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My midwife has diagnosed me with pubic symphysis dysfuction.?

This is my 3rd baby and I think I may have had this condition with my 2nd as the birth was 10 times more painful than my 1st. Are there any mums out there who have delivered with this, were any special measures taken e.g., were you faced with a section or forceps. No comedians please - if your 14 and think this is funny - do us all a favour and get a life.
Thanks to all the genuine mums out there - keep up the good work :-)
Note to Janell J - erm I'm not a single parent I'm married and it's not a disease - it's a muskulo skeletal condition brought about by relaxin ( a pregnancy hormone). Take your issues elsewhere - do I look like your therapist??


I had this from about the 20th week of my 2nd and last pregnancy, and it was uncomfortable at best, and very painful at it's worst. It's caused by high levels of the hormone called relaxin that is produced naturally in the body to allow everything to relax when your baby is growing.

I could hear the bones in my pelvis crunching... I still managed to give birth naturally (and pretty quickly because of the loose ligaments!), although your midwife/consultant might keep a check of how far you can comfortably open your legs to see if you will cope OK in labour. If you can't, that is when they might consider doing a c-section. I was advised not to have an epidural too, in case I couldn't feel my legs going past the "comfort zone" as this could have caused more damage.

I was referred to a physiotherapist that gave me a support belt, and that helped a lot during the day. At night, I had to almost box myself in with a load of pillows to stop myself from turning over in my sleep (as it was agony).

Anything that means that you have to have your legs apart can cause problems, so go upstairs one step at a time. Swing both legs round to get out of a car, don't try to support your weight on one leg to get out (ouch). Walking any distance could make you sore too. If you are having great difficulty walking, you may be given crutches, but these weren't an option for me as my 1st child was very young and I couldn't have managed.

Take care,

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Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction...?

Hs anyone experienced this? I plan on asking the doctor about it next week but from what ive read it says the docs don't know much about it. If you have had this i would appreciate your heads up..Thanks!
Thanks for the info.... any problems during delivery?

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Pubic symphysis dysfunction? plz help?

Iam 34+5 wks pregnant. I finished work last friday as i cant carry on working anymore. I have to wear a support belt and to use crutches to help me walk. I am fininding it very hard to sleep of a night as when i try to turn over i wake up in so much pain i am crying with it. I have notice now that ive be getting strong stabbing pains on my left hand side by my groin it does take my breath away. My left leg becomes numb and tingles. Is this normal? Next wk i am going to my hospital for a check up as this baby is still the wrong way! I am wondering if any women out there that have had this psd, what was your labour like and what type of pain medication did you have??

My heart goes out to you, I had PSD with all four of my children the last one I was practically house bound from about 20 weeks. My left leg also used to tingle and fell funny and cold and weirdly numb, this carried on for a few weeks after labour too. But just to reassure you my labours were all easy (4hrs, 2hrs, 15mins and 4hrs) and the pain soon goes after labour.

Good Luck, Just remember to remind each midwife that you suffer as sometimes its not that clear on your notes and if they don't realise it could affect the advise they give you during labour.  (+ info)

Symphysis pubic dysfunction.?

Did anyone get this while pregnant,im 34weeks with second baby and im in agony.First baby only 14months and not walking so im carrying her everywhere,midwifes dont seem to care.I cant open my legs properly its agony in my groins,hips and coccyx and everything clicks,is this normal ?what shall i do,im desperate :(

My friend had this with both of her children and she is a proffessional dancer, she found that if you can get reffered to an obgyn doctor who specialises in these conditions it will help. you can have serious complecations when you give birth so it needs to be sorted for you and your baby. My friend had a few simple things she would do every day. there are great books for prenatal yoga which helped ease the pain Sleeping with a pillow between your legs and one behind your back. While sitting down ,raise your legs with a pillow under your knees. Swimming can help to take the pressure from your whole pelvis. When carrying your toddler you can purchase from mother care,com. special belts that have a seat on for your toddler to seat on when you pick them up you wear the belt and my freind said it was so comfortable she could wear it all day. It takes the pressure away from your back and pelvic area making it easier to carry them. massage can help but you need to insist that you have help from your midwife and doctor concerning your condition. Good luck.  (+ info)

Symphysis Pubic Disfunction - can you help me?

I have been diagnosed with severe SPD which is seriously killing me! I thought i had a high pain threshold, but now i feel weak and feeble. It takes me forever just to climb the stairs and even rolling over in bed leaves me in complete agony. I am 38 weeks pregnant on only started receiving treatment last week as doctors seemed to ignore my pleas for help and just put it down to "something that every pregnant woman goes through". My therapist who is giving me treatment was spitting teeth at the amount of time i had been left untreated as now i can barely move out of sheer agony! Has anyone else who has had this condition or who has got this condition got anyway to ease my pain?? I am already getting relaxation therapies (reflexology, massage, aromatherapy sessions) but i am absolutely petrified that when i am in labour i am gonna be in absolute agony as i will have obvious pressure on my pelvis and hips! Please help me :(

i had this too.and i would recomend epidural when your in labour.because the labour makes the pain in your pelvis a lot worse.i had a support belt during my pregnancy which did help in the day but rolling over at night was agony(felt like my pelvis was splitting in two).i have the upmost sympathy for u because its agony having SPD.and i hope you find something to take the pain away.because i honestly couldnt find a lot that worked.sorry  (+ info)

29 weeks pregnant w/Pubic symphysis dysfunction (I think)?

I have terrible groin pain, particularly off to one side. It hurts to turn over in bed, put on my clothes (if standing on leg to get pants on the other), and even walking. I know these are all symptoms of PSD, but I CAN actually open my legs wide, without pain...which I know with PSD you can't do... so I was wondering if anyoe experienced this and how to deal with it. This is my second pregnancy, and with my first, I had this pain only in my last month... this time it started at 20 weeks.

I'm on my second pregnancy as well.

And YES the groin pain can be worse and felt earlier with each subsequent pregnancy. I would not slap a "dysfunction" term to it just yet!

As for how to deal, do gentle stretching excercises, flat on the floor, whatever feels comfortable or just pushes the comfort level (hopefully you know what I'm talking about :P). Also moving slowly first thing in the morning, and relieving your bladder as soon as it feels like you can go, will help with that too. And a warm sock (put rice in an old tube sock, tie it off, pop in micro for 1-2 minutes) placed over the area can help relax and soothe your pains.

It's pretty crappy. But it will go away once the baby is born :)

There are other things that intensify with second pregnancies that aren't so bad. Like feeling movements earlier, feeling more confident in what your body is doing, and sometimes your boobies get bigger than the first time... "afterpains" though, may be more intense, so just a heads up. But it's all normal.

Wishing you the best through the rest of your second :)  (+ info)

Sever pubic pain during last weeks of pregnancy?

Has anyone suffered from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction during pregnancy? I'm at 39 weeks, experiencing all of the symptoms, have an appt scheduled with the OB, and I am considering asking for a scheduled C-Section. Any insights?
I obviously meant "Severe" pubic pain

I suffered with SPD throughout 3 of my 5 pregnancies, it increased in severity, and began earlier with each subsequent pregnancy.
I was offered a belt to hold my bump up, but that was all that could really be done to help.
I had heard that labour would be more painful because of this condition, but in fact I didn't find it affected any of my labours in any way, and I was able to deliver naturally with no problem.
Maybe a fortnight after the baby was born all pain had evaporated, and I was back to normal. I wasn't offered a C-section and to be honest if I had been I would have refused, recovery from SPD is much quicker than recovery from a section.
Good Luck!  (+ info)

How can I safely recover from diastasis?

I have had four children over the course of six years. After my fourth child was born, my midwife showed me how to check for diastasis. At first my abdominal muscles were seperated by about three of my fingerwidths. Now they are seperated by one finger. Is that normal or should these muscles close completely?

If one fingerwidth is still considered diastasis, what can I do to close it completely? Is it safe to do sit-ups at this point, or will that make it worse?

Please list sources if you have them. Thanks!

Diastasis often heals after childbirth. If yours does not, talk to your OB-GYN.
Try these exercies:
1. While lying in bed, bend both knees and hands on top of your belly. Keeping your pelvis in neutral spine (avoid tilting posterior), inhale, expanding your belly and filling your lungs. While you exhale pull abdominals in and wide as if to tighten an airline seat belt low across the bones of your pelvis. Repeat 5-10 more times.

2. After six weeks and when you are ready to advance lie on your back and place a towel or band around your abdomen. Hold the left side of the towel or band in your right hand and the right side of the towel or band in your left hand. Perform a crunch while pulling the towel or band tighter across your abdomen. Repeat 5-10 more times.
Good Luck! Cheers!  (+ info)

severe pelvic/pubic bone pain in third pregnancy?

I never had this pain with my girls. it hurts so bad that I can't get out of bed some times. It also hurts really bad when I have to switch from the gas to the break peddle when I'm driving. It doesn't keep me from do it though(thank god). the only thing that I could find on this when I searched it was symphysis pubis diastasis or basically the pubic bone separating in preparation for birth. I was curious if there is anything else that could cause this. I have an appointment with my doctor next week to look into it but until then I'm driving my self crazy with research. Everything that I've read says that it is harmless and I do hope that it is but I can't help but wonder how something so incredibly painful can be harmless. Any way does any one else know of what else this could be? the only reason I ask is because I'm not sure if I need to be seen sooner than next week and that is the only time my doctor had available.
also it's not something that suddenly happened. It started about 3 weeks ago and has been getting worse since then.
these pains started at 24 weeks. I'm now 27 weeks.

I'm due 2 days before you and have been experiencing something similar. I think it has to due with the position of the baby. When mine moves up, I don't have the pain as much. When he is down lower, I can barely walk. I don't remember having the pain with my daughters either, but I've been having it for a few weeks now and I think it is normal.  (+ info)

How long can pubic crabs stay without being treated?

How long can pubic lice stay without being treated? I don't know if i have it or not. I haven't had sex. I lately shaved my pubic region and ever since they have been ichy. It was a clean razor fresh from a pacage. Can your pubic area itch from new pubic hair growing in?

Its just your new hairs growing it. It always itches after you shave it the first time..  (+ info)

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