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have no dental insurance and need to have a ranula removed?

any suggestions as to how much the entire proedure would cost? also, is there any alternative payment options that dont involve credit....this is an emergency as it is causing swelling of my face and slurred speech

Check to see if there is a dental collage around, usually you can have discounted procedures done. Dental issues are BIG issues which could lead to heart or other problems! What is a ranula?  (+ info)

Is it possible for acid reflux or indigestion to cause a ranula?

Very unlikely.
The main causes of ranulas:

The most frequently injured glands are the minor salivary glands of the lower lip.

The mechanism of injury is mechanical, with the tissue of the lower lip becoming caught between the maxillary anterior teeth and the mandibular anterior teeth during mastication or with the habit of biting one's lip. This trauma results in a crush-type injury and severance of the excretory duct of the minor salivary gland. In the palate, low-grade chronic irritation (eg, from heat and noxious tobacco products) may cause these lesions to develop.

Mucoceles occur when injury to the minor salivary glands occurs usually secondary to trauma; biting one's lip; chronic inflammation with periductal scarring; excretory duct fibrosis; prior surgery; trauma from oral intubation; or rarely, minor salivary gland sialolithiasis.

Most mucoceles occur because of severance of the excretory duct and extravasation of mucus into the adjacent tissue.  (+ info)

Do you think taking oral prohormones under the tongue can cause a Ranula?

Ask your doctor. Even online they don't say anything, so probably not. But I'd ask your doctor.  (+ info)

I think lip cyst/ranula has returned after a fortnight?

OK so i got my cyst on my lip (lower right) removed a fortnight ago. the whole sac was removed, but now, a fortnight later, it is infected and keeps pussing. and it feels hard as if it were a cyst liek there is a ball in tehre and it is slightly raised!! what is happening?

you are now having the post surgery reactions , you will be recovered soon believe me.  (+ info)

can i lip cysts/ranula return if you've had the whole sac removed not just drained?

The salivary glnad hasn't been removed, just the cyst and sac. could it have returned after 2weeks? it feels swollen and really hard like a ball and is pussy too. it feels as if there is a sac in there as it is really hard

Sure can.. If any of the nasty stuff gets left in the wound..  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had a Ranula before?

I'm pretty positive that I have one. I used to only get it like once every two weeks, and it would burst and go away.
Now it's at least once a day.
I'm going to the dentist tomorrow, and I'm going to talk to him about it, but what did you do for your ranula?
Does the surgery hurt/what is it like?
(never had any surgeries before)

Ranula?  (+ info)

Anybody know about a "ranula"?

I have a ranula on the inside of my lower lip, and i am getting it taken care of in a few days. Does anyone know how this is commonly treated? Do they put me under for the procedure? I`m a little wary of being knocked out completely. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

This is a small cyst like swelling and needs to be removed in totallity. It is benign. No you can be awake and you will be given local anesthesia. Healing is quick if it is small. A biopsy must be done on the excised tissue and you must request the results.  (+ info)

I had a Ranula (tongue cyst) surgically removed last week (PICS). Now 5 more are back! Do I have a disease?!?

Last week I had a Ranula surgically removed. Here was a picture of my Ranula:

I don't like to look into my mouth anymore because of how gross the hole that was left from surgery looked but I decided to check on it a few minutes ago. I found that the hole in my mouth was almost healed, but to my horror I fount FIVE more Ranulas in my mouth that are about half the size of the last Ranula.

I am only 15 and my mom said we have to obviously go back to the oral surgeon. Do I have some kind of disease!?!?

  (+ info)

does ranula treatment hurts?

I never have any form of surgery before so this is the first time and i am feeling really nervous about it.

A little bit but you get painkillers  (+ info)


i have a big ranula under my tongue... once i bit it and there was a hole... so later on.... some oily liquid was coming out of it and half an hour later the ranula became very very small... and 2 days later it returned to its normal size... is it safe to bite it again and make it smaller???

Ranula is a cystic swelling below tongue. It is filled with fluid. If you bite it, the fluid will come out but its walls will remain there, & will fill again. Biting it is no treatment.


there are 2 types of operations:


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