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What happens after you have a begnin bone tumor removed from your head at the hospital?Where does it go after?

Does the bone tumor go off to be studied at local medical colleges or stays at the hospital for more study? What happens to tumors,body organs etc after a operation?

Medical personnel only please answer.


Well, usually they'll send it to the lab to study it and make sure there's nothing more too it. But that's for things like tumors and infected organs.

After that they are considered medical waste and are incinerated.

Although, sometimes they will give you whatever is removed. Some religions believe you have to be buried with everything that is part of your body. They can perserve it and give it to you if that's the case.  (+ info)

What is the survival rate of patients who have brain surgery to remove a brain tumor?

My sister is scheduled for surgery on June 2 and she has 2 brain tumors and one is pressing against the brain causing her motor skills to deteriorate. She has had a very serious surgery before where part of her jawbone had to be removed. What are her chances of survival to have this brain tumor removed?

They are a lot higher than not having it removed. Statistics on survival are based on the kind of tumor it is and the grade which you do not mention. Brain tumors, cancerous or not, often recur.  (+ info)

What body system does brain tumor affect besides nervous system?

I have this project and I have to write an essay about a disorder. So I choose brain tumor. I know brain tumor affects the nervous system. I need to write what other system does it affect due to brain tumor and the damage of the nervous system? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! THANK YOU!!

It depends on where the tumor is inside the brain, and whether it's benign or malignant. If it's malignant, it will probably cause the whole body to die unless you have it removed, and even then, it's likely to return. There are many different kinds of brain tumors, and I just mentioned two large categories of brain tumors. I would recommend looking at an anatomy drawing of the brain that's labeled with the functions that each part is primarily responsible for. For example, the pre-frontal cortex is responsible for planning, decision-making, maturity, advanced self-control and emotional self-control, learning from your experience, and inhibition of risk-taking. If you damage this section of the brain, you will have problems with one or more of those things.  (+ info)

Can brain surgery of a tumor of the pituitary gland lead to problems in learning?

My son had a brain tumor that was putting alot of pressure on his pituitary gland and was effecting his hormones. My question is that he has a hard time passing tests in school he knows the stuff but can't seem to pass the tests. Can this type of surgery lead to him unable to keep info? He never had a problem before the sugery. Please help he's getting so frustrated that he can't get is diploma. Thanks!

Any brain surgery can cause issues. There may be some left over swelling You need to discuss it with his neurologist since he is the one who knows exactly what was done and any difficulties there might have been. He may just need to relax, it might be more of an emotional barrier than a physical one or a combination of both. Surely the school will understand and cut him some slack, talk to them. Good luck.  (+ info)

What are signs a brain tumor is getting worse?

If someone has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, what are signs that it is getting worse?

Increased dizziness, increased headache pain, slight vision impairment change, maybe hard to walk, or imppossible to walk. (getting harder to do day to day things as you get tired more frequently.  (+ info)

How long can someone live with a brain tumor without treatment?

Is it possible to have a brain tumor over many years without realizing? and can falls/ bangs to the head cause or trigger brain tumors?

I am not sure if falls / injuries to the head can cause a brain tumor. I have personally never heard of that nor have I met anyone who had that happen to them (then again I only work in a doctors office.)

Now living with it and not know about it, is possible. Depends on the location of the tumor and the tumors rate of growth. Depending on the location you could have shown signs and symptoms with out realizing it and just passed it off as something simple like being tired, a normal headache, light hitting your eyes causing a quick flash etc. Also depending on the size and location you could have gone sometime with out any signs and symptoms because it was not causing any pressure on the brain.  (+ info)

Why will chemo therapy cause a tumor cell to enter apoptosis by damaging DNA, but the original damage did not?

If the job of P53 is to initiate apoptosis in light of DNA damage, hence tumor cell, why does it not initiate until chemotherapy creates the DNA damage?

Good question...
A common cause of many cancers is the loss of function of tumor suppressor genes, such as p53. Amongst other jobs, p53 can initiate apoptosis as one way to control cells.

The problem "when the cancer first starts" is not so much DNA damage as it is DNA alteration- alterations (such as deletions, addition, translocations, epigenetic changes, etc) that affect how genes are expressed. The body has well-recognized repair systems for damaged DNA, but they look generally for other changes in DNA. These kinds of "damage" are ones that interfere with DNA replication usually. The afore-mentioned alterations usually don't interfere with replication- they are happily replicated. They then get passed along and are not recognized as "damage". Ultimately, many of these alterations cause loss of control of cell growth and division (at least the ones that lead to malignancy). Many chemotherapies take advantage of this uncontrolled cell growth and induce damage of some sort or another in DNA, which can trigger apoptosis.

So, initially the changes that can "sneak" through and cause cancer are not either 1) of the type which would be recognized by a repair mechanism, or 2) are flat-out missed.

Does that make sense?  (+ info)

Do you know how much does it cost to have a brain surgery to remove glomus jugulare tumor?

My husband have a Glomus Jugulare tumor. We are waiting for John Hopkins to call us. I don't know much about it and what to expect. Does anyone had this tumor?

My prayers go out to your husband.

I have a feeling you are not looking to go to India to have surgery, and you seem committed to having it at Johns Hopkins, a world-renowned medical facility. You should have a good sit-down with an administrator there, as well as your own insurance agent to see how much your policy will pay.

Brain surgery is not cheap. If you go to the source below, a man there claimed he spent three quarters of a million dollars, and he had to stay in the hospital for about six weeks.

Brain surgeons live mostly in mansions, so don't expect the doctors' fees to be cheap. You also might want to consider a supplemental plan to help you with deductibles and/or co-payments.

God bless your husband. I hope he recovers quickly.  (+ info)

What does the surface of a testicular tumor feel like?

I need to know what the surface of the actual tumor feels like to the touch. Is it rough, bumpy or smooth?

If you think you might have one, go see a doctor.  (+ info)

What happens if you leave a benign tumor in your brain?

I have a benign tumor in my brain. Should I consider surgery?

Be guided by your doctor. Benign means that it will not spread to other parts of your body. However, it can still get bigger and cause problems. Sometimes the doctor will suggest another MRI in 3 months to see if it is growing enough to be a worry. If you are already having symptoms they may well suggest surgery straight away. The doctor will explain the need for surgery and the risks involved, and help you to make a wise decision.  (+ info)

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