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Are one year rabies vaccinations the same dose as three year vacinations?

I had just vacinated my dog with a three year rabies in a state that offers it. We had to move, suddenly, to a state where the three year is not offered nor recognized. Now, in order to license my dog in this new state, I have to vacinate her for rabies again. Will this cause her harm or are one yaer rabies vacinations the same as three year one as I have been told?

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How can you tell if an aminal has rabies?

I think one or two of my cats have rabies and i am not sure. I came home and found blood in the bath tube and it wasnt' anyones in the house. None of the cats have blood on them either.

Finding blood in the bath tub, even it if came from one of your cats, isn't an indication of rabies.

The symptom of rabies usually follows one of two courses.

You may see changes in the animal's behaviors, such as signs that it isn't feeling well. A human at this stage my simple describe it as feeling a bit under the weather. Fever may be present.

The appatite and water intake my decrease and there may be a change in the sound of the animals voice.

From here, symptoms start to diverge. If the animal developes furious rabies, they may become restless, aggressive and "mad'. This is usually when they'll star foaming at the mouth. They do this because the virus causes painful muscle spasms in the throat and they cannot swallow. The animal may start to convulse and eventually become paralyzed.

Or, instead of developing furious rabies, the animal could develope paralytic rabies.

Instead of becoming "mad" they become subdued and develope weakness and have trouble lifting their head and moving about. They may also begin to choke.

In both cases, the animal typical eventually slips into a coma and dies.

Cats and dogs can be vaccinated against rabies to reduce the risk of contracting it, humans can be treated for rabies exposure only if symptoms have not yet occured. You can contract rabies by coming into contact with any bodily fluids from the animal, as long as it has a way to enter your blood stream. Rabies has an unusually varied incubation period between the time of exposure and onset of symptoms. This could be a few days to many years, but is typically a few weeks.

Be aware that cats occasionally act irradically, fior example, running through the house like wild maniacs, simply because that's what cats do.

Animals cannot be tested for rabies without being killed, and I doubt your cats have it.

The blood could have come from you and you simply didn't notice, or one of the cats could have a small cut on them or in their mouth that you can't find.

What you can do is take your cats to a low cost vaccination clinic and have them vaccinated against rabies so you don't have to worry about it.  (+ info)

What can I do at home for my dog who just started havin seizures after rabies vaccine?

My 8 month old pit bull started havin seizures after getting a rabies vaccine what can i do at home to help her.

Hello, I'm a doctor. Use Neurontin. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to ----> http://med7.notlong.com/7AASBoY  (+ info)

Can rabies be spread from human to human through sex?

My partner had an encounter with a rabid cat about a month ago. They have had their shots now and seem to be healthy. Is it safe for us to resume sexual activity? Is rabies like an STD? I'm asking because I read somewhere that people can give rabies to others through organ transplants. I figured sex fluids could count too.

You are absolutely right. Precuations are needed.

If you goggle in "Rabies and sexual activity" you will be directed to a web site which will give so much more information than I can give here.  (+ info)

Should I immediately get rabies shots after being bitten by a kitten in the neighborhood?

The kitten comes from a group of cats that are not rabid. I can actually quarantine the kitten. It doesnt seem to be behaving abnormally. I am thinking if i should get rabies shot just for precaution.

CDC recommendations is that the animal needs to be quarentine for 10 days.

If the cat is a stray and unvaccinated, and broke the skin. You need to go to a doctor - your big concern isn't rabies it is actually infection (very common in cat bites). Once you report it to your doctor, your doctor will contact the health department which can come get the cat and quarentine it.

If the cat develops rabies and dies within the 10 days, then you will be vaccinated. If it doesn't have rabies, then you will have been saved 5-6 somewhat painful and VERY EXPENSIVE injections.  (+ info)

Where can I get the rabies vaccination for myself?

I will be working with wild animals and need to get a rabies vaccination, but my primary doctor does not administer the vaccine. Where can I go for this?

Try your local health department.  (+ info)

How long does it take for rabies to still be curable?

Alright, so I was bitten by a dog 5 years ago, and I don't know what happened to the dog. My question is, if I had rabies from that dog, can I still be cured? Since it's been 5 years and all that.

Rabies cannot usually be cured after symptoms manifest themselves. A vaccine needs to be administered well before that to stop the virus from attacking the brain in the first place. The girl mentioned was Jeanna Giese in 2004, and miraculously she was saved by radical treatment. Almost all people die in a matter of days.

Rabies has an incubation period between about 2 weeks and many months, fortunately for you it is extremely unlikely that you could be infected 5 years ago and still be alive.  (+ info)

How much effective is Homeopathy in rabies treatment?

I am taking treatment for rabies (post-bite) in homeopathy. Is it effective?

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How do I make sure my Rabies stay with me forever?

Ok so a couple weeks ago my Rabies came back. How do I make sure my Rabies don't leave again? I cannot FUNCTION properly without my Rabies.

Stop sleeping with Slutty Pineapples with STD's so great that it kills off the rabies.  (+ info)

In rabies do you get a tingling sensation at the bite or near/around the bite?

A tingling sensation is one of the first signs of rabies, but exactly where is the tingling?
Define tingling?
Also is it always a tingling or is it like a dull pain?

Please be specific with any extra details you can provide. Best answer goes to most detailed person.

Thankx this is very important so please respond with the best possible answer.

I think the tingling would take the form of paresthesia, more commonly known as pins and needles. The area would also be prone to fasciculations (muscle twitching). The pain would be a neuropathic pain. If you've ever had a throbbing sensation on your thumb or anywhere that seems to happen for no reason, that's neuropathic (but not normally serious). It could be dull, sharp, burning, piercing or what I call 'buzzing'. A sort of electric feeling. In all, it may just feel like a trapped nerve. Rabies is very hard to recognize in the prodromal stage. Only six people have ever survived symptomatic rabies in the history of medicine, and before medicine nobody would have had a chance. If you think you may have rabies it's important to get treatment as soon as possible. But as I said, symptomatic rabies is virtually 100% fatal. I hope you find this useful.  (+ info)

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