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my mom has to get a Pulmonary Function Test does this mean she have lung cancer?

My mom got a call from the doctor today saying she needs to have a Pulmonary Function Test done. Does this mean she might have lung cancer? i'm really scared and worried.

She actually even started the patch on monday to quit smoking to.

No, it means the doctor is worried about the amount of oxygen she is getting. She could have reduced function from smoking, pneumonia, TB, cancer, non-cancerous tumours, and many other things...some scary, some very easily treated.

Encourage her to carry on with the patches....stopping smoking will help whatever is wrong.  (+ info)

can you get a piercing when you have heart murmur and pulmonary stenosis?

ok my friend has heart murmur and a mild pulmonary stenosis. she wants to noe if its safe to get her belly and nose pierced.

Sure, as long as she isn't getting her heart and lungs pierced.
The thing she needs to be very cautious about, however, is where she gets it done and how she cares for it. Infection could be a major problem for her.  (+ info)

Why doesn't the body immediately fail during pulmonary edema?

How is it possible for the body to sustain itself while displaying edema (either pulmonary or dependent) without suffering immediate shock, ischemia, or any of the other consequences that come to mind when thinking about a failing circulation of blood?
"Chronicity"?: But what about cases of AMI/CHF that involve pulmonary edema? Isn't this a sudden onset in which the body doesn't necessarilly go into cardiogenic shock?

If any insult to the body develops slowly --over weeks, months or longer, the body adapts to accommodate the changes. In the case of pulmonary edema, the left sided chambers of the heart then the pulmonary vessels dilate, or widen, to allow for the excess fluid to accumulate with spilling into the lung tissue itself. Once they have dilated to max, changes begin to occur on the right side of the heart and in the rest of the venous blood system.
The key to the body not going into shock is the chronicity of the problem--given time the body will try to adapt until it no longer is able.
Begin edit:
In the acute setting, if the pateint does not have an underlying chronic component of heart failure and/or pulmonary hypertension, there is a much shorter time frame for the body to compensate--therefore the person does go into shock & cannot effective exchange gases in the lungs.  (+ info)

Would the British climate be good or bad for Pulmonary Fibrosis.?

My friends mother, who currently lives in the Mediteranian, has been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Would it be a good or bad idea to bring her to England?

It depends since there are yet no effective cure pulmonary fibrosis right now..if you bring her to England on the countrysides and away from the inhaled environmental and occupational pollutants that are usually found in urban areas then it is okay..  (+ info)

How to fake a pulmonary function test?

How do I make my pulmonary function test look worse than it is?
real answers only please.

Any good technologist would snuff your scheme right out .... and would document those findings on the results  (+ info)

Is chest pain common after pulmonary embolism?

I am 32 and was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism in both lungs 2 months ago. The pain in my chest went away for about a month but now is returning and very gradually increasing. The pain is only on the left side. I am not yet having trouble breathing, but if it gets much worse I will. I am somewhat nervous about this since the pain was extreme before. I hope I am not having another episode. Is this a common or something I should be concerned about?

You should go to the emergency room right away. Don't wait another minute, as this could be very serious; life threatening.  (+ info)

Why is it called the pulmonary ARTERY?

Why are the pulmonary arteries labeled with the name "arteries" when they carry deoxygenated blood rather than oxygenated?

It carries blood away from the heart (to the lungs) therefore it is an artery.  (+ info)

What is the chances of getting pulmonary disease?

If you are a woman, do not smoke, do not work or live in an area where you are close by or affected with polution, you are not surrounded by those who smoke? My mother is getting an xray to check for it because she has been coughing a lot. Thanks.
and it doesnt run in the family*

If your mum has never smoked or been in a smoky enviroment for a lengthy period of time then her chances of pulmonary disease are decreased. But diseases like Emphysema start at early adulthood and become obvious years later. My own mum, started to have pains in her side, constant coughing at the age of 44, emphysema was diagnosed.
I truly hope this isn't the case for your mum as it is an awful thing to go through. My aunt was recently diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis and she was "delighted". Which sounds crazy but after waching my mum suffer for all those years [she passed away in Sept age 57] She didnt want to go though it herself.
Hope your mum gets on ok xx  (+ info)

What about pulmonary fibrosis- are there support groups that can help?

I would like to talk to someone who has or a loved one of someone who has this trecherous disease. I just read a great book and would love to talk to him or his wife. They will never know how much they helped me. Is there some way we could meet on line and share support? Can we start a support group if there isn't one?

http://www.pulmonaryfibrosis.org/groups.htm  (+ info)

What is a pulmonary functions test like?

The last time I got an inhaler was at the age of 14. I'm planning to join the military though, and if you have any medical records of asthma after the age of 13 you are going to have to take a PFT and get evaluated on if your asthma can handle military life or not.

Please tell me what taking the PFT is like, how to prepare for it, and what to do during the test to get the best results.


Basically there is like 2 types of tests. One where they just get you to take a deep breath and blow out as hard as you can into this thing long tube thing and it records your lung capacity. The other is where your in a box and you have this snorkle thing in your mouth and they do a variety of tests to get a further diagnosis of how much lung capacity you have. The best way to get results is to take the deepest breath you can, theres really no way to prepare for it as it's basically just doing deep breaths. Good luck with the test  (+ info)

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