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i have puppy and he is 3 months old, and they have to be at least 6 months to have rabies right? cause i think he bit me on my foot or i scratch it, cause my mom was like, "you can't get them, because they have to be at least 6 months for rabies to be transmitted", is that true? thanks

Uh no that is not true.They can be born with rabies.  (+ info)


A dog has rabies right?? how come they get infected when they've been bitten by a rabid animal...will u get infected when you'd bitten by a dog
Is it possible we can gain rabies through a scratch??

As far as I know, rabies is just spread through the saliva. That is why you get it from being bitten. There are cures now, but you have to get the shots before symptoms arise otherwise it is usually too late. That is why usually anyone bitten by an animal that hasn't been up to date on rabies vaccinations are usually put through the series of shots "just in case".  (+ info)


anyone know where to find some good pictures of rabies, i cant find any.

I dont have a picture of rabies itself but I do have a kick butt pic of my cat bite. I had to take the rabies shots after the demonic devil bit me. Anyway you might could use some of the info in the article about getting those terrible shots.

http://associatedcontent.decenturl.com/cat-bite-results-in-painful  (+ info)

How does the rabies virus avoid white blood cells in the blood of a mammal?

The rhabdovirus, or rabies virus, causes serious damage to the spinal cord and nervous system. How does it avoid the white blood cells that normally would destroy the virus?

it's smart and cover and undercover like a good secret agent wearing black at night in a corridor  (+ info)

What is the treatment for symptomatic rabies?

When I read about rabies, the only treatment mentioned is immunization. I never find much about how to treat the symptoms of rabies. I know that once the disease is symptomatic there is no chance for survival, but I'm mainly interested in treatment that improves the quality of life. For example, treament that makes the patient more lucid, treatment to lower the temperature, treatment to prevent muscle spasms etc. Thank you in advance.

They are called "support measures", it means that depending on the symptoms the patient has, you treat them, this means: your're treating the symptoms, not the disease. For example: if the patient can't breath, he's put on a ventilator, that will breathe for him, if has pain, he's given pain drugs, has fever, he gets acetaminophen; they can also reicive muscle relaxants, or even be sedated with heavy drugs.

PS: There are two well documented cases in medical history of patients who survived symptomatic rabies without the vaccine  (+ info)

How can you tell if a raccoon has rabies?

I have trap set up outside and if i catch a raccoon how can i tell if it has rabies after killing it. Is the meat even good to eat? If the raccoon does have rabies will it make the meat bad?Thanks for helping!

I live down south and some poor folks to eat 'coon meat, but only as a last resort. They trap it and then feed it wonder bread (cheap white bread) for awhile to 'clean it out'. It has a consistency something like greasy chicken legs. They brine it at least 24 hrs, then they parboil it. Raccoons on the east coast states are as likely as not to be carrying rabies and you can't tell by looking unless they are deep in the throws of it.. foaming, staggering and so on. Some people actually like raccoon meat, but it is hard to prepare under the best of circumstances. My advice, if you are going to trap it anyway, why kill the little varmint. Just take a few minutes to drive it out away from your house if it is getting into stuff. Doesn't seem necessary to kill a thing simply because it is doing what nature guides it to do.  (+ info)

How Long can rabies live in a dead animal?

Lets say for example a bat had rabies and it died, how long would it take for the Rabies virus to die out?

Depends on the temperature, ranging from several hours in very hot weather to months in very cool weather. A dead rabid animal can be just as dangerous as a living one. Wear gloves and pick it up only using a shovel. Rinse the shovel and anything else it touched with bleach.  (+ info)

What is the difference between tetanus/rabies and normal vaccine?

Sir/Madam, We take vaccine as a precaution. However, the tetanus and rabies are administered after the incident. What is the difference between the two types of vaccines... Please explain.

Excuse me. Tetanus toxoid vaccines are administered before the fact as well as after. And should be updated every 10 years. Tetanus immune globulin is not a vaccine.

And the rabies vaccine can be administered prophylactically as well. It's an expensive vaccine given in a series so it's not often given as a prophylaxis unless there's a good reason for it.

The main difference between the two vaccines is that one is for tetanus and the other for rabies. Clostridium tetani antigen is an active ingredient in the tetanus vaccine. The rabies vaccine has the viral component fixed-virus strain Flury LEP and the antibiotics neomycin, chlortetracycline, and amphotericin B as active ingredients.  (+ info)

Is the anti-rabies vaccine safe during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy?

My cat bit me (for my fault - i stepped on him) on my toe drawing blood. He has had his anti-rabies shots about 9 mths back. However, i am wondering if i should also take an anti-rabies vaccine - is it safe for the baby at this stage?



How long does it take for rabies to happen?

It's been two to three weeks scince i got bit. I havn't showed any real signs of symptoms, but the people on YA are telling me i have rabies!! Would i have already been foaming at the mouth already? Could there still be a possibility that i can have it and NOT know it?

The virus travels slowly along the nerves and bites on face can begin in a day or two. Bites on the legs for example have to travel a long way and can take weeks to develop the disease.  (+ info)

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