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How does your mind react to rabies?

I know there is a technical answer out there, but I was curious to know if a person contracted rabies and let it set in a bit would it be like tripping on acid? Would you remeber it? I know it effects your mind and nerves. Does it make you want to kill or go crazy, or what? I'm not planning on trying it! DUH!!!! But just wanting to know.

I've (thankfully) have never had rabies, but here's what I found:
As the infection progresses, someone infected with rabies may develop any of the following symptoms:

excessive movements or agitation
bizarre or abnormal thoughts
muscle spasms
abnormal postures
seizures (convulsions)
weakness or paralysis (when a person cannot move some part of the body)
extreme sensitivity to bright lights, sounds, or touch
increased production of saliva or tears
difficulty speaking

The website said that rabies is nearly always fatal once symptoms appear, so I don't think you will find many people who have lived with advanced rabies.  (+ info)

Can I get rabies by having sex with my possibly exposed husband?

My husband was bit by an animal (he provoked it) that did not appear to have rabies. To be on the safe side he's getting rabies shots. He's only had one so far. If we are being cautious enough to get him the shots, should we take it so far as to not kiss or have sex until he's finished all five shots? It'll take about a month. Please don't answer unless you really know!

You are safe. Rabies is very rare in humans. getting bit by an infected animal gives us the disease and it will make you sick and possibly kill you however. You cannot get rabies from an infected persons bite. They aren't vampires we don't carry enough of the virus to cause a subsequent infections. So enjoy, it can be his reward for having to suffer through what I know to be some very painful injections.  (+ info)

How long do you have to wait before a rabies skin test can reliably diagnose the disease?

So I am just trying to figure out if you get a rabies skin test (after being bit), how long does it take for the skin test to be able to tell you if you have rabies or not?

Usually a person who is bit by a rabies suspect animal is not tested but is started on the post exposure rabies injections. You need to call your doctor. Once you have rabies...you die. There is no cure for rabies.  (+ info)

Can rabies from rabid dogs be transmitted solely through inhalation?

Me and a friend went to a pound whose standards are way below average. The dogs were all kept in one cage and it smelled awful. The condition was horrible. Disease seemed rampant among the animals. I was wondering whether we could get rabies just by inhaling the air. The place was in an open area where lots of sunlight can get through but it wasn't very sanitary. No dog saliva reached us in any way.

This following is a quote from the Centers for Disease and Control concerning the transmission of rabies.

"Transmission of rabies virus usually begins when infected saliva of a host is passed to an uninfected animal. Various routes of transmission have been documented and include contamination of mucous membranes (i.e., eyes, nose, mouth), aerosol transmission, and corneal transplantations. The most common mode of rabies virus transmission is through the bite and virus-containing saliva of an infected host."

Hope this answers your question....  (+ info)

How harmful do rabies are? How long will it take for a man to survive if he has been bitten by dog infected?

My 8 year old cousin died last May 27, 2007 and the findings of the doctor that cause his death was due to rabies, Is it possible that the rabies infection will take longer like for example months after he has bitten by the dog? Is it also possible that those people who were present beside the patient in the hospital during his medication were infected by rabies through skin contacts? If this is so, what are the precautionary measures to be taken in order to stop the rabies infection?

The fatality of rabies is really high with or without proper medical attention.

The prognosis or how long it take the man survive rabies virus depends on the site and intesity of bite injury. The rule of thumb is, the nearer to the head the more fatal.

It is possible that it will take weeks/months before the actual sign and symptoms appear. Especially if the site of bite was distal to the head(example:Leg).

Basically to understand more the Rabies, you need to know something about the disease.

Rabies virus was transmitted by any mammals with canine(fangs), that's why rat bite, hamster bite, guinea pig bite was consider rabies free. But on the contrary, you still need to seek medical assistance to have Anti-tetanus shot.

Rabies virus resides at the salivary gland of the animal infected.

The mode of transfer of Rabies is through Animal BITE or actual fluid transfer on the open wound. The virus cannot penetrate the intact skin. (It means you guys are perfectly safe).

The Rabies stays on the site for a while and travel through nerve pathway (not through the blood). Thats why it takes a while if you were bitten on the leg than on the neck area.

The best precautionary measure is to avoid suspected rabid animal. Give your pet dogs/cats rabies shot.

If you were bitten by suspected rabid animal, dont hesitate to go to the doctor.  (+ info)

How do animals caught rabies in the wild?

I would like to know just how do animals really caught rabies.
The way in which they go about getting the rabies. How?

Through biting or consuming infected animals.  (+ info)

How much and where can I get a rabies shot for dog bite?

I got bitten by a dog on the leg today. It only left a scratch, but it did break the skin. I'm looking to get a rabies shot, but where can I get a rabies shot and how much will that cost? I don't have insurance. Is there any government funded services that can give me rabies shot at a lowered cost? Can rabies vaccine be purchased without a prescription?

The Emergency Room at a County Hospital has to treat you, insurance of no insurance.  (+ info)

How would I go about getting a rabies vaccine?

Is it even possible to get one without being exposed? I am at a high risk of being exposed to the virus, I travel abroad very often and I'm worried about exposure because rabies is somewhat common in a few of the countries I plan on visiting this summer.

I had to take rabies shots after a animal bite. I found that only a hospital keeps the vaccine. It is very expensive and whomever who keeps it has to be certified and verified to have it on hand and to administer the injections and treatment. I wrote about my experience here if you want to read about the side effects I had etc.


I know that professionals who work with animals sometimes get an injection sort of like a pre- exposure thing. You should call your local hospital and discuss this with them. I am sure that someone in the ER can advise you.  (+ info)

Is the Rabies immunization shot given to dogs the same shot given to humans?

Likewise,if already given an immunization (either dogs or humans), will it guarantee a life-time immunity to rabies?

No, they are not exactly the same thing. There are also several different types of rabies vaccine, differing in not only the serum base but also if it's a live or dead viral culture. For humans, the FDA allows four different types of vaccine, one of which is human immune globlin based. There currently isn't any series of vaccinations that will give a dog lifetime immunity, and the yearly immunization is the most effective for giving them protection. Unlike with humans, there isn't any treatment for an animal with active rabies. With humans, there really isn't a shot to give immunity either. There is a series of three shots that are given, one each month, to humans that work in rabies hazardous situations. That generally gives them a protective immune titer, which is then checked each year to insure it's still high enough- if not they get a booster. What the immune titer does for you is buy time, really, by slowing down the disease. Even if you have recieved the series of shots, if you are bitten and have an actual exposure, you still get a booster shot- usually two of them, about a week apart I think. A vaccinated dog who is bitten and exposed is not usually in danger of developing the disease, and in most places are kept isolated for a month to six weeks, under observation. The vaccinations used for animals and humans are not interchangeable either. While it's true some medications are in common, species are usually pretty specific when it comes to the serums of their vaccinations- since you are going to be playing with the immune system. Your dog would die if given human immune globulin, and you wouldn't do too well with some of the preparations for a dog. Some of those are horse serum based, some egg - some I couldn't even tell you. But your veterinarian most certainly could. The rabies vaccine is the same as far as the virus involved, but not in carrier or dosage- and that's where the trick is. I hope I explained this clearly for you. The same virus yes, but the same otherwise, no. And there is no lifetime immunity, just enough resistance that a post exposure booster will finish the job.  (+ info)

Can one have rabies when he drinks using the cup of one who was infected by rabies?

I would like to know if we can get rabies when using the utensils of somebody who was suspected of having symptoms of rabies ( he was bitten by a dog). Or can we get infected if we are drinking in the same cup? Can alcohol drink kills the virus?

Rabies is transmitted by saliva. If the guy was bitten by a dog that may have had rabies, he needs to have already gone to a doctor about it, not boozing it up at a kegger.  (+ info)

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