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How to tell if a pupil is anorexic?

I'm a teacher, and I'm rather concerned about a girl in a class of mine, and I worry that she has an eating disorder. What would be the 'red flags' of an eating disorder?

For bulimia it would be eating large amounts of food and drinking a lot of water while eating (this makes it easier to vomit) and then asking to go to the bathroom shortly after eating. An anorexic simply doesn't eat or eats very little. If you have concerns you need to speak with this child's parents immediately.  (+ info)

One pupil is slightly more dilated than the other, my mom has been rubbing her eyes all day?

My mom has one pupil that is more dilated than the other, i read that this could be the cause of a stroke, tumor or brain damage. I read to go see a doctor but before that happens she has been rubbing her eyes all day, and wears contacts and put in eye drops. Is this just a symptom of constant eye rubbing or is this serious? One eye is just slightly more dilated.

first of all its suppose to be like that if u rub the other one then that one who be more smaller  (+ info)

How long should your pupil stay dilated after going to the eye doctor?

My friend went to the eye doctor last Monday. They dilated her pupil while she was there and it is still dilated! What's wrong with it?!

it depends on which mydriatic drops or ointment have been used,if cyclotropicamide 1% usually within 6-24 hours ..if atropine upto1-2 weeks sometimes ,,  (+ info)

How Long Does It Take For Pupil Dilation End?

I recently came from an Eye exam from my local ophthalmologist and he inserted several drops of pupil dilating drops in my eyes. He said that the eyes will be come normal over time, so I was wondering what is the amount of time in hours that it normally takes for the eyes to become normal? I'm worried because I can't see a thing up close or far, lol. Thanks in advance for your answers.

Generally, dilation of the pupil will last for three to six hours and will primarily affect your near or close up vision. However, it is not uncommon for dilation to last up to 24 hours for some patients depending on the eye drops used to achieve dilation. Different eye drops are used for various ages of patients. Most patients can drive home after their eye exam, and sunglasses are encouraged to be worn. Disposable sunglasses are usually provided for those patients who do not have sunglasses. If a patient feels uncomfortable driving home with his or her eyes dilated, it would be advisable to bring someone with you to drive.  (+ info)

What happens when your pupil becomes larger in the light?

When your in the light, your pupil becomes smaller. What happens when your pupil, like when it's in the dark, becomes larger. Does it hurt your eyes? Cause blindness?

it shouldn't because thats not the way eyes are supposed to work, and if its happening to you, you should see an optometrist. but to answer your question, it just means that your pupils are letting in more light and it'll probably give you sore eyes and a headache  (+ info)

My right pupil is not centered with the iris. How can I correct this?

I noticed this recently when I take pictures. It seems like my pupil is more focused inward and not centered with the iris. Is this a problem, and can it be corrected?

Yeah, you should probably go to a doctor.
It probably can be corrected if you go to the Optical in time.

Good Luck [;  (+ info)

Why does my pupil turn out white on pictures?

I have lazy eye and astigmatism on my right eye. On pictures (mostly those taken with flash on) my pupil is completely white. Why does that happen?

Have you had your eyes looked at recently? Just that i saw this thing on the TV where this toddler kept on having white eye on photos and she had a tumour behind her eye. I know that i am freaking you out now but i really think you should get your eye checked. They may just say that it is fine but i am positive about this story as i was really freaked out by it. red eye is normal but i think that white eye may not be. See your optition, or even phone for advise. Good luck.  (+ info)

Is it okay to put contact lenses directly on the pupil when putting it in?

I got my contacts yesterday and the procedure that I'm following isn't quite what my doctor told me. I tried doing it the way where you 'look up' and look down and then it's in the right position, but it didn't work for me as well. I tried putting it directly on my pupil, then looking right left, down and up and it worked on my first try for both eyes. Is this okay?

This is how I put my contacts in also. I have never had any problems. Most people cannot touch their eyes. This why it is taught this way. Just make sure your hands are clean before putting in your contacts.  (+ info)

What are some ailments and disorders that involve the human body's nervous system?

I would like to know what disorders/ailments affect the nervous system for a biology project, and I figured this was the best place to go.

I have autoimmune pernicious anaemia (unable to absorb vitamin B12 in the digestive system) which affects the nervous system as B12 is essential to maintain the myelin sheath around the nerves. If undiagnosed, it can lead to permanent paralysis, be misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's disease (and cause permanent Alzhemier's disease if not diagnosed in time) and MS and is fatal without treatment. Misdiagnosis is common as lab levels are far too low. I have nerve damage in my finger still from being misdiagnosed. I had to diagnose myself.

Pernicious Anaemia:

http://www.drdach.com/B12_Jeffrey_Dach_drdach.html  (+ info)

How are contact lenses made so that they always stay right on your pupil?

This is something i've never understood. Even if you put it in your eye somewhere other than your pupil it'll still magically move there.

The cornea is the clear dome in front of the coloured part of your eye (the iris). The cornea is steeper & more curved than the flatter white of the eye. The contact lens has a steepness to match your cornea. This is why the lens follows your cornea when you move you eye & doesn't get left behind! If you move a soft lens (with a clean finger!) off your cornea, it should go back into place after a couple of blinks.  (+ info)

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