doctors diagnosis) can be spread by infected blood, semen, breast milk, and vaginal fluid. So, the answer to your question is, No!  (+ info)

How does going to the tanning bed help psoriasis?

I have had psoriasis since I was 9. I'm 27 now. No medicines help. No creams or topical prescriptions help. It never goes away, but my dermotologist suggested going to the tanning bed. Just wondered if anyone knew "why" this helps or "how" it helps psoriasis.

Sunlight is a major source of Vitamin D production in our bodies. Skin problems are often caused by diminished production of Vitamin D in the body. Therefore, catching rays (in moderation) promotes Vitamin D production and may lessen skin symptoms. I have lifelong eczema; nothing else worked for me, either. I finally moved to a warm climate...it's not completely cured, but the regular sunshine has greatly improved the condition and my life overall.  (+ info)

How long does it take for hair to grow back after psoriasis treatment?

I have scalp psoriasis. My case was not that bad though, I've been taking some special shampoos and hair oil for over a week. And it's working really well, it's almost gone. But I've lost some hair before the treatment and I've heard from SO many people that the hair would grow back when your scalp is back to normal. So how long would it take for the hair to grow back ?

Hair generally grows about 3/4 -1" per week to 10 days but it depends on the person.  (+ info)

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