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act rhabdoid tumor,what is the life expectant on a 5 week old?

This site gives a lot of information. Hope it helps.  (+ info)

Difference between cancer and tumor? Would it be alright if I covered a type of tumor for my cancer project?

I need to do a cancer cell project for biology so i picked out a tumor (atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor) from a site that had a list of different types of cancers. Will my teacher accept it??
someone answer soon please. -.-

Alexa - A tumor is a growth of tissue which forms a mass which may be either benign or malignant. A cancer is a malignant tumor which a potential to spread elsewhere in the body. You picked a really rare tumor which over 99% of doctors have never seen in their life. Perhaps a better choice might be the most common benign tumor which starts in the heart = a myxoma.

A myxoma (Myxo- = New Latin from Greek muxa for mucus) is a tumor of primitive connective tissue. It is the most common primary tumor of the heart in adults, but can also occur in other locations. Myxomas are usually located in either the left or right atrium of the heart; about 86 percent occur in the left atrium.

Myxomas are typically pedunculated, with a stalk that is attached to the interatrial septum. The most common location for attachment of the stalk is the fossa ovalis region of the interatrial septum.
Symptoms associated with cardiac myxomas are typically due to the effect of the mass of the tumor obstructing the normal flow of blood within the chambers of the heart. Because pedunculated myxomas are somewhat mobile, symptoms may only occur when the patient is in a particular position.

Symptoms of a cardiac myxoma include:
Dyspnea on exertion
Paroxysmal dyspnea
Weight loss
Lightheadedness or syncope (Loss of consciousness)
Sudden death
Tachycardia or milder heart rate, i.e. 75 - 100 beats/min

Myxomas are usually removed surgically. The surgeon removes the myxoma, along with at least 5 surrounding millimeters of atrial septum(wall). The septum is then repaired, using material from the pericardium (membrane around the heart..  (+ info)

Atypical Teratoid / Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT)?

I'm trying to learn more of this cancer.My 4year old son passed from it in oct of 07.
I only know the basic research.So any other info would really help me get started with donations towards caner foundations.

I don't know how much you already know, but the Wikipedia article in the first link below has a broad overview. Be sure to check the links and the bibloigraphy at the bottom.

If you are looking to donate for research on this particular tumor, you should know that when I googled "ATRT," the first thing that came up was St. Jude's Children's Hospital. St. Jude's is also mentioned in the Wikipedia article. I am giving you a link to St. Jude's donation page. I don't know if they take donations for a particular disease, but I thought I would let you know, anyway.

Other research is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, which is a government agency. You might want to check their site to see if there is anything new.  (+ info)

Is there anyone who has dealt with Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid tumors?

I had a daughter that passed away from this type of cancer four years ago and I'm looking for others who have gone through the same for support and friendship.

I really feel for your loss. I guess you have not found any groups for this type of tumor on the Web?  (+ info)

How long does it take for a brain tumor to grow and cause symptoms?

Brain Tumor or something else?
I have been experiencing buzzing and ringing in ears for about a week now! My ears also hurt and I also have headaches, nausea, tiredness, and am extremely dizzy. I had a MRI 6 months ago and everything came back negative, they found nothing. Previous to that I had a CT scan done 2 years ago and everything normal. I am a 29 year old female, with no family history of brain tumors, and was just wondering if a brain tumor could develop that fast (6 months) and cause those symptoms in that amount of time, please help?

Just because there isn't a brain tumor doesn't mean that everything is okay. If your symptoms are bothersome, take your MRI to a neurosurgeon.

Many people go undiagnosed with a condition called chiari malformation. It causes all of the symptoms you mentioned, and several others. Just go to this website and see if it sounds like you. If it does, you'll want to be sure the neurosurgeon you see specializes in chiari.

The following link is to an informational page from the chiari institute in New York:


Best of luck to you. This condition is treatable, but not curable. But much can be done to help you, if that's what you have. Most importantly, some doctors are still uninformed and will not diagnose chiari. You need to see a specialist.  (+ info)

What are the signs of existing a tumor in the brain or the respiratory system?

My mother feels a bad smell in his nose.It is something like the cigarette smoke.She has headache in the mornings and then it wears off.This stink or odor sometimes reduces and some days increases.My mother has always had splitting headaches during her life.Can these contribute to a tumor in the brain?Also,recently the CT of her mind showed nothing of a tumor or the like .The doctors say that she has no problem.But continuously she feels that smell.

Because she has a clean CT I would think that the problem might just be in the sinuses. If she has problems with allergies or smokes, drinks lots of coffee or alcohol those would be the things to look at changing. Hope she will be well soon.  (+ info)

What happens after a tumor is removed in the hospital?

After a small cancerous tumor is removed from one's chest, what happens? How long is the hospital stay, and what are the possible side effects? Thanks for answering and God bless!
Ma'am i'm sorry to hear that. You're a strong, devoted mother i must say. Stay strong and God bless. My bf was recently diagnosed with cancer. He said it was a small tumor in his chest, and he said he was going to get it removed. Two days later, he said he was in pain and went to the hospital. I don't know how long he will be there, and his older brother has his phone, so i can't really contact him either. His brother just told me what he said, so i'm trying to stay calm and not worry because i'll end up stressing out and having an anxiety attack or something.

Without complications you might be able to leave in a few days, but much depends on your age, overall health, and what they find during surgery. With malignant tumors one does not ordinarily know how much cancer is present until the surgeon can take a look. CT, PET, and MRI are all good tools but can often miss the extent of the disease. Only surgery where the doctor can actually go in and look around can determine how many visible tumors there are. He'll remove as many as he can.

Further treatment depends on the outcome of the biopsy, the type, location, the stage and grade of tumor. If it is a known high grade aggressive tumor you may be offered chemotherapy or radiation as an adjuvant treatment, but that is probably optional.

My son has had three major surgeries with over a hundred various sized abdominal tumors removed (he lost his spleen and 90 percent of his right diaphragm) and he was out of the hospital in about 8 days each time. The thoracic surgery took the longest to recover from since they went in through the back. So depending on where the tumor you have is located may determine how long recovery will be.  (+ info)

Can a local tumor in the lung spread to develop bone metases without affecting the rest of the lungs?

My father has been diagnosed with non-small carcinoma in the right lung. The doctors also found a lesion in the back bone L4 which is reported as neoplastic. A biopsy on the lung tumor was performed and confirme malignancy. On that basis they are presuming that the bone lesion is also a malignant cancer tumor. However, what seems to be strange is that the CT scan results for the rest of the right lung, the left lung, abdomin, intestines, bladder, prostate, pancreas are totally clear. His oncology blood markers are also clear. The bone scan apart from the suspected lesion at L4 is totally clean, and his blood test results are acceptable. His general health conditions are good. He was on a diet, stopped it and gained 3KGS within a span of 10 days. He simply does not show any of the symptoms of a stage IV cancer patient. The doctors said they cannot operate because of the bone lesion. Had it been only in the lungs they would. We are concerned that they might be making the wrong connection

definitely get a second or third opinion.. this is too important!  (+ info)

What symptoms did you have before they found a brain tumor?

My doctor suspects I have a brain tumor...I go for an MRI on Monday! Feels like forever to wait! However I am just wondering what symptoms you had before you were diagnosed with a brain tumor? I know everyone is different but its always nice to know if someone is going through the same thing.

  (+ info)

How do doctors find out if a tumor is malignant?

What procedure is done to see if a tumor is malignant? Is a simple MRI enough to make that conclusion?

When you have a MRI or CT scan, a radiologist can be fairly confident that a mass/tumor is either malignant or benign, in certain cases. For example, a lymph node has classic characteristics which cannot be confused with a cancer. A simple kidney cyst (which appears as a mass) can be diagnosed by ultrasound, MRI and CT scanning. It is hard to confuse a simple kidney cyst with anything that is malignant. When we do a CT or MRI scan, and a mass does not enhance with a contrast media (dye) injection, we can be fairly confident that the mass is benign. Malignant masses almost always enhance....but some benign masses also enhance.
There are many instances when a tumor does not fall into a clear cut category, and a tissue sample is needed to make a diagnosis. For example, on a mammogram, a mass might be found, and we can be very certain it is a malignant mass, but we do not know what type of breast cancer, until there is a biopsy and tissue sample.

My boyfriend had a grand mal seizure in June, and a CT scan found a fist sized brain tumor. The neurosurgeon and radiologist were both very confident it was a meningioma (benign), but it had to be removed due to its size. I still held my breath until the pathology report came back and reported it was indeed a meningioma.  (+ info)

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