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what is the cause of leukopenia and frequent respiratory infections?

I have suffered from neutropenia and leukopenia for the last 2 years. I get frequent respiratory infections. I suffer from malabsorbtion. I smoke 6 to 8 cigarettes a day. What is causing my resiratory infections and leukopenia?

Your immune system controls the blood problem, which sounds like it may become serious. Can you see an infectious disease specialist?
Malabsorption causes vitamins to be washed out of your system further weakening your immune system. The vitamins needed to correct body imbalance just gets wasted. The malabsorption is being caused by something - your doc should be able to help you with this. It's putting you in a vicious cycle.
With the total pic in mind, you're struggling to fight a pretty hard battle, especially adding cigarettes to the picture. If you can get your doc's help, have him order something to help you stop. There are many great meds out there now that work. This will definitely make a difference in the no. of respiratory infections you get.
Keep an open mind & it's worth trying new treatments as apparently what you've tried has not worked.
Hope I've helped you!  (+ info)

Could a potential milk allergy cause symptoms like upper respiratory infections?

Or are just vomiting and rashes the only thing?

Could a baby have upper respiratory infections only and be allergic to the milk protiens?

Please, if you do not know, then don't pretend to know or give me a dumb answer or tell me to call the doc, cause I already know, but it is the weekend right now, so I have to wait.

Thanks in advanced!
TLSMOM, what formula do you use, what DID you use also?

I honestly do not think so. Milk allergies are usually shown in GI symptoms (think diarrhea and throwing up) not in respiratory issues. Throwing up, and some other milk allergy symptoms can lead to respiratory issues (like aspiration) but I think those GI sighs would have presented first.

So I would say that a milk allergy symptoms could cause respiratory issues, but there would be other those other symptoms as well.  (+ info)

How to prevent upper respiratory infections ?

I stayed home from work today with what feels like the beginning of an upper respiratory infection. I used to get them a lot as a child, but then for probably 20 years I almost never got them. Now in the last couple of years, I seem to get two or three every year. I know how to avoid colds....washing my hands a lot, not touching my face, get lots of vitamin C, etc. But is there a way to keep from getting these darned infections?? (By the way....any advice for helping get rid of one besides antibiotics would be great, too!)

Im in the same boat as you. I was put on inhalers during the winter/sping and fall months to help with the tightness in my chest and to help break up the congestion but I was never told of any remedies that I can continue through the season to help with the constant congestion etc. Antibiotics like the Z-pak are available but studies have shown that frequent use of hte meds can build up an immunity to them causeing them to not take effect after time. So Im out for using them now.

I take an otc med called Airborne. The stuff developed by the 2nd grade teacher who was tired of catching all the kooties from kids why she was working and I take it religiously every day. Sometimes even twice a day. I swear by it now. I developed a little cold 3 days before I was supposed ot be in a wedding and just by taking that stuff it didnt escalte past a runny nose for 1 day. Usually I wind up with all sorts of things. M
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How many americans die each day/year from respiratory infections?

how many americans die each day/year from respiratory infections?
This is an informative paper btw.
Ignore my last added detail. wrong question
I need an actual number/percentage.

Too many, and it's only going to get worse because of the damage to the ozone layer and pollutants etc. The sad part is mos of the deaths can be avoided through educational resources but most schools and learning institutions don't have a curriculum in place for it. SAD!!!!!  (+ info)

ExplainWhy do people with chronic bronchitis have a higher than normal rate of respiratory infections?

Why do people with chronic bronchitis have a higher than normal rate of respiratory infections. Explain what the primary cause is and what is happening at the cellular level

On of the effects of the chronic bronchitis is , it sluggishes the function of muco-ciliary function of the respiratory tract hence it can not effectively clear the foreign particles and so on. It is one of the reasons why they are vulnerable to other respiratory infections.
The second reason is due to increased sputum production which gives the suitable medium for any microbe to thrive which eventually can raise an infection.  (+ info)

why do smokers have an increased incidence of coughing and respiratory infections?

exposure to tobacco smoke immobilize and destroys cilia. how might this effect why do smokers have an increased incidence of coughing and respiratory infections?

The mucus linings of your bronchi (airways) are responsible for trapping some of the larger foreign particles that you breathe in all day every day. Cilia are responsible for moving that mucus upward and out of your airways to aid in expectoration (coughing up phlegm). If the cilia are destroyed, the foreign particles are trapped in your mucus linings and the mucus cannot be pushed out of your lungs and into you esophagus like usual. This can cause respiratory infections and increased coughing. Not to mention cigarette smoke destroys your type II pneumocytes in your alveoli, which causes pulmonary disorders like emphysema.  (+ info)

Why do some people develop sudden respiratory infections during surgery and die?

I know a few people who went in for surgery and were in perfectly good health before it. Then the next thing I know they were on breathing tubes and then died. I'm just wondering how can a person develop a sudden respiratory infection during surgery and then die from it?

Read: Why hospital infections are commonly drug resistant and lethal (after surgery)? from http://yefimsanswers.blogspot.com/2009/02/why-hospital-infections-are-commonly.html  (+ info)

What does nonmotile sperm with cytoskeleton defect have to do with respiratory disease/infections?

Patient has a hereditary form of a male sterility involving nonmotile sperm. His condition is traced to defects in the cytoskeleton components of the sperm's flagella. Based on these findings, the physician suspects that Kevin also has a long history of recurrent respiratory tract disease. Kevin confirms that he has had colds, bronchitis, and influenza more frequently than his friends. Why would the physician suspect that Kevin probably had a history of frequent respiratory disease based on his diagnosis of sterility due to nonmotile sperm?

I suspect that you are "testing" the yahoo answers audience rather than asking a real question. In any case, I would guess that Kevin suffers from Kartegener's syndrome, or primary ciliary dyskinesia.

Although there are familial forms, patients with Kartegener's syndrome can have a variety of mutations that affect the functioning of their cilia.

Cilia are microscopic whip-like structures that are found in various parts of the body. They have a variety of functions including facilititating cellular movement, emrbryonic developement, clearing secretions, etc.

A genetic defect that impairs the function of these cilia will clinically manifest itself whereever these cilia are found.

The whip-like tail of the spem is actually the cilia of the sperm. Our respiratory passages are lined with cilia to constantly move secretion up the respiratory pathway so that we may cough these secretions out.

Cystic fibrosis is also a good answer, is more commonly encountered, and thus would probably be more likely in this patient; however, the question specifically states the patient has a "hereditary form of a male sterility," which suggests that the chief complaint in this case is sterility rather than chronic cough and sinusitis.  (+ info)

Any connection between upper respiratory infections and oral sex?

It seems after having oral sex with my wife, I will get an upper respiratory infection, followed by severe bronchitis. It may be totally ironic, but it seems like I can trace the symptoms back to that being the cause more than one time. Any thoughts?

Ummm, not medically-unless you aspirate her juices or something to that effect. I think that if you've only noticed it a couple of times, it may just be serendipitous to the time of year and change in pressures.
If you are really concerned about it, purchase some Dental Dam to use while performing oral sex or simply use some Saran Wrap. Warming lube on the side that you apply to her may be more comfortable than cold, sticky plastic wrap.
I hope you find a solution, God bless.  (+ info)

Lybrel birth control and upper respiratory infections?

Does anyone know what it is about Lybrel that makes one more prone to upper respiratory infections? I can't seem to find the answer elsewhere. Thanks!

Im pretty sure that Lybrel doesn't do this, were did you read that it make you more prone to URIs?  (+ info)

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