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what diary system can be used for patients with Pulmonary Fibrosis?

MY mother has been sick for more than 7 years and she is 54 years old now. I need to know which kinds of food can she eat and which that she should stop. I need to know if there is any massage to help her breath. Are there any excericieses that she can do every day to help her?

You ask a lot. I will give some. No way around it-Vegetables and Fruit should be her Diet-to the greatest level. Milk is not very good for lungs but if you have been use to it (she is age 54-milk generation) Than get Organic with no antibodies on animal-I get it at Jewel and Domenic's here. (another story which kind). Cut if not out-white bread and white flour- use whole wheat, pumpernickel,rye and ect. Bread should not be more than vegetables. Vegetables are her body builders (carrots spinach wheat grass) and needed more as we age. Fruits are a cleaner, need it. One is no good without the other (many like fruit but not veg)if not in balance-you lose what you are trying to achieve. Get a purifier if you can-be very very careful here-very-most are junk but there are good reasonable ones. When you can -get Green food and fruit comes in powdered or caps (again don't waste money on just what the health stores says-or web-research it.

Yes-massage can befit-Chiropractor too. Foot arms legs-all connected.

First priority veg and fruit. Add caps of green food and fruit if need more than you eat. A good Vitamin-with the acids and minerals. Bottle water (nothing added from springs-not processes-easy to find) Air purifier.

Hope that is your start -email me if you like- Not a salesman just control my decease for years and learned a lot. And now do not fill my kitchen which products that I was told would but didn't help -now use few (money was a factor for me) and more helpful products. Took years of reading and studying to know my enemy and take care of it.

Add (video) of Tai Chi exercise -great for lungs-and not hard to do(or you got wrong one).  (+ info)

How long can a person live wit pulmonary fibrosis?

What is the life expectancy?

It depends on how bad the PF is had if they have underlying diseases along with it. Overall health is a factor too. But they can live along time with treatment.

Jerry Lewis, who is all over CBS today, has pulmonary Fibrosis. I don't know when he was diagnosed but I know he had a issue with steroids (for treatment of PF) back around 2001. Here is a support group for you to research.

http://www.pulmonaryfibrosis.org/groups.htm  (+ info)

Describe the effects of pulmonary fibrosis in terms of what happens to the physiologival dead space & air-flow

What effects does pulmonary fibrosis have on the lamina propria & elasticity, partial pressure of oxygen in the lungs, tidal volume. What is the physical reason fot this change in the Po2? Why doses shortness of breath occur only during exercise initially? Would a person suffer from Tachypnea Or Bradypnea?(explain). How do corticosteroids work and why would they be prescribed to a pulmonary fibrosis patient?

pulmonary fibrosis attacks septae alveolares which means p(O2)low and p(co2) high.i think they get tachypnea because high p(co2) forces respiratory center in medulla oblongata xx corticosteroids would slow down fibrozing process but they cant stop it and many complications if they re long time used so my opinion--- corticosteroids re not used like a medication it this case xx  (+ info)

Is slight lung scarring from pulmonary fibrosis reversable?

I'm waiting for my final diagnosis from my pulmonary dr. after being diagnosed by my primary dr. I had walking pneumonia in Dec. '08 and now this.

  (+ info)

How is gaseous exchange affected in: Pulmonary fibrosis, asthma and emphysema?

Gas exchange take place between alveoli and capillaries. Due to the above conditions, the space between the alveolar membrane and the capillary get increased. In fibrosis and emphysema this space is occupied by scar tissue so gas exchange is afftected.
Thanks  (+ info)

Would being exposed to extreme temperatures have any effect on someone with (Idiopathic) Pulmonary Fibrosis?

For example, would being exposed to extreme temperatures, particularly freezing temperatures, or even simply cold temperatures, prove to be fatal or expedite the progress?

Well, I speak from personal experience (I have PF), and I can tell you that the colder the temperature, the more difficulty I have breathing. This is simply supposition on my part, but people with advanced PF have little functioning lung tissue, and cold weather has an adverse affect on people with healthy lungs.

Pulmonary Services, PC Pulmonologist Dr. Gauresh Kashyap explains, "When the air is too cold it doesn't have time to get warmed up [in] different temperatures. Not having enough time for exchange causes irritation and bronchial constriction."

That is more commonly known as an asthma attack. For asthmatics, and even those who don't suffer from the illness, arctic air can become an irritant to the lungs, resulting in tightening airways.

Dr. Kashyap says, "Ordinarily when we breathe, the air gets warmed up through your nose and your throat. And by the time it hits the lungs, it's the ambient temperature or our body temperature."

So, a person with PF has a reduced amount of lung tissue, and if that person is exposed to extremely cold air, the remaining tissue is going to constrict. This constriction is going to further reduce their ability to move oxygen through the body (remember, we have trouble doing that even with supplemental oxygen). In all probability, the heart is going to work much harder to try to compensate for the breathing issues, and increase the possibility of an MI. The bottom line is probably this - extremely cold air, coupled with an advanced case of the disease, probably would stress the respiratory system and the heart enough to be able to cause death. Hope that answered your question.  (+ info)

How much or how often should I use oxygen if i have idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

If you actually have this disease, why in the world would you ask such a question on Yahoo answers? No one here is qualified to give you a prescription for the use of oxygen. See your Doctor!  (+ info)

What is the prevention for Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Does the patient have to avoid anything? Will there be medication given? If so, what medication. ... etc.

Pulmonary fibrosis is the development of fiberous lung tissue as a result of a lung disease. It is more apt to happen with chronic lung diseases. So....the best thing to do is not smoke, wear a mask if you work in a lung hostile environment, eat healthy and exercise daily. Also, if you have a respiratory illness, get treated for it early. The quicker you get through a resp illness, the less damage done to your lungs. This damage can accumulate over the years.  (+ info)

pulmonary fibrosis. What medications and side effects?

My Mum was diagnosed with pulmonary fibroses in January. It was not a good result. She has been on medication since then but has suffered a lot of side effects. She has now decided that the side effects are not worth it. She wants quality not quantity of life. She is 78. I love her so I will support her decision, even though it is not what I want. It is not my life so I can't be selfish. I want her here forever. Anyone dealt with this before (pulmonary fibrosis)

Try exploring this site for lots of information. There are many links ..even one to support groups. Good Luck and God Bless you and your Mum. I'll keep you both in my prayers.

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000069.htm  (+ info)

Does dairy affect respiratory function in people with respiratory diseases like asthma or pulmonary fibrosis?

My sister who is asthmatic claims she's been told dairy can adversely affect her. My dad's pulmonologist says that's an old wives tale. Who's right?

It is an old wives tale. i have COPD and dairy products do not bother me.  (+ info)

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