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Sometimes my hands or feet lock up really badly and curl in on themselves. It hurts like hell. What is it?

My hands, legs, or feet will just suddenly lock up (if I didnt know better Id say it was rigor mortis for real) they curl in on themselves and it hurts so bad (probably the worst pain I ever have felt). When it happens I cant get them out of the curled postion either. I can usually get my dad to rub them and theyll go back to normal but with a tingely sensation. It doesn happen like every day but enouh for me to be worried about. Does anyone know what it is?

It is called a "muscle spasm". The slang word is "muscle cramp". It is caused by lack of milk and fiber. They don't effect you now, but if you don't get it taken care of now, you can get arthritis when you get older. Don't worry that much because it happens to everyone once in a while. So if you do have them often make sure to drink plenty of water, milk, and foods with calcium and fiber.  (+ info)

How long does it take ?

How long does it take for Rigor Mortis to develop after someone/something has died? Minutes? Hours? And does outdoor/indoor conditions make a difference in the time it takes to set it?

  (+ info)

why do i get regular rigor attacks?

just recently i seem to be getting regular rigor attacks in the night and a couple of days later get flu like symptoms

I know that rigors is due to a viral attack but why am i getting these just lately

you see this site

http://mediamatters.org/items/200608100002  (+ info)

What brand is close in color and design to Ed Hardy but without the skeletons and skulls?

I like the colors and lines but dislike the mortis elements. Please help me find that brand of t-shirts and stuff. Thanks.

marc ecko has a lot of stuff that looks like ed hardy's.  (+ info)

What is the difference in nurse practicioner and physician's assistant?

In ways of education rigor and money making power and whatever else.

They're pretty similar in what they can do. One thing is that the physician assistant has to work directly under a physician, and a nurse practicioner can have a little more autonomy--not much, but have a consulting doctor that supervises rather than one looking over his/her shoulder all the time. They both require a master's degree. It's easier to find master's programs for nurse practicioner than physician assistant (and most physician assistant programs are through private colleges, not public, so the cost can be higher). The money is about the same, I believe. I've considered going either way, since I have a bachelor's degree in biology/premed and a 2 year nursing degree.  (+ info)

What is the difference in nurse practitioner and physician's assistant?

In ways of education rigor and money making power and whatever else.

Well a Nurse Practitioner can function on their own with out working under a doctor...at least in most states. While a Physician's Assistant can not they can only do what the doctor they work for will allow them to do. That would be the biggest differance I believe.  (+ info)

I've heard that dead bodies are very heavy. Does this dead weight last or does it go away?

after a while the way rigor mortis does?

Dead weight is because the person is no longer alive to use their strength to help move themselves. You can simulate dead weight yourself, have someone try to pick you up without you helping them. They say that you lose 7 pounds...it's controversial. It's true that you defacate and urinate when you die because all your muscles relax and everything that is held back from a sphincter muscle is no long held back anymore. So a person losed a small amount of weight when that happens. Rigor Mortis is when the muscles tense up and become stiff. In humans it commences after about 3 hours, reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates until approximately 72 hours (3 days) after death. But it doesn't add any weight to a dead body.  (+ info)

is it true when you die you poo?

so i was watching south park and they say when you die you poo sometihng about rigor mortis? so i wonder if its true can anyone answer with solid concrete evidence and details?

Bowel motions are controlled by our sphincter muscle.

When you die, all muscles relax.

If your bowel is full, this can cause leakage of faeces (poo).

Rigor mortis does not set in until several hours after death.  (+ info)

How can I train to withstand cold weather?

Duh! Wear warm clothing, more layers, everybody knows that. I'm asking for details about a regimen of diet, exercise, meditation, and/or magic that will prepare my body for the rigors of exposure to cold environments. I don't need to make naked snow angels, but it would be nice to avoid seasonal illnesses and save some money by keeping the thermostat set a bit lower.

working outside in the cold or jogging can assist in becoming more adapted to handling those temperatures. It probably wont help you not get sick though considering the cold is not what gets you sick, bacteria, mold and viruses are. People get more sick around winter because people are indoor more so these can spread from person to person easier and also the cold temp helps lower the bodies avg temperature which help them incubate in the human body a little better. But it is plausible you could be more comfortable in the cold and safe money on heating.  (+ info)

What are some workouts you can do to help strengthen the muscles around your elbow?

I recently injured my elbow playing baseball and a cause of it was it is too weak to endure the rigors of pitching. What are some workouts to help strengthen the muscles around the elbow? (Not the biceps because i've done those before i got hurt and it didnt help one bit!).

the elbow depends mainly on the tricep not the bicep

try tricep pushups and you will feel your elbow working in it and it will strengthen and get you back into the condition you need to be in  (+ info)

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