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when pulmonary embolism happens in the lungs, what is it exactly doing in it?

is it building the fluid substance or blot clot filling up, creating the behaviour or?
so it blocks oxygen from coming out?

A pulmonary embolism (PE) can be life-threatening. Usually they occur when a clot occludes the pulmonary artery or one of it's branches. The pulmonary artery is the artery that drains the right ventricle in the heart. The blood travels via the pulmonary artery to the lungs where the previously unoxygenated venous blood receives oxygen and is transported back to the left atrium via the pulmonary veins. From there it travels through the mitral valve, into the left ventricle and out through the aortic valve into the aorta; From there it goes into systemic circulation and supplies your body and brain with oxygenated blood. When a pulmary embolism occludes (blocks) the pulmonary artery or its branches, quite simply not as much blood can go through to receive oxygen. The alveolar (alveoli are the distal part of the lung where oxygen and carbon monoxide are exchanged) dead space in the lungs is increased. Your body tries to compensate by increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Eventually, shock will occur due to the decreased amount of blood in circulation. Or, the blood will back up into the right side of the heart and move backwards in the body causing right-sided heart failure. Even worse, a part of the clot could break loose and occlude an artery going to the brain and cause a stroke. Typically when ever there is a clot, there will be mediators of inflammation ...which could lead to some fluid buildup. Any way you look at it, get to the hospital quick. Hope this helped.  (+ info)

How long after surgery is someone at risk for pulmonary embolism?

The person was diagnosed with lung cancer and had surgery about 4 months ago to remove a section of one of the lungs. Now the patient has a blood clot in the lungs. Is it the surgery or maybe something else that caused it?

Pulmonary embolism unfortunately can come about because of the cancer, not because of the surgery.

My son had three blood clots that originate from his abdominal cavity and traveled to his lungs . .all effects from his sarcoma and four months before he had surgery.

The patient should be on a blood thinner to control the clotting and this should be noted on their chart.  (+ info)

How long does it take to clear your lungs up after pulmonary embolism?

This is my second PE. If you are on coumadin, can you travel by air without worry?

Your lungs will clear up eventually, and it can take from 3 to 6 months for the clot to dissolve, depending on the size of the embolism and how your body heals.

Coumadin is a blood thinner, and will help dissolve the clot.

Bleeding is the largest risk factor when taking coumadin. You will need to shave with an eclectic razor, and avoid bumping and banging your arms and legs because you will bleed and bruise easily. I would avoid using box cutters, and be careful when using a knife when cooking.

You will need to have your PT/INR labs drawn on a regular basis in order to check your bleeding times. Do not skip the lab work, as Coumadin takes about 24 to 48 hours to reverse should your bleeding times be too high.

There are also certain foods including cranberries, liver, broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, Swiss chard, coriander, collards, cabbage, and other green leafy vegetables that you will need to either avoid, or eat sparingly. These all have high levels of vitamin K, which will inhibit the drug.

As for air travel, I am not aware of any specific restrictions due to Coumadin. However, your physician may have reasons for you not to do any air traveling.

My advice for you is to speak with your physican and clairfy your travel restictions, if you have any.  (+ info)

52 year old man suffers a pulmonary embolism which started as a blood clot in his right leg?

Describe this condition and how it develops. Trace the pathway of the blood clot from the leg to the lungs.

Marie, do your homework so you will have an understanding of how this works.  (+ info)

Can being overweight cause a pulmonary embolism?

My mother said that she thinks that I may have one or may be developing one. I ask if being overweight can cause one because I am severely overweight. I weigh somewhere between 310 and 320, am 6'1", and am 21.

Read for yourself. It appears that the answer is yes.  (+ info)

I have a pulmonary embolism and i just found out today that i am pregnant?

i am horrified im so scared i don't know what to do with myself. i keep hearing these stories about infant mortality and death after childbirth. im scared shitless! is there anything anyone can tell me about having a pulmonary embolism and being pregnant?
1st trimester

I had a pulmonary embolism in my 8th week of pregnancy back in May. I was very scared. I was transferred to a wonderful high risk OB doctor who put me on 100 mg of Lovenox 2x daily. Contact your OB Dr. RIGHT AWAY and let them know what is going on.
Lovenox is an injection safe for the baby. If you are on Coumadin, that can be very dangerous to the baby.
After the birth of my first daughter last June, I had a DVT in my leg. I was on coumadin for 6 months. My first month off of it I got pregnant (this past March). WHen I had the Pulmonary Embolism, they were not sure where the clot came from. My legs were free from clots.They gave me a CT scan and that determined the clot in my lung.
The OB Dr. did blood work to find out if there was a reason for my blood clots, and I have a blood clotting disorder called MTHFR. You will probably be sent to see a hematologist for testing also.
With the exception of the PE, I had a normal pregnancy, no other problems. The Dr. believes that the clots are a result of me being pregnant, the MTHFR, and my size. Now that I am delivered I am taking 10mg of Coumadin for the next 6 months.

I was on the Lovenox for my entire pregnancy. When I was 35 weeks i had an amniocentesis to see if the baby was developed enough to be delivered. I had low fluid levels, so I was C-sectioned (I was a previous c-section). My baby is 7 weeks old, healthy and beautiful.
The high risk OB Dr. monitored me closely. They took good care of me and they will take good care of you too.
Please call your OB asap, so you can be put on the right medications, if you are not already.
Good luck to you, and you can feel free to ask me any questions.  (+ info)

Is it safe to have sex after a pulmonary embolism?

My husband has been released from the hospital and is ready to have sex. He is taking coumidin and lovenex shots. I am scared that it might be dangerous.

That is a pretty serious condition. Please ask the doctor this one. You don't want to take the change of getting advise from someone who really doesn't know and other than that, even if someone else that has had it gives you advise, that was them and not your husband. he is completely different. I hope all works out well for you and him.  (+ info)

Can women in their twenties have a pulmonary embolism?

I know the risk increases with age, but is it possible for someone in their twenties to get one, especially after a long car ride?
Or is it just rare for someone so young to get one? But possible still?

loserxoxoloser - The answers to your questions are: Yes, Yes, and Yes. Almost all pulmonary emboli (PE) come from clots in the deep veins of the thighs or pelvis. The PE usually develop as a result of lack of moving the legs for a very long time - commonly after an operation, especially for a fracture of the femur. However, there have beem many younger people with PE reported after sitting in a cramped seat or position for hours. When riding in a car or an airplane, it is wise to stop at least every hour to stretch your legs for a couple of minutes to prevent these deep vein thrombi from forming.  (+ info)

What the difference between a pulmonary edema and a pulmonary embolism?

  (+ info)

What does "metastic carcinoma with unknown primary tumour and pulmonary embolism" mean on a death certificate?

My boyfriends mother died last week and I was wondering what this means.
Oh wow. Okay, thank you so much for answering.

It means that she had cancer that had spread through her body and they weren't sure where the tumor was located that started it and that she had a blood clot in the lung.  (+ info)

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