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How can you tell the difference between an early lip tumor and a canker sore?

Ok, so I'm probably being a paranoid hypochondriac again, but I have to know. How can you tell the difference between a lip tumor and a canker sore? Yes I dip, but not that often. Usually the only time I dip is if I'm offered a pinch; I never buy it myself. I smoke hookah on small occasion also.

Canker sores are kinda unique. Look up pictures online, and see if that is what you have. It is also quite painful normally. Cancer in lip may be painful, but often it wont be in the begining.

Also, a canker sore will generally heal up within a week. Bad ones may last two or possibly even three weeks. But the point is that will go away fairly soon.

Remeber, that basically all oral cancers are from MANY years of heavy tobbaco use. Not off and on use for a few years.  (+ info)

What are some signs of having a tumor in your throat?

Sometimes i sing , and this anime that i watched reminds me that the tumor in your throat hurts. Well is it just me or that there's a little bump in my throat just like guys have their Adam's Apple? Well the anime shows that the little girl singing has a tumor and it hurts her throat to sing. Mines doesn't hurt when i sing . but only a little? I just need information....*sigh.

You should contact a doctor or search the web for "signs of tumor in throat" I really hope its just a sore throat.

I love that anime too Full Moon wo Sagashite  (+ info)

What kind of problems can occur from a benign bone tumor in the knee?

I know benign means non cancerous, but can the tumor do any harm? Can they damage the bone, or spread?

Hi, i can imagine that they could do a small bit of harm, but only because they're growing and compressing nerves. See, if nerves are compressed, depending on the amount of pressure it could cause tingling, pain, numbness or even paralysis. Seeming this is a non-cancerous tumor, all the problems would pass as soon as it was removed. So example, if you had a benign tumor in your knee and it made that leg paralyzed, not long after it was removed, the paralysis should go away and you would have your normal leg back and have most or all feeling back. In rare cases you might never get feeling back because the tumor might have done bad damage, but i'm sure in most cases it's removed before that kind of thing happens.
Hope i answerd your queuestion :)  (+ info)

What is the blood test to determine how much a tumor has shrunk during chemo?

My wife has to give blood for testing once a week to help the doctors determine how strong the chemo to put in her iv. Is there a specific test that shows if the tumor is shrinking? I know about the white and red cell count, but is there a "cancer" test? She has squamous cell of the lung, stage 2. No spreading of the cancer anywhere else, thank God.

The CA125 bloodtest measures the level of cancer cells in the body. Your wife's blood is also being tested to see that her white blood count is high enough for her to have treatment. A low WBC will just delay her next cycle of chemo a bit. This is very common and there are now shots that can be given to correct this. Her blood will also be checked for her level of red cells to determine whether she might be anemic. Again, there are treatments for this also. Speak to your wife's oncologist so that he can better explain about the tests and the CA125 , which are probably being done on a regular basis. The results of the CA125 take longer to come back so you may have to keep asking the oncologist.  (+ info)

What happens if you cure a brain tumor?

I apparently have a small brain tumor (micro-adema) that is affecting my pitutary gland. I have looked into cures, and it seems to be easily treatable with medication. My question is: if I have experienced past problems that were pituitary related, would I become "cured" if the tumor were treated?

If it is a secreting tumor and that tumor is removed then it would no longer put out extra pituitary hormones. But most often the damage from hypopit symptoms stays with you.  (+ info)

I have a benign tumor in my breast. What are the chances one might be in my brain causing severe headaches?

I discovered my tumor in April.
In mid-November, I woke up to a stabbing pain on the right side of my head. Since then, the headache has not gone away. I've had short-term memory problems, sudden and unexplained fatigue, disinterest in usual activities, and inability to concentrate.
I've never had a headache of this severity or length before, and I am planning to consult with doctors later.

Benign means that it doesn't spread, so whether or not there is something wrong in your brain, your chances of having a tumor are probably almost the same as anyone else.

You should definitely consult a doctor at some stage though.  (+ info)

What is the likelihood of a Ct scan missing a brain tumor?

Hi, I am 20 years old and since january I have had horrible neck pain and headaches. In march I finally went and got I CT scan and everything came back normal. I know that MRIs are one of the best imaging test, but what about CT scans? My headaches have settled down a little bit and they are not as frequent, but Im still worried. Could a Ct scan miss a brain tumor?

Some tumors such as meningiomas can easily be missed on CT, as their density is nearly identical to gray matter.

I doubt that contrast was given for the CT.

If your symptoms persist, an MRI would be warranted.  (+ info)

Is it possible to lose your memory after removing a Tumor in surgery?

Say for instance, hypothetically, i had a brain tumor located near or on the area of my brain responsible for my past memory (if someone could tell me what that's actually called much appreciated) and it was definitely recommended that i have it removed...will my memories be affected when i come to for a long-ish period of time? Say also the tumor is benign (do tumors grow from stress?).

BTW just think of it as if this was a character in a book....whatd happen?

I'm no expert on tumors, but yes it is definitely possible to lose your memory from the surgery. For how severe... that depends on a LOT of things, could only be for a short time, or could be permanently. And no, I don't think it's possible for a tumor to be formed from stress, but again, I don't know much about tumors.  (+ info)

What is the likelihood of a trans vaginal ultrasound missing a tumor on your ovary?

Hi I am 21 and I have been feeling a little bloated and my weight has went up a little bit, so my doctor ordered me to have a trans vaginal ultrasound and a abdominal x ray. The trans vaginal ultrasound came back normal and same with the x ray. The x ray only showed that I was a little backed up, could the ultrasound and x ray missed a tumor on the ovaries?

There is little percentage of error. Those machines are made of the highest quality.  (+ info)

What is the most common tumor of the spinal cord?

What is the most common tumor of the spinal cord called? Is it an astrocytoma or is there another that is more prevelant?

The most common spinal cord tumors (or intramedullary tumors) are ependymomas, astrocytomas and hemangioblastomas, in that order, although all spinal cord tumors are rare.  (+ info)

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