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Can people with rabies bite others and get infected like the movie quarantine, but not turn into zombies?

I always wandered if it were possible if someone infected with rabies could pass it on to someone else by biting.

Rabies is a serious disease. the main agent which is a virus will affect the brain causing encephalitis. Patient progress from a flu like syndrome to mental confussion and a fatal disease with coma and respiratory arrest. They never turn to zoombies. Usually is fatal. Sometimes the use of immunoglobulin may hasten the progression of the disease, but usually nothing cures rabies. The virus is transmitted by saliva, secretions and blood, thus why a bite is the most usual way of transmission. The animals that carry rabbies in North America most commonly are racoons. In another places bats, cats and dogs.  (+ info)

How often should a pet dog be inoculated against rabies?

I have two large pitbulls, the male weighs 116 lbs (53Kg) and the female 84 lbs (38Kg) and live in a relatively rabies free area. They were last inoculated about 18 months ago.

See your veterinarian. He/she may recommend the rabies shot that "lasts" three years. This may be the most effective choice for your dogs.

I use the three-year rabies vaccinations for my cats and the one-year rabies vaccination for my dog, but then I use the yearly vet visit not just for the rabies shot. The vet clips her toenails, weighs her, looks at her teeth and her eyes, and otherwise does a general health check!  (+ info)

How long does it take for rabies virus to transfer?

If a rabid dog bit a healthy dog (but said healthy dog didn't have rabies vaccine) and then the healthy dog bit someone an hour or so later, would that person be at risk for rabies? Or is there like a certain amount of time the virus would have to be in the animals body for it to be transferable?

I'm pretty sure that the person would be fine, as most viruses like that have an incubation period of several days, but there still may be a chance I really don't know and you don't know that the dog that bit the person hadn't been infected by another rabid animal several days earlier, in which case it would be highly contagious. Rabies is a very serious disease and whoever was bitten should definitely see a doctor immediately anyway, because once rabies has become symptomatic it is usually fatal, so better to be safe  (+ info)

How do mammals get rabies in the first place?

I mean i no you can get rabies through scratches and bites from a rabies infected animal, but are some mammals born with rabies? Where did it originate from? Is it air-borne, genetic etc

No. It is NOT a genetic or inherited condition. It's an infectious disease like HIV. Transmitted through body fluids from another infected animal.   (+ info)

What are my chances of getting rabies from a chipmunk?

I was saving a chipmunk from a neighborhood cat, and the darn thing bit me on my thumb when I was trying to carry it to safety. I bled badly but I cleaned it well and put neosporin and a bandaid on the wound. It's healing nicely and isn't infected. But now I'm worried about the possibility of contracting rabies from the chipmunk. I've never been bitten before by a wild animal so I don't know what to think. Anyone know?

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Can a mother raccoon not have rabies and the babies have rabies?

I was just curious if there is any way for a baby raccoon, or any species of animals that are known to carry rabies, could have rabies, while the mother is fine?

If a baby were to somehow contract rabies, then the mother would soon contract it as well. The babies would have had to have been in contact with another infected animal though- which is very unlikely.  (+ info)

What role does the UK government have in the management of rabies and foot and mouth?

Hello. In a section of my assignment I am required to explain the role of the government (United Kingdom, not USA) in the management of Rabies and Foot and Mouth disease. Could anyone give me any sources or help with any explanations? Your answers are very much appreciated.

About management of rabies can be read in http://health-schools.blogspot.com/?q=management%20of%20rabies  (+ info)

Is rabies a hereditary disease and how does it spread to humans from animals?

plz tell me in deatil about rabies and what happen if a pet rabbit bite u.

how to check that if he is infected or not.
is petting rabbit safe.

rabies is not hereditary, you could get rabies if any canine(dog family) infected by rabies bites you.

things to do if you get bitten
check if that animal dies within 2 weeks, if no you donot have rabies.
if yes, the animal should be sent for test and seek a doctor immediately.
the disease is fatal once it is set in.  (+ info)

Does a rabies vaccine always have to be in the stomach area?

If yes please explain why. I never had rabies and never intend to. I just want to know does it have to be done this way?

No, it is just a normal shot in the arm.  (+ info)

What are some signs of a person having rabies?

Today while breaking up a cat fight between my neighbors cat and a stray cat, the stray bit and scratched me all up my arm. I've washed it out with soap and water and put polysporin on it, but if I were to have gotten rabies, what are some of the symptoms I should look for? Also, what should I do if these symptoms pop up? Thanks for the help!
Okay, so if I have cat scratch fever... What are the symptoms of that?

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