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I'm from the Philippines and I have perennial allergic rhinitis.What is latest inexpnsiv available treatment?

You know any available perennial allergic rhinitis treatments tha't also available here in the Philippines? It can either be herbal, natural or artificial.

Flonase... buy it from overseas...
You don't need prescription for it...  (+ info)

i'm from the Philippines and I have perennial allergic rhinitis.What's the latest natural treatments for this?

I have perennial allergic rhinitis and since I live here in the Philippines, a tropical country, are there any natural treatments on the market for this illness?

Glyconutrients are being used for that. Here are some testimonials..glycoresource.com

More info on my page.  (+ info)

Perennial Non allergic Rhinitis & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ?

Could these mimmick a sinus infection or give you one?

I am plagued with sinus problems. Lately I am more sensitive to odors like magic markers and such. I also have sinus problems year around and have itchy nose, stuffy like sinuses are swollen (can't seem to get fresh air), post nasal drip. Also get swollen glands, sinus headache/pressure, and lately a really bad runny nose. I have had allergy tests done and didn't pinpoint anything. That is why I was thinking perhaps I have the non allergic rhinitis. I have been over this time and again with my doctor but we aren't getting anywhere.

Take a supplement marketed thru MLM. You can write me at [email protected] about it. My friend got rid of his rhinitis taking the supplements.  (+ info)

i'm from the Philippines and I have perennial allergic rhinitis.What's the latest available treatment?

I had youre alergy too and I took a treatment with 6 injections called histaglobin or you can take 9 injections with histadestal! after i took them i never had any alergy to wath I had! I took them from germany but I think they could be found in the U.S! trust me and you will never have any problem!  (+ info)

can perennial-type allergic rhinitis be healed?

The best way I know is allergy desensitation shots. They take a while to start working, like two years, but they really help. You still will have the benefits years later after discontinuing shots. I had desensitation shots for nine years. I stopped five years ago and my ragweed allergy is almost nonexistant now. I used to be practically house-bound five weeks of the year because of ragweed.  (+ info)

What is the best cure for allergic rhinitis?

What is the best way to prevent fits of allergic rhinitis especially if you live in a tropical country like the Philippines?

first of all, take vitamin c daily or eat citrus fruits and vegetables to help boost your immune system... if you have allergic rhinitis, avoid eating seafoods i.e. crabs, mussels, lobsters (anything that has shells) because it could worsen the allergic reaction... also, know the source of your allergies (pollen, dust, season) and avoid it if possible... always maintain cleanliness at home, also, if possible, change pillowcases or bedsheets (or anything that can "gather" allergens) weekly....
if you want to cure it by means of medication, antihistamines are the perfect choice...  (+ info)

What nasal spray would you recommend for allergic rhinitis?

My doctor prescribed me one, but it is not covered by my insurance and it's shockingly high in price (almost $90 - 30 gramms) Is there any good,price affordable nasal spray for allergic rhinitis?

Thank you

The worst part of the summer is nasal allergies. There are four options to help address nasal rhinitis. Antihistamines, steroids, topical decongestants, and degranulation inhibitors.

I'm sure the pharmaceutical reps got your doctor to prescribe everyone the latest and greatest nasal steroid, such as Flonaze. This is an option to "smack down" your immune system in your nasal passage and mellow out the inflammatory response, but there can be serious consequences regarding blood vessel integrity and headaches. It might be good short term, but not long term.

There is only one nasal antihystamine available, and that is Astelin. This works well, but can also be pricey.

Topical decongestants are not usually recommended for frequent use due to the "rebound effect."

Straight flushing of your nasal passage a couple times a day helps reduce irritants and mellow out allergies. This is done with a cheap saline solution. At a minimum, you should do this before you go to bed and when you get up.

What I have used mostly is called Chromalyn. This is sold as Naso-Chrom. This acts very differently than any of the other medications. Rather than competing with released histamine to stop rhinitis symptoms, it actually stops the release of histamine to begin with. The key to this medication is to take it before your allergies get really bad. So, taking it 10-15 minutes before you anticipate exposure to allergens (such as going outside), is more effective than anti-histamines. This is about $15 for a bottle.

For the most effective relieve, you should stagger your approach with multiple, inexpensive treatments. So, you should take a 24-hour antihistamine (Walmart sells 60 tabs for $15) for baseline relief, pre-treatment with Naso-Chrom for expected exposures, and saline sprays to help flush allergens out of nasal passage periodically. In the end, this will cost you less than $1/day. And, you are less likely to have crazy side-effects from steroids.  (+ info)

Which is the best treatment for allergic rhinitis?

I have a continuous nazal problem where its either running like a tap or comlpetely blocked. I occasionally have some sense of smell. The doctor informs me its allergic rhinitis some i am trying to find something that works to alleviate the problem. Any suggestions?

Try Nat-mur 30c - take twice a day & stop when your symptoms improve.  (+ info)

Have you ever had Hay Fever also know as Allergic Rhinitis? How do you treat it? What are the best meds for it

I wanna get rid of it fast. The symptoms I have are water and itchy eye, scratchy throat, stuffy and drippy nose. I looked these symptoms up online and they all lead to Allergic Rhinitis. I want to get better by tomorrow or by the latest Friday. Do you have a good tips?
I've tried Claritin and benadryl but the don't seem to work.

Any over the counter allergy meds should help... you have to play around with them to find your favorite. Personally I'm a Claritin fan.  (+ info)

I am 35 years old. I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis from last 5 years. What type of treatment s?

I am 35 years old. I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis . What type of treatment should be taken to recover myself from it? Kindly suggest me some alternative therapy treatment.

avoidance is the gold standard but you would need to be tested to see what your triggers are. If there are too many then my first line treatment is intranasal steroid sprays. I choose these because they actually block the inflammation that occurs when an allergic reaction is triggered rather than just negating the effects of histamine, which is like shooting the cow after it has escaped the barn, instead of making sure the gate doesn't come open. Good adjuncts include HEPA filters on your HVAC unit at home and nasal saline rinses. Good luck!  (+ info)

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