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can i get dq'd from having Pyloric stenosis as an "infant" i no longer have it?

going to meps soon for the army, just wondering if that would dq me? it should because it is very common in infants, i dont have any problems as of today

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feeding after Pyloric stenosis surgery?

My son came home today from the hospital after having surgery for Pyloric stenosis. The nurse told me to feed him only a couple onces every 2 1/2 hours. I've already feed him 3 oz. But he is still hungry and wont sleep. Should i go up agian or what??
And he just spit-up like half of it with a lot of mucus...what can i do??
He was able to keep it down while in the hospital we did have to wait an extra day so that he could. He had the surgery on Sat. and i would love to take him back to the hospital but its an hour away in houston.

My son had this.2 years ago. Relativly minor surgery, small 1 inch scar, no problems. Im sure things have improved since 35 years ago.!
And when i first fed him after the op (nurses had done it before me) he threw it all back up again!
I would continue just giving him a couple of oz ever couple of hours, dont want to stretch things in there too much just yet. After a few days of 2 oz, increase it a bit. I think you will just have to put up with the no sleep for a bit. Put him in pushchair and go out should work.  (+ info)

pyloric stenosis in 3 year old?

I was wondering if an older child can have pyloric stenosis.
My daughter had projectile vomiting as a baby. She was
growing ok at that time. The doctor did do an an ultra-sound
that was normal. They did no further testing.
I tried about 5 different doctors who just said it was acid refux.
She is now just turned four and weighs about 30 pounds.
We have now found a doctor who will do more testing.
any info?

Have you seen an internist? ( A specialist on the gut, intestines, colon, etc.? ) Check out BChealth.org for really good information on the condition. I think you need to make a lot of noise to get this solved. Not only is your daugter underweight, but all the vomiting and acid reflux can seriously damage her esophagus. You are right to be worried. Insist on proper testing to get to the bottom of it. There are treatments your GP will not know about. Good luck.  (+ info)

4 year old Pyloric Stenosis?

I was wondering, my daughter is 4 and
wont go potty for a week but not constipated
.Her stools are soft. I thought I would ask if
it is possible she could have Pyloric Stenosis.
She did vomit accross the room a couple of times when she was a baby.
Now she is 4 and throws up a bit when she has alot of pressure in her stomach.
She takes merilax but it's not working out.

I think the best thing for you to do is take her straight to her pediatrician and ask him/her to run tests and find the proper diagnosis for what may be causing your daughters vomiting. Get a second opinion if you don't think your doctor seems to know what they're doing. Either way the best way to get a diagnosis is to seek medical advice from the professionals. Best of luck and wishes for you and your child.  (+ info)

my doc said my daughter has pyloric stenosis. anyone help?

after posting a question on yahoo answers about 3 hours ago my babies were violently sick (projectile vomit) so i called out the doctor (my husband is a doctor but he's at work so i can't get hold of him) and he said he thinks that with some of her symptoms my little girl, Ruby, may have pyloric stenosis. he then asked me extensive questions about her feeding and vomiting patterns and told me she also had a pyloric mass in her stomach but he said there did not appear to be any changes in weight since birth as she is only 3 weeks old. the doctor wants her to be hospitalised in the morning as he said she as serious as most babies are.

has anyone else's baby had this illness?

i'm so scared - shes only tiny and it seems that she is really really ill.
i think i pretty much need someone to set my mind at rest because i have had the consultation and she is going into hospital tommorrow and i am truly terrified

My son was diagnoses with Pyloric Stenosis when he was 4 weeks old. It took our hospital almost a week to diagnose him and it almost cost him his life. He was so dehydrated that when I got him to the Children's Hospital they told me he only had hours until he would have been to far gone to help. This condition causes the body to not be able to digest or process any food through the intestines, so basically, the baby eats then vomits it right back up, without getting any benefit from it. He had surgery to correct the problem and he just turned 6 last Friday. It is scary and yes they are so little, but please go to the hospital as soon as possible and have the surgery done ASAP to prevent any complications. My heart goes out to you from one mom to another who has been in your shoes. Good luck and please don't worry, it's a simple operation and after it's done, your baby will be back to normal in a couple of days.

When we were discharged I read the doctor's recommendations and they were: Tylenol as needed and hugs and cuddles on demand lol. Hope this helps and makes you feel a little better.  (+ info)

Pyloric stenosis in babies? ?

I was just wondering if they are different type od Pyloric stenosis, or more Severe caes?

I am certain that there are varying degreees.

My husband was born with a Pyloric Stenosis. He is 45 years old now, but he had surgery around 6 weeks to correct it. He nearly died before that-his parents have said that the doctors suspected he was being abused/neglected before the problem was discovered and corrected. He has a scar from the surgery, going clear across his abdomen diagnoally. Anyway, his parents have said that he would projectile vomit everything he was fed, and he was starving.

Our son, now 8, was born with a ventral hernia. When he had his minor, outpatient surgery the surgeon was very interested in my husband's scar and story-even took pictures to show his students. Apparently now, the surgery can be done with just a couple of very tiny scars.  (+ info)

My 2 mth old has surgery for pyloric stenosis. He has tummy aches, and is unable to sooothe himself sometimes?

He doesn't like binkys, and doesn't suck his thumb....?
I do rock him to sleep and he like his swing and music.

my nephew had something kinda like this. he had surgery at about 4 months. we use to be able to soothe him by either taking a shower with him or putting him in a car seat and running the faucet. he also really liked the vacuum. i think it was the constant unchanging sound that helped him drown everything else away. hope this works  (+ info)

has anybody elses baby had to have surgery for pyloric stenosis?

my baby is 9 mths now but at 3 week he had to have surgery for pyloric stenosis which is the muscle around the tube in the stomach is 2 big they say its rare for baby girl but i had it when i was 3 week but my mom didnt know what it was till my son had it the dr.s at first told my it was acid reflex and he almost died from dehydration so i was just wondering if anyone else went threw this

I can give you a pediatrician's perspective, because your story is VERY common. I would be willing to bet that most parents of babies who have had pyloris stenosis (PS) will give you the same story.

The reason is that pyloric stenosis is a tricky problem to diagnose early. Typically a baby with PS starts out acting like most babies with garden variety reflux. They often get tried on reflux interventions (thickenned feeds, medication, etc.) The problem is that if you do an ultrasound too early, it won't show up as PS. The development of PS is a gradual process, and typically does not show up until it is at its peak. The key in diagnosing it is looking for progressive worsenning of symptoms, and the presence or projectile vomitting every feeding.

And since it often times won't show up until the baby is to the point that they are projectile vomitting everything they eat, then at that point they are starting to get behind on fluids. Luckily, proper communication between parents and pediatrician will help identify the problem when it get to that point, so an ultrasound can be done and the diagnosis gets made. Babies VERY rarely ever get the the point that they are near death from dehydration. But if we did ultrasounds right away on every baby who spits up, PS would get missed a LOT.  (+ info)

I like to see the scars of guys who've had pyloric stenosis. Any way of getting pictures ?

Reading your profile and the questions you have asked i think you have a strange obsession with this...
Maybe talking it through with aclose friend might help you....
Good luck  (+ info)

anybody out there ever experience a child with pyloric stenosis?

i have my son had it when he was 6 weeks i know it is a very scary timefor you but the doctors did a great job and there are no after effects he is a healthy 4 yr old now the only thing is he had a U.T.I. after and had to stay in the hospital for 1 month but he is great now i hope this makes you feel a little better there are not very many complications with this surgery so just let the doctors do their thing and pray to god that everything turns out o.k.  (+ info)

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