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when you first began lexapro, did you experience sleep disturbances and psychomotor agitation?

I began taking lexapro about a week ago. i know the sleep disturbances should eventually fade, but the agitation is new. i have a history of carrying tension in my legs, but now my legs are constantly rapidly fidgiting.

Everyone has a slightly different experience on these SSRIs. I had a bit of insomnia for the first two weeks, but it now not a problem

You might try mild exercising to help, too.

It takes about 4 weeks to get this into your system, so be patient and follow your doctor's direction  (+ info)

remedies for psychomotor agitation resulting from SSRI use?

i have read that B6 is helpful if your EPS comes from antipsychotics. i am assuming this translates to SSRIs as well? any other ideas. (i have increased exercise)

I don't know about B6 being helpful for EPS - in my world we use benztropine (Cogentin), Benadryl or Artane, but never for SSRI agitation, only for EPS secondary to antipsychotics.

SSRIs can definitely cause psychomotor agitation. Have you considered lowering the dose and seeing if there is any change? If your symptoms reoccur, you could always then talk with he doctor about it.  (+ info)

Examples of psychomotor agitation?

Please give me a few. Last time I asked this question, I received an "etc." response, which wasn't what I was really looking for.

And, is psychomotor agitation different from psychomotor retardation?

Psycho motor agitation is when you find it hard to sit still.
You may feel like tapping your fingers or leg. You may pace back and forth. Your thoughts might be racing.
Psycho motor retardation is when you don't feel like moving at all. You may sit or lay in one position for an extended period of time. You may not want to take care of yourself, eat, bathe, or groom yourself. Your thought process is slowed down. I hope you are doing OK and that this is only a question. Best Wishes.  (+ info)

if, after 6 weeks, my SSRI's are still giving me psychomotor agitation?

is this cause for concern. i do not want to talk to my psychiatrist yet b/c these are free samples he is providing. i cannot afford rx at this time (no insurance) and he has no other samples.

just call the psychopharmachologist if you need help (s)he is responsible free or not.  (+ info)

Can dysthymia ever be so severe as to involve psychomotor retardation, or is it major depression at that point?

The DSM-IV only says "low energy or fatigue" as a symptom of dysthymia.

Can "low energy or fatigue" be interpreted to mean psychomotor retardation, in severe cases, or does "psychomotor retardation" have to be explicitly stated as a symptom in the DSM-IV?

Hi Casey,

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article on this subject and I researched it pretty thoroughly, I went back to the article when I saw your question and here's part of what I wrote:

"So what is dysthymia? It is a form of depression, although it often presents
itself with far less severe symptoms, making it easy to dismiss as a case of "the
blues". Many people can go to work, interact with their children or pretend to be
happy. They may even fool friends, neighbors and their family members, but If they
had this form of depression (also known as Dysthymic Disorder) long enough, they
may not actually realize that something is wrong.

They may feel that this is normal life and that they simply can't be happy. They
don't feel terrible but they don't feel good, either. Some people describe it as
a sense of being disconnected.

This depression is not something that has to be accepted and with proper diagnosis
and treatment can make a huge difference. In order to be treated, however, this
low level form of depression must be recognized. Signs of dysthymia include many
of the symptoms of severe depression but in a milder form. These symptoms include
feeling sad, having trouble sleeping, aching joints, appetite changes like
eating too much or too little, bouts of anxiety, never feeling truly joyful or
engaged in life. Although thoughts of death or suicide can occur most often in
severe depression, they may also be present in dysthymia and are always a warning
sign to get immediate help. Suicidal thoughts are less common in dysthymia but
is always a possibility."

Now I have to honest with you I have never come across 'psychomotor retardation' anywhere in my research and to me it sounds more severe than a case of typical Dysthymia. I does not appear that one has anything to do with the other, if it does, it's on a much more seroius level.

I am going to leave you with a blog and a website. The blog has new content daily relating to depression and the site is where you can get a free report showing you how to beat depression naturally without the use of antidepressants. I hope this helps and I hope I answered your question, John  (+ info)

How to deal with agitation side effects?

I was just taken off some psych meds, and put on new ones. And now I am dealing with agitation side effects. Does anyone know how to deal with this? It's like I am too focused, and then I get angry, and can't do anything anymore.

You didn't go off the meds cold turkey, did you? I tried that and it was almost like I had Parkinson's disease. Sometimes, going for a good brisk walk helps a little. Anxiety/depression seems to run in our family and I decided on my own that I didn't want to take the meds. I should not have done that. I take cortisone for Addison's disease and definitely can't go off that or I would be dead within a matter of days and am supposed to take Omezperole (sp?) for Barrett's esophagus. and I do take Paroxetine for the anxiety depression. I still have pain in my arms from twitching and tremor. People who not have these types of disorders don't understand.
I hope your agitation lightens. . Best wishes...hope the anger problem improves. The cortisone I take for Addison's causes some problems too. I do care about the health problems you are going through and realize it is a lot tougher for a young person like you. I wish I had a really good answer for you.  (+ info)

What herb or supplement is good for agitation and extreme irritability?

I'm not depressed I just feel very edgy, lose my temper easily and overreact to things. Please don't tell me to go for counselling!

I'm taking 5htp at night plus Valerian and Rhodiola Rosea each morning.

I need something to help me mellow out!

I don't do prescription drugs because of the side effects.

Please don't suggest hard drugs.

St Johs Wort.

Providing you're not taking any medication for any heart problems, these are great! also, try 'Rescue Remedy', this is another good one!  (+ info)

How do people deal with the agitation of a stroke patient?

My husband is 59 and he had a stroke in Dec. of 07. He can no longer walk. I am his main caregiver. VERY DIFFICULT!

My heart goes out to you. It's incredibly difficult. My dad suffered a series of small strokes that disabled him more and more every time it happened, however, he was already in his late 70s. Sadly I was eventually forced to put him in a nursing home as I could not care for him.

Have patience, patience and more patience (I know, easier said than done). Try to keep in the back of your mind that I am sure he is angry with the hand life has dealt him and incredibly frustrated at his lack of independence, especially at his relatively young age. With my dad, he had an element of depression and suffered very wide mood swings - one minute joking and jovial with you and the next berating you. I consulted with his doctor who put him on a small dose of Zoloft, and that worked wonders to keep him on an even keel.

Try to find resources in your area that you can reach out to for help. Call your local bureau of the aging (I know he is not really a senior citizen but they can steer you in the right direction). Perhaps you can get an aide for low cost or free to help you out a few times a week.

I can't stress this enough - MAKE TIME FOR YOU!!!! Even if it's only a couple hours a week, find a substitute caregiver to give you a few hours off so you can go do whatever you like. DO NOT USE THIS TIME FOR THINGS LIKE GROCERY SHOPPING, etc. This time needs to be set aside for YOU and what YOU like. Go shopping, have lunch with a friend, go to the library, take a drive, watch a favorite TV show, ANYTHING just so it's recreational and not part of your regular chores. You always will have something to look forward to and it will help you keep your sanity - believe me I know.   (+ info)

What protein supplements are available for someone who is sensitive to esophogus agitation?

I used to not have this problem, but when I was actively working out and supplementing with Whey, Casein, and Albumum protein powders, I noticed that I had a problem sometimes with being able to swallow good and actually a couple of times choking and spitting the stuff back up in a thick mucus-like spit. Associated symptoms were that of heartburn but quite different. Not too long there after I read a container of one of those powedered proteins when I was browsing in GNC that stated something to the effect of 'protein powders agitating the esophogus' in some consumers which in some cases can cause the esophugus to swell and narrow leading to choking. That's my case, but not every time, just certain times. What other supplements could I take instead? Caplets?

If your symptoms are what you say, then if you want to continue supplement use, try liquid protein mixes. Or capsules that have liquid in them. I found it easier when using tablets or capsules to smear butter or olive oil on them and see if they go down better.
Spartawo...  (+ info)

What kind of meds are best for Agitation/Irritability?

I get agitation/irritability from my Zoloft. I take zoloft 100mg every day for panic attacks and it works excillent for that. I've had agitation/irritability problems ever since starting the zoloft. I don't feel like stopping the drug since I don't want to relapse. I also have a dx of Asperger's disorder which it could be related to as well but don't know. The doctor wrote me a script for Risperdal 0.5mg which I have taken for about 3 weeks now and has modertately helped. I'm afraid to adjust the dosage because of the risks associated with anti-psychotics. I refuse to take Lithium or Depakote or Tegratol because of the risk of toxicity. I also refuse to take Lamictal because I don't want to develop a rash. I know I should try them to see but I don't think I will even follow that advice. Any help would defintatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance. If you have any other questions please ask and I will respond with futher details. Thanks...


Zoloft increased my irritability too. I would try a different SSRI that makes you calmer like Lexapro. I gave up on SSRIs and now take a mood stabilizer. I'm afraid to take anti-psychotics for fear of getting dystonia. And I'm like you, I refuse to take Lithium for fear of killing my thyroid. I wouldn't mind trying Lamictal and probably should, but the fear of getting that rash is too much for me. I already was burned my skin once at work and the fear of aggravating my skin again is too much for me. I'm on topamax which is a mood stabilizer. It worked really good in the beginning for my anger, but not anymore. I think it was better before because I was on the high blood pressure medication Atenenol before which is a beta blocker. It slows your heart down a bit and makes you feel calmer.  (+ info)

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