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I have a white bump under my tongue.I read it may be a salivary duct stone. Any ideas what this may be?

I got this a couple days ago. It hurts when touched. Any ideas what this is/what I should do?

an ulcer.
get some medication, or some ulcer treatment. a good one is bongella, salt isvery effective too. but that really hurts and tastes disgusting.  (+ info)

Anyone ever get a clogged salivary duct?

I have this little bump that fluxuates in size on the daily. Just wondering if anyone ever had this little problem before and if so, was your Dr. able to cut the bump off and clear out the gland??

I had it happen to me about a year ago. I went to the Dr. and he gave me a rather strong antibiotic and it cleared up in a week or so.  (+ info)

What would cause a swollen parotid salivary duct (on one's upper middle cheek) on one side?

It is self clearing in about two weeks.

Either an infection or an obstructed duct.  (+ info)

swollen and painful salivary duct?

For the last couple of days, my salivary ducts have been painful and a little swollen. is it an infection? and should i go to see the doctor for some antibiotics or other medication?

I clicked on this question because my friend suffered from the EXACT same thing. Its best to go see your doctor as soon as possible. I'm definitely not trying to make you needlessly worry, its just that this problem could go on for a long time if you don't get it treated. Your gland may decrease in size, and you think the problem's going away, but it may only take a few days before it swells in size again. Don't be afraid either if you're advised to go see an oral surgeon. They may just prescribe some simple antibiotics for you.

Good luck and get it looked at pronto!  (+ info)

Blocked Salivary duct from Parotid gland?

For the past 7+ years my left salivary duct from the parotid gland ( on my cheek) is blocked at the opening, Many dye test later they keep coming back with the same answer, " No stones" and "need to remove "Parotid gland", When ever I eat the saliva is prduced but it never exits into the mouth thus resulting in swelling which is very uncomfortable. I litteraly have to massage the saliva into my mouth. Has anyone ever heard of any cures for this? I do not want to do the surgery as I ahve also been adviced not to due to the facial nerves that travel beside the parotid gland that should not be disturbed. Please help. I need to fix this.

Could be Sialadentits causes painful and tender lump there are only 2 options for this,medical and surgical.Depends on specific disorder you have you may need to drink more fluids or your doctor can un block duct, you may also need to take antibiotics. If none of this helps then you may wish to have the surgery to fix your blockage.  (+ info)

what is involved in a sialolithtomy repair of salivary duct?

My little girl that is 6 years old has to have surgery on a salivary duct, doctor could not find a stone thinks maybe the salivary duct is angled the wrong way what should we expect? Im really nerves about this none of my family has ever had surgery, will there be scaring, how much down time, what about anesthesia, could anything happen to her? Please help scared mom. ( a oral surgeon will be doing this)
this thing is under her tounge, the gland sometimes looks like a newborn babies tounge she bites on it at times not meaning to, she poped it open with a rubberband neckless (didnt know she had it in her mouth ) and it is now smaller has been since she poped it.

don't panic this depends on the diagnosis and skill of your oral surgeon, and which gland is to be treated parotid (behind the ear) or sub mandibular, (on the inner surface of the lower jaw bone), if there is no stone in the duct so i think he will try to reshape or redirect the canal or duct, if so it is simple don;t panic, no future effect will happen, it will be under general anesthesia, even if the whole duct is to b removed the there are other major salivary glands, the other side of the same gland and 2 other pairs named submandibular and sublingual, for more information contact me as ahmadhashem41 at yahoo or u can just send sms to +2 010 76 74 925  (+ info)

I figured out that I probably had a blocked or infected salivary duct or gland. It finally popped on its own.

What are some things that I can do to prevent infection?
It was one of the one's under my tongue. My aunt works in a dentists office. She said that it was not serious if it popped.

When a salivary gland gets blocked, it usually does get infected. You were very lucky it unblocked itself.

I have this happen to me about 2 times a year. When it gets blocked & infected, it is excruciatingly painful. I spent a whole week in the hospital one time because of it.

This is going to sound very simplistic, but the primary cause of the salivary gland getting blocked and infected is — dry mouth. I told you it would sound simple (and even ridiculous).

I have to work hard to keep my mouth lubricated; this has been going on for years. I was told by my doctors to drink lots of liquids and suck on hard candies. That never worked.

Finally, I met other people with the same condition I had that caused dry mouth (and dry eyes). I learned the answer to helping dry mouth from them, not my doctors.

First, try sipping on tart drinks, like lemonade. That stimulates the glands to secrete saliva, keeping them open & working. Also, if you don't want to be drinking all day long (more than you should), there are products on the market that keep the mouth moist.

The brand I use is Biotene. I use their Oral Balance Liquid during the day and Oral Balance Gel at night. It keeps the mouth moist and coats the teeth & gums with a natural film that prevents cavities. This film is missing in people with dry mouth.

Not all people with dry mouth have a medical condition causing it. Most people who are mouth breathers at night will suffer from dry mouth. Even if the mouth is dry only when you sleep, that's too many hours, and can cause infections and blockages. So, people who sleep that way might only need a product for nighttime. Orajel also has a spray for dry mouth. My husband uses that, although he agrees what I use lasts longer.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear your situation resolved itself. I hope I have given you some helpful information to prevent more in the future. Good luck.  (+ info)

I have Salivary Calculi. Doctor said I need surgery while I am asleep. why can't we do this reginal anesthesia?

Maybe the doctor is afraid you'll bite him while he is digging in your salivary glands... or maybe he has to go in through the outside of your mouth. Only your doctor can tell you the real reason for his decision.  (+ info)

Salivary duct stones treatment?

suck a lemon

failing that, suck another one

failing that, go to the doctor and get a referral - the radiology mob can do a sialogram and possibly arrange some way to get the blockage out.

See the patient info site below  (+ info)

can you feel salivary duct near teeth with tonge?

yes. ther is one under your tongue behind you lower front teeth and upper right/left by your six year molars (on the cheek side). these are the major salivary glands and sometimes they are visible and able to be felt. if they are sore...that is another topic  (+ info)

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