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What age group in population have the higest risk for interproximal caries?

what about root caries, what age group is generally more effected by that?


can i do root canal treatment for my 3 year old daughter. she is having severe early childhood caries.?

Just pull all her teeth. They'll grow back bigger and better.  (+ info)

I understand there is a differnce between dental erosion and caries.Can a bulimic have caries without erosion?

I have been suffering from my ED for several years and recently visited a dentist. After reading the report I notice that I need 16 teeth restored due to "rampant caries lesions". The report does not indicate any level of erosion. Is this normal or possible for someone with bulimia?

Yes you can have cavities with out erosion but typically the erosion aides in cavity formation. I am sure that if you are vomiting bulimic that you have moderate erosion of you enamel. Treatments: get psych treatment, use fluoride, avoid whitening creams, brush and floss and follow your dentists instructions.  (+ info)

How much would i have to pay to a dentist in America if i am not insured and he does cure a caries?

I had a caries today and went to a dentist here in Egypt and paid $150. How much would it be in USA?

Well first you'd be looking at about $50 for the initial visit. Another $80-150 for x-rays. THEN you make another appointment to go back and have the caries filled. So that would be another maybe $300 to start, and it would be more depending on what materials he uses and how big the caries is and considering nothing else is wrong. It also depends on the doctor. Good luck!  (+ info)

How long after root canal before you can start eating and drinking?

My wife is having a root canal on Friday. I know there should be no pain during the operation due to the local anasthetic. Once the anasthetic has worn, my wife will probably experience dull pain for a couple of days.

However, my question relates to how long you have to wait after a root canal operation before you can start eating and drinking. My wife has the root canal just before lunch. Typically, when will she be able to start eating and drinking once the root canal has completed?

Ok, I have had root canal I started eating soft foods like soup and fish something with not much chewing in it.

She will be able to drink right away but if your making her hot drinks then make them warm for her so she doesn't burn herself cos with the local she won't feel anything with having the local.

Also it will take about 3/4 hrs before it wears off I suggest she take some painkillers so she does not get into so much pain once the local has worn off.

Good Luck and I hope your wife feels better  (+ info)

What causes root beer to foam when creating a float?

You put the vanilla ice cream in the glass first and then pour the root beer into it. Then it begins to foam upwards. Do you think that the sugar in the ice cream causes this to happen?

the cold ice cream causes the soda molecules to become closer together and squeeze out some of the CO2. The CO2 bubbles dont pop once they reach the surface because they are lined with fat from the ice cream  (+ info)

How long can I go after a root canal before I get a crown?

I have an appointment for a root canal coming up and my dentist said I'm also gonna need a crown after the root canal. The root canal is gonna cot me $500 and the crown is an additional $550. I was wondering if I can wait a little bit before getting the crown done or is it important to get it done right away.

Yes, you can wait but you will risk fracturing the tooth. To prevent this from happening you can ask your dentist to place a temporary crown on the tooth until you get the permanent one. Just remember that it is temporary and if you leave it on too long you may have some problems with your root canal.
Dr.T  (+ info)

What is the worst part of getting a root canal?

I went to the dentist today to get a filling and found out I needed a root canal, I think the dentist did the first part (killing the nerve or something like that). I'm supposed to get the root canal done tomorrow. So I was wondering what's the worst part of getting a root canal? And how long does it take?

I was absolutely terrified to get my 1st root canal about 3 weeks ago! I was crying the whole way to the dentist office that morning and I couldnt sleep that night. Once the procedure was underway I was having pain just because I wasn't numb all the way, BE RELIGIOUS ABOUT ASKING FOR ANESTHESIA after the first injection, you cannot feel them!!! I had about 7 injections I would say, and I only felt the first one. After you are numb, the hardest part is just staying awake because it is so boring!!! I thought my dentist was going to drill my tooth all the way to the bone and I would hear that awful sound of the drill, but the drill they use is soo quiet! I didnt even know they were drilling! My dentist gave me vicodin for the pain at night about a week before my procedure, and I didnt use it once after my root canal. The only pain I did have was in my jaw just because its open, close, open, close, open, close during the procedure. All in all in my opinion the worst pain of a root canal is the pain leading up to it. The actual procedure is completely pain free!!! And the procedure is NOT 2-3 hrs!!!!!!!! My appointment was at 9:30AM and I was walking out of the dentist office at about 10:30-10:45. Root canals are nothing to be afraid of, if anyone can't handle pain it is me! I cry because of a paper cut...root canals are nothing!! Just relax and have a positive attitude, just think all of your pain will go away after this BORING PAIN FREE procedure!!

Good Luck and remember to relax, it is nothing!!!!  (+ info)

What is the difference between Root Beer and Sasparilla?

My boyfriend is a Root Beer enthusiast He was "schooling" me on Root Beer and how it is made from a Sarsaparilla tree (or is it a Sassafras tree?). Then mid-explanation he decided that he wanted me to figure out for myself what the difference between the two is. The only problem is I cannot find a clear SIMPLE answer as to the difference.

Can anybody shed some light on the subject?

The drink Sarsaparilla is a carbonated drink made from the extract from the sarsaparilla root but originally it was flavored with sassafras and birch oils and did not contain sarsaparilla.

Root beer is also flavored with sarsaparilla root but has the additional flavorings from sassafras, anise, burdock, cinnamon, dandelion, ginger, juniper, vanilla and wintergreen.

hope i helped!!!
  (+ info)

What is the difference between a root canal and a filling?

And is a filling part 2 of a root canal by defualt or are these completely unrelated things?
Does the dentist put something in your tooth, to fill it just during a root canal? Or how does this work?
And WHAT do they fill it with?

A filling is when you have a hole in your tooth and they fill it.

Root canal is when the root of the tooth has become infected or it has erupted and then it's a long process of killing and removing the root and then refilling the tooth with something strong and durable. Usually it's this plasticy hard thing that they insert into the tooth. It's long and they shove them in vertical - as many as possible and then they close the hole.

I had 2 root canals 2 years ago - when I was 20, it's not a nice experience.  (+ info)

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