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How do rabies virus get into your blood stream through mouth?

How do rabies virus get into your blood stream through mouth? Won't you digest it and have your stomach acid kill it?

Dogs and cats can ingest it by getting the saliva or blood
of a rabid animal in their mouths where it will be absorbed through
the mucous membranes.  (+ info)

What happens to people when they get rabies?

Will the same thing happen, like in the movie Quarantine. Will you be like animals and start biting other people? What happens if you don't get the shot for rabies if an animal bites you?

If a animal (who is infected with rabies) bites you and you do not immediately receive adequate medical treatment, you will, sadly, die.

What is Rabies?

* A virus, Rabies is spread from infected animals to people or other animals by saliva
* Spread by a bite or by contact with contaminated saliva on a cut or moist tissues (mouth, nose or eyes) from an infected animal
* An infected animal, can spread rabies even before there are any signs of the disease
* All animals that contract rabies will die
* If not treated immediately, rabies is fatal to humans  (+ info)

Is it possible to get rabies from a small bite?

I have a shih tzu that bit me and punctured the skin.. She's only two months old and I have not taken her to get vaccinated yet. Is it possible for me to get rabies? How can I tell if my dog has rabies.

First of all, you need to make sure your pet is getting its proper vaccines. Even if you are thinking that she will not be an outside dog, therefore not exposed to rabies, you are sorely mistaken. Bats and other small rodents with rabies can get into your home. Or, if your dog gets away from you when outside, you are leaving her open to many preventable illnesses - some, such as rabies, which are fatal.

Second. If your dog has been exposed to rabies, there is a *chance* that you could get it. Incubation ranges from 10 days to over 60 days. So your dog *could be* symptom-free for a good month or more and you would not know it. It is spread primarily by contact with the saliva. There is no definitive test for rabies for an animal, other than doing a biopsy on the animals brain after it dies. I will post a link regarding symptoms and other info as an edit.

If you are very worried, you can have the series of shots. They are not what they were in the years past (30 in the stomach). While it is unlikely that you will get rabies, we on YA can't make that decision for you. You know what kind of exposure your dog has had, and how high the risk is. Keep in mind that if you are going to seek treatment, you need to do so quickly for it to be effective.

As for your bite wound. Wash it well, soak it in a (cleaned) bucket of hot water and Betadyne solution (1 part Beta to 3 parts water) for a good 10-15 minutes, then pat dry and cover lightly with a bandage. Watch for swelling, redness or "streaks" on your skin going away from the wound. If you see any of these, see your doc.

Good luck!  (+ info)

How much plutonium would one have to consume in order to irradicate the rabies virus if infected?

If bitten by a rabid cat, which I was last week, jurys still out on the rabid part, how much weapons grade 235U must I ingest to irradicate a potential rabies infection?

This is a trick question right?
Only someone using that sort of name would ask such a dumb question!  (+ info)

Why is rabies sometimes refered to as hydrophobia?

I was doing some vocabulary homework and while reading the definitions, i noticed that rabies was one of them. Is there any history on that?

Rabies at one time was also called hydrophobia and as stated because the didn't drink water when infected. This term has gone out of use much the same as calling a seizure a fit has gone out of use. The correct terminology is just to call it rabies.  (+ info)

How much does treatment for rabies cost?

I was bitten by a stray kitten yesterday. Though it appeared healthy and the bite was definately provoked (I was trying to catch it so I could take it to the shelter and like an idiot didn't wear gloves), my family is convinced I'll get rabies. Now, I'm worried I'll get rabies. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to see about rabies shots. However, I do not have health insurance and am very concerned that I might not be able to pay for the shots, as I have heard they are quite expensive. So, does anyone know the price of rabies treatment without insurance?
And yes, I have "looked online" and I can't find prices.


You don't need a course of rabies therapy.

Make a free call to animal control. They will quarantine the kitten for 10 days. If after this, the cat is healthy, you can keep the cat and live your life rabies-free.

Make sure you vaccinate the kitten. And if you want to keep playing with strays, you might want to consider the rabies vaccine yourself. It is a series of 3 injections. (Honestly, they hurt only as much as a flu shot).

The good news about rabies (if there is good news) is that it has a very long incubation time. Essentially, if someone is bitten they do not get sick right away. They get sick weeks to months (and in rare cases, years) later. This allows plenty of time to watch household pets.

Also, as you describe your exposure, the risk of rabies is quite small.  (+ info)

How long after my first two rabies jabs can I get the third without having to do the whole course again?

In 2006 I had 2 jabs of the course of 3 for rabies. I had to travel with only two because I was travelling sooner than it took to complete the course (it was complicated!). Now I'm travelling to a rabies risk area again, and would like to complete the course. Will I have to have all three jabs, or can I complete the original course and only have one?

If you didn't get all 3 of the series, you are not covered.

Rabies vaccines vary, so you will need to call your doctor to see if you will need to start over or if you will just need the one follow up.

A phone call (consult) is free.

Good luck!  (+ info)

Can a human with rabies attack other people?

I know what rabies is the effects on a human ect, but can it make a human go ''crazy'' or attack other people.

Just a question.

Can they? Yes. Rabies attacks nerve tissue, including the brain, and produces delirium, paranoia, and terror. That's why rabid animals attack people - they're frightened.  (+ info)

Is there a way to diagnose and get rid of rabies in my dog?

Literally, 10 minutes ago a raccoon bit and hurt my dog. Specifically it bit my dog around the mouth area. My dog has not been vaccinated for Rabies in a long time. If I take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible can it be taken care of? I don't want her to get euthanized. Most sources are saying that she will get euthanized.

The gold standard for diagnosing rabies is by performing viral cultures of the brain tissue AFTER death. One may also test body secretions or the saliva for 'Negri bodies' inclusions, but this is not so sensitive. You can try to quarantine the raccoon in order to determine if it is rabid. You also have to quarantine your dog, and look out for signs such as abnormal pacing, worsening temperament, drooling saliva and aquaphobia (refuses to touch water). Of course, the incubation period of the rabies virus is very variable from weeks to months. But once symptoms set in, it can prove fatal within days.
You should take it to your veterinarian as soon as possible. He will know what to do best. Not sure if post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) given to humans after rabies infection/exposure will also work on canines. Ask your vet. Good luck.  (+ info)

When a person has rabies do they bite the people around them?

All I have found are videos of people with rabies restrained. They writhe around, and yell. Im not linking anything because Im afraid someone will get offended and report this.

But, when not restrained do they try and bite other people like animals do?

If per chance, you know someone with rabies and they are at that stage, say good-bye. Dementia is a latter symptom and if not treated at this stage, there is little hope. Some survive but with a very deleted body. By the way, reporting rabies is mandatory if suspected. Now to try to answer your question, animals bite when confused because it is their Natural defence. The are demented and irrational and behave defensively and scared. Any animal that doesn't recognize its surroundings will behave this way. A human can become irrational but will seem very disoriented, but generally won't bite unless restrained and that becomes his/her only defense.

Another question arises and that is how a person contacted this affliction. There is a real danger that the human got bitten or came in contact with an afflicted animals saliva. This animal must, I repeat, must be reported and stopped from infecting anything else. I hope this has been some help.  (+ info)

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