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what is Rigor Mortis??

Rigor mortis is whenever the limps of a corpse become stiff.. I find it to be really creepy. :/ It's caused by a lack of ATP and the buildup of lactic acid. I remember poking my hamster after it had died... *shudders*  (+ info)

In Rigor Mortis, Do...?

all the muscles become stiffened overnight if submerged in water?

It depends on the temp of the water. but in general yes.  (+ info)

Can you revive someone once rigor mortis has set it , soz sick but poss legal action so need help?

Got told by ambulance to perform cpr on a corpse, rogor very evident, and when I tried to question this got threatened with "so you are reusing to give life saving action " very distressing
Thank you, was 999 operator giving instructions to me over the phone, I had told them rigor was present, and was told I was not authorised to say they where dead and to continue with cpr, once ambulance arived they tried once with shock thing then agreed he had been dead some time
Was not family, was 999 operator and I clearly told them that rigor was set in and he very dead, distressing enough to have to find the body but even more distressing to have to peform cpr on it, I'm thinking of asking my firm to make a formal complant to 999 services for distress caused

Rigor mortis doesn't occur until a few hours after death. This alone should be enough to discourage attempts at resuscitation.  (+ info)

What does it mean when Livor mortis is fixed and purple posteriorly except over pressure points?

If anybody could tell me what this means that would be wonderful!

Yep, you're dead.  (+ info)

Why have natural medicines NOT been studied with the same rigor as Rx medicines?

So much effort (and money) is put into finding new medicines out of synthetic chemicals as opposed to natural. Why not start with what has "worked" for 100's and 1000's of years? Why not prove or discredit the natural remedies (which may have fewer side effects) first before jumping into creating something from nothing?

Pharmaceutical companies have most of the money for researching cures and they cannot patent natural remedies. It's no more complicated than that.  (+ info)

livor mortis what method can be used to find if body has been moved after death?

Hello, when the body isn't moved the blood sets lower side of the body causes purplish color, but when the body is moved it doesn't i guess?

my question is what types of method can be used to know if body is moved looking at the blood layer on the body?

Lividity can appear on any part of the body after death. The blood and fluid in thy body are pulled by gravity to the lowest parts of the body. Eventually the blood coagulates and doesn't move again if the body is repositioned. The degree of lividity is influenced by many factors. You need to consult a forensics text to get the exact details. Rigor mortis, the stiffness of a body, also is influenced by many factors, especially time and temperature. I assume you are asking for the purpose of the mystery novel you are writing, yes?  (+ info)

How long does it take for a line of lividity to set in?

When a person dies, there are certain characteristics that one can look for to help determine whether or not a person is dead. How long does it take for a line of lividity to set in? And is it normally before or after rigor mortis? I'm an EMT helping a student, and can't remember.

My uncle passed away several years ago. About 5or6 family members were present. He died aroung the evening hours. The young male cna had been in to clean him and even dressed him in street clothing. Probably to comfort the family, to feel that he was o.k. To answer your question- He already was showing signs of dying. You could see where the blood was pooling from the lack of oxygen to the body parts where he had particular dark spots where he had not been moved. (not because of neglect, but because moving made him more uncomfortable) I could tell that he was dying, his feet were dark blue after I took his socks off. By my experience, I do believe that lividity may set in before or after death before rigor mortis sets in.  (+ info)

when does the face, jaws of a two month old child go into vigor mortis?

after a sids death?

Why in the world are you asking? **horrors***  (+ info)

What are the medical or surgical conditions (causes) in which there are chill or rigor without fever?

Please, I am a student in college of medicine, our senior of surgery asked us the causes of rigor without fever, so I need the answer too much because I couldn't get this information and he will not tell us because he became angry from us, so please, please, please, help me. Thank you........

many conditions can cause rigors without having fever like
internal bleeding
injury with protein absorption
sever anemia
sun struck
etc  (+ info)

What is it called when your body goes stiff after a hard hit?

I saw this happen tonight at the end of the Notre Dame game and I've seen it happen quite a few times in football games when a player gets knocked unconscious. I was just curious as to what this was called.

Here's a video of Anquan Boldin getting all rigor mortis if you don't know what I'm talkin about.


  (+ info)

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