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What is the disease caused by abnormal chromosomes inherited by a child from one or both parents?

Health Homework.

16. What is the disease caused by abnormal chromosomes or by defective genes inhereted by a child from one or both parents?

It's 10 letters and has the letter "t" in it.

Huntington Disease  (+ info)

What is the disorder when there are three sex chromosomes present:one x and two y chromosomes?

What is the disorder when there are three sex chromosomes present in an organism? (2y and 1x)

super male. (seriously i'm not kidding)
it causes lots of aggression, violence, anger, etc....
simple as thattt:)  (+ info)

How do I keep a ring from turning my daughters finger green?

My daughter bought a beautiful ring in Scotland and was told, when asked that the ring was sterling silver. Turns out it was silver plated and everytime she wears it her finger turns green where the ring sits. We have tried clear nail polish on the inside of the band, but this lasts such a short time it is not worth it. Is there anyway to permanatly fix the ring or at least a fix that will last a long time. She loves this ring and it is one of the few momentos she bought for herself so would like to be able to wear it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
I appreciate all of the "buy better rings" comments, but that is not the question I want to know how to fix this ring so she can wear it on her finger, not how to buy a better one. She wants this one for sentimental reasons if at all possible.

poss try having it re-plated? don't know if this is possible on silver. it may be feasible to have it rhodium plated which would put a thin but durable layer of white gold on it. shouldn't cost too much either.hope this helps xx  (+ info)

How can I get my ring to stop giving me a rash?

I got married a few months ago and have started wearing a ring on my left ring finger. However, after a few days of wearing it, I get a slight rash and a few small bumps where the ring contacts my finger. The ring is white gold, but it happens with steel as well. I've worn rings on other fingers and never had this problem. How can I make this stop?

Put some clear nail polish on the inside of the ring, that might help. It just stops contact between the metal and your skin. You will have to re-apply periodically, but hopefully that works.  (+ info)

How do I find a ring size online for my 4 inch circumference finger?

I was wondering how I find out my ring size online if my fingers are larger than normal. I am 6' 11" and my ring finger is 4 inches around at the base. I've looked everywhere but the largest size I could find was a 13 and it wasn't nearly large enough. Can someone help me please?

Also, how can I calculate a ring size based on the circumference of a finger? My dad is 6' 9" and my brother is 6' 10" and I want to get us matching rings for a special occasion. They have large fingers also but they're smaller than mine but larger than a 13. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The thing about sizing rings is that you really shouldn't do it online. It's one of the few things in life that you actually want to be there in person for. You'll be sure to get a good fit if you go to a jeweller. I know you can get monstrous size rings - a buddy of mine just got married and he's a lineman and 6'6", 410lbs. Even if most places don't sell rings that big, you can get them stretched. But if you go to a jewelleer, they can tell you what size to stretch it to. And you don't have to feel like they will try to sell you something. If they're too pushy they know you'll go somewhere else to buy anyway.  (+ info)

Who makes custom rings from a drawing or from an existing ring?

I have an old promise ring that I'd like to make an identical copy of, however, out of a different metal maybe with just a little more design such as side diamonds. Who can I go to to make a custom ring?

a jewelry store would do that the majority do custom jewelry   (+ info)

How do I make a ring slightly smaller without taking it to the jewelery store?

I wear a size 5.5 ring and almost every ring I buy comes in a size 6 which is just a tad too big on my finger. I have taken some rings to the jewelery store to be re-sized but #1) this is costly and #2) some stones are too delicate to undergo the re-sizing process and they just won't do it. I've tried those metal ring guards but find them uncomfortable. Does anybody have any other solutions to this problem?

you can buy little silicon ring guards and liquid ring guard on ebay.

http://cgi.ebay.com.au/LIQUID-RING-GUARD-FOR-THE-DO-IT-YOURSELFER-IMPROVED_W0QQitemZ300327238587QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item45ece5fbbb&_trksid=p3286.m63.l1177&_trkparms=240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50  (+ info)

What size captive bead ring should I get for a mall cartilage piercing?

I had my ear cartilage pierced at a Piercing Pagoda in a mall several months ago with a stud. I'd like to take the stud out and put a captive bead ring in it, but the piercing hole is so small that I don't know which size ring will fit through it. Is it a 20? Or 22? Or something else? What is the largest sized ring that will comfortably fit? Thanks!

ugh mall piercings :[
well im assuming that since it was a mall piercing it wasnt properly done with a needle, but done with a piercing gun, well itll take longer to heal that way.
DO NOT take out your piercing unless it is healed (which is at least 6 months to 1 year) and id say get a 20 gauge ring, it might have been an 18 gauge but im not sure. you can go to the store where you got it done and ask them what the size is for the stud you got it pierced with since they probably have more. but just get a 20, and remember dont put it in before its healed!

also dont put one thats too large in or, since its probably not fully healed yet, you can rip your skin/it might not even fit/ it will get very irritated. if you want to stretch wait at least a little over 1 year.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a promise ring and a purity ring?

if a boy gives you a ring that is like a purity ring, is it a promise ring or a purity ring? whats the dif?

i am old-ish now (27) so i don't know if things have changed or something but when i was a teenager a promise ring is a symbol of his promise to be with you, think of it almost as a baby step towards an engagement ring.

from what i know a purity ring is something more along the lines of a ring your parents would give you. it would symbolize your promise to God, them, and yourself that you will save yourself until marriage.  (+ info)

When stopping the nuva ring when should you expect to ovulate and start?

I have been using the nuva ring and I have decided to stop because of weight issues. I was counting on ovulating friday but seems I am having some ovulation pain today. When I look up my ovulation calendar from yhr date I removed the ring it says ovulation occurs today. So how does it work, do I count from LMP or from the date I removed the ring?

It can take up to 3 months to get a regular cycle, so it's hard to tell when you'll be ovulating until that point. You could try OPKs if you really need to know  (+ info)

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