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Ok, serious medical question about radial neuropathy?

My fiance went to a neuro-surgeon who told him he has radial neuropathy in his left hand. MRI & CAT scans have all been done on his neck which was broken 2 1/2 years ago. The doc says its from leaning on his arm, but the problem is, he has never leaned on his arm, and the arm only went numb after he had a massive panic attack from the pain he is still dealing with in his neck. But the doc says it isn't connected with his neck.... How is that? He also expierences massive jolts in the middle of the night that keep him awake. He says it feels like an electric shock that goes through his whole body at once. Not to mention the massive headaches that go on for weeks even with medication. He is getting an EMG on the 9th, but in the meantime is there something he can do for the jolts or to keep his muscle in his upper wrist from deteriorating? Or even tips on how he can deal with the massive pain in his shoulders and neck?
There was a compression of c5,c6 and c7 overlapping of the facet joint of c6 and c7. Fracture of c6 and compression of T1 and bone spurring on either c5 or c6, we can't quite remember.

So what did the MR say? What was broke in his neck? How is his triceps strength left compared to right? Can he extend his wrist on the left hand? You are asking yahoo board for advice after seeing a neuro? You sure he is neurologist and not orthopedic surgeon?

Ortho dont know much more than, "cut it out," neuro are normally the best at this type of problem. If I had x-rays and MRI i would take them to a good chiropractor and see what he says. By good, I mean one that has graduated recently from a Univerisity like National. This can be an impingment anywhere along the radial nerve. It starts at c5 thru T1 and becomes the radial nerve. It can be compressed at the neck, brachial plexus, elbow or wrist. The EMG will help out. Remember, chiro before surgery. Once it is cut there is no way to go back. When all else fails then you get surgery.  (+ info)

What is the best way to treat Optic Neurology/Neuropathy that persists with Chronic Pain?

My friend has suffered with this condition for years, and has gone to about all Specialists she can go to. She had a Radial Keropathy (RK) done years ago, before Laser Surgery became a big thing. She suffers so much, and I hate seeing her in this much pain. She in NOT diabetic. She needs help. She does use eye drops for the dry eye she has so much problems from. PLEASE HELP! I've asked this question before- I need some help with this situation, and I am BOUND and DETERMINED to get this resolved for her. Thanks for any logical and helpful input. It is truly appreciated.

The reason you are having problems with your question is that you are providing problem data.

The RK may be a cause. I'm sure that those radial lines are causing a lot of glare, those types of symptoms. It may have caused irregular healing of the cornea and she scrapes her eye every time she blinks. I'm not sure a transplant would be indicated. I'd have her see a cornea specialist to determine whether there's anything that she can do.

The optic neuropathy problem is totally different. She's probably young. Young people usually do not get optic neuropathies all by themselves. These inflammations are usually associated with systemic problems such as Multiple Sclerosis, etc. I'd not drop that on her but have her seen by a neuroophthalmologist.

If she has questions, have her contact me or address her issues in this forum. There are some very sharp people who look at these questions that may be able to direct her better.  (+ info)

What is the root cause of itchy sensation due to neuropathy?

I have tingling, electric-like needle pin puncture and itchy sensations in my body. I thought this was an allergy but I doubt that it is related to neuropathy. Please help me to recognized the difference between allergy and neuropathy. I have history of allergy and also neuropathy. I am confused.
Can a neuropahtic pain have mild symptoms of itchy sensation similar to allergy?

neuropathy will usually have a more pain-like tingling sensation, allergy is more itchy, no pain involved since there is no nerve involvement with an allergy.  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for the pain of Neuropathy?

I have had neuropathy for at least 8 years and the pain appears to be getting more difficult to control. The pain is primarily in my feet and lower legs. I take Lyrica twice a day but have all of the side effects associated with this product. I need help desperately but don't know where to find it. My neurologist has ordered a neuropathy profile on me and has tried several different kinds of medicines, all of which have been totally innefective. Any ideas?

Meditation, self-hypnosis (mind control). This sounds wierd, but it works. It is an arduous process, but you can learn.

If you can find a quiet place to lay and close your eyes, do so. Clear your mind of all thoughts, and try to "see" in your minds eye the affected area. Think to yourself "there is no pain". Do this as often as necessary. It does work. It is much better than medicationg. Narcotic pain relievers are just too addictive. I am now trying to get off of them after a number of years of prescribed use. It is more painful to stop taking the pills than the original pain was. Now I am in misery if I do not take Suboxone - a medication used to assist in Opioid Addiction Therapy. It stops the withdrawl. But that has nothing to do with you, except to say PLEASE be careful if you are taking narcotic pain relievers.  (+ info)

What remedies are there to relieve foot neuropathy caused by diabetes?

My mom has Type II diabetes and is suffering from neuropathy in her feet. I have read on websites that there is treatment but was curious if any of you out there who have this have any remedies for relief...like home remedies or know of any kind of over the counter cream that helps? She also has the burning and tingling sensation at times that keep her up at night. Diabetic community....PLEASE HELP!!! Any suggestions?

I found this article that I think will answer your question.  (+ info)

What is the best solution to Diabetic Neuropathy in hands and feet?

I have recently developed Diabetic Neuropathy in my feet and it keeps me up at night with the pain. I am using a prescription called "voltaren" which my doctor suggested, but it only partially works. Is there anyone who has found a better solution?

B vitamins and folic acid.  (+ info)

What is the best way to help diabetic neuropathy, other than watching your blood sugar levels?

I have been a diabetic for 32 years, and I just have been told I have diabetic neuropathy in my legs. Does anyone know any good exercises, lotions etc that will help, besides some meds from the doctor?

Diabetic neuropathy is not curable. Of course the primary med prescribed is neurontin. However, it is often thought that over the counter vitamin b-12 and vitamin e benefit the nerves. Wear good socks and shoes...check your feet often and keep them lotioned with any unscented lotion (just make sure alcohol is not in the first few ingredients listed as alcohol is a drying agent). It's also a great idea to see a podiatrist for any nail cutting. One small wound, cut or nik can cost you your foot as neuropathy consists of numbness and tingling of the foot and you could have a sore there but not feel it. As far as exercises that help...haven't heard much out there that benefits neuropathy..but exercise in general is a good idea to promote blood circulation as circulation is decreased in diabetics. Hope this has helped you somewhat. Best wishes.  (+ info)

What B vitamins are good to take to help relieve foot neuropathy?

Ive heard that B vitamins can help relieve foot neuropathy. Can someone tell me what kind to buy at the store? Thanks :)

The B vitamins will only help if that is related to the cause of the neuropathy. If the neuropathy is due to diabetes, do not expect to see any difference.  (+ info)

What is the best medication for neuropathy? I have it really bad in my ft from a blood clot about 6 yrs ago.?

I am on oxycodone every 4 hrs 15 mg and it does not seem to help plus I take 2 zonagran tablets at night with two lorazapam tablets. I get no releif from the pain of neuropathy. It is worse at night. Can anyone give me any suggestions. Thank you.

In no particular order:

- Lyrica
- gabapentin
- Cymbalta  (+ info)

Any experts out there on Optic Neuropathy/Neurology?

I have someone I care about who needs answers. She has gone to MANY specialists, had Radial Keropathy (RK) procedure done before laser procedures were ever utilized. She suffers with EXTREME pain on a daily basis. Anybody out there that suffers with this? Please help!! Thank you!

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